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  Replying to Kinning Park
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
patricia paton Posted 14th Jan 2020, 11:45pm
QUOTE (Robert Brown @ 28th Sep 2009, 09:54pm) *
Lived at 7 Sleads street KP and went to Lambhill street school ,would like to contace people who lived In Sleads Street

Allan McAllister Posted 19th Nov 2017, 09:18pm
QUOTE (Beth Wilson @ 27th Jul 2011, 05:37am) *
Alex MacPhee,
You wrote long ago, but in researching my family I cannot believe the coincidence.
My Grandfathers family live at 19 Blackburn Street in Govan since the late 1800's to the mid 40's.
My great grandmother was Sarah Young. My grandfather was Mungo McAllister. I believe there was a Hettie, Katie, Sadie, Georgie, Jimmy, Archie and Alec. My grandfather moved to Canada with my mom and aunt and Nana in the mid 50's and we have lost a large majority of oor tree. DO you happen to have a pic of 19 Blackburn.
If anyone else know the family, we are looking to piece a few things together,

Hi Beth, it's probably a long shot that you are still actively reading this post but I hope you are as it would appear that I might(?) be a distant relative of yours! I believe that Mungo McAllister was my great uncle. My grandfather was Alexander McAllister, whose father was also named Alexander and mother's name was Harriet (nee Neilson) he had the following siblings (with ages shown from 1891 census); Jane (15), Mary (13), Archibald (11), Thomas (9), Mungo (7), Daniel (5), Alexander (3) & James (1). At one time address was 151 Blackburn Street, Govan. I have further information if you do happen to read this and wish to contact me. Kind Regards Allan.
Jeanette Blue Posted 5th Nov 2017, 05:45am
QUOTE (Alex MacPhee @ 16th Nov 2009, 05:39pm) *
Oh my word, Kinning Park, what a lot of street names coming back on reading these posts!

I always loved the name 'Kinning Park'. It meant 'home', and where my mum and dad brought up five children in a room and kitchen. When I was born, in 1950, my parents lived at 15 Blackburn Street, and not long after, they moved to a room and kitchen in 19 Blackburn Street. It was the close next to a wee shop run by a lady called Chrissie O'Donnell or McDonald or something like that, along with her daughter Jenny Crawford. Across the road, there was a grocer's shop, run by Mrs Annie Aird. At the corner of Blackburn St and the Govan Road, there was a shop called the Yankee Magazine Shop.

My aunt and uncle (my mum and her sister had married two brothers) lived in McLean St, and my paternal grandfather lived in Craigiehall St. My maternal grandmother, Maggie Lindsay, lived at 69 Paisley Road West, next door to 'Curleys', a food shop, where I remember queuing up and getting butter loose by the half pound from big barrels, patted into shape by the shop assistant, and wrapped in greaseproof paper. That was a special treat, for in those days, all we could afford was margarine (funny how they never call it margarine these days, it's 'spread').

I went to school at Our Lady & St Margaret's, in Stanley street, in what were called the 'huts', which were a kind of annex to the main school. My happiest schooldays were in that wee school, with a succession of lovely teachers, flowers of Scottish spinsterhood - for they were mostly spinsters dedicated to their children. My favourite of all was Miss McGuinness, and I still remember her kindly face and silvery hair.

Our family left Kinning Park in 1957 for the newer post-war housing estates springing up in places like Pollok. But strangely, my heart was always somewhere in Kinning Park, SW1. A few years ago, on returning to Glasgow, I went there to see the streets I grew up in, and the wee school where my education started. Things have to change, I know, but how sad that it was all gone. The site of the wee school had been razed, and where in my memory I was looking through the school gates and seeing scores of bairns in short trousers running and turning and birling and swinging and playing at being Spitfires shooting down the Jerries, there was nothing but wee houses. It's irrational, I know, but I felt a kind of sadness that part of my history had been bulldozed into oblivion.

I have no photographs from that time. And if any others who have history in Kinning Park have any pictures of the streets from that time, it would be wonderful to see them.


Margaret Lafferty Posted 12th Feb 2017, 11:32pm
  Came accross this site while looking for old pictures of Our Lady and st Margaret's school in Admiral street, especially the Huts where I went, and my children.
Four generations of my family came from kinking park, or Plantation as it was sometimes called.
I lived in 45 Eaglesam st, my father owned a shop calked Woodcraft at 76 Paisley road w, we moved to Pollok in the 50s, and I moved back to kinning park when I got married lived at 92 and 94 McLellan street, this was apparently the longest street without a break, and was spelt differently at both ends.
One end was spelt McLellan st the other Maclellan st.
Tried to find a picture of my Dads shop but so far can't find any, it was next to Bells the cleaners and Kirkaldy linoleum market, what a busy place it was then.
mikeyomac Posted 11th Oct 2016, 01:46pm
  Hi Samantha, did you're dad have A sister called Agnes Mitchell, if so I might be able to help. Michael mcaree
mikeyomac Posted 11th Oct 2016, 01:42pm
QUOTE (Samantha Mitchell @ 21st Feb 2016, 06:58pm) *
My dad, Peter Mitchell, grew up on Seaward St Kinning Park in the 1940s or 50s? Anyone know him? He married a woman called Norma and they had a daughter Jacqueline, who I would love to find. Can anyone help??

Thanks in advance. Samantha.

Bill Smith Posted 9th May 2016, 10:28am
  I was born in 20 Tower Street, Kinning Park in 1964. My memories growing up there are great. I remember the Rattrays whose grandfather lost an eye and a leg during the 1 st world war, the Todds, McGrory's, Douglases, Chapmans and MacLeods. I remember the Double A pub that sat in the corner and also the older kids breaking in to Gray Dunns, stealing large uncut sheets of caramel wafers and sharing it out amongst the kids in the street. My family lived in Tower Street for almost 100 years as my granddad and grandmother lived in number 5 and then various other close numbers along the years. I also remember playing in the iron works, falling and needing 6 stitches in my head. The road in Tower Street was made of asphalt and not tar and so playing peevers, kick the can etc was great. I am doing my family tree just now and have got as far back as 1793. On my mothers side, Purdon, my ancestors farmed in Govan, moved to Milton of Campsie and then moved back to Kinning Park all over a 150 years. On my dads side, Smith, his family also came from Kinning Park. Again doing my family tree, I have no Irish or English family members as his side of the family have been traced back to 1770 and come from Inverness. I think I must be one of the few people left whose Scots blood is almost pure. A Highlander from Glasgow, doesn't get any better than that...!
dannyball Posted 24th Mar 2016, 01:17am
  Hi Paulie, Good to have a rant now and again! You're right though. Pity the website no longer exists. I remember St Margarets as a great shcool to go to although I was certainly no genius when I left. I was that keen to get there one day that I was hit a glancing blow by a bread van and picked myself up and stilll went to school. It was actually my twin brother Alec pulling me back by the arm that saved my bacon that day! (He probably thought it was the butchers van!) Yes, fond memories indeed.
Guest Paulie Posted 23rd Mar 2016, 11:26pm
  dannyball, I was interested in your mention of Our Lady and St. Margarets school. I was a pupil there in the 50's. There was a Website page called "Friends Reunited" where hundreds of former pupils left photo's and messages. Then day the whole site disappeared. How disappointing that all of this important information of a whole generation was dismissed as being of no value. This website should have been passed to someone who would have respected and valued the contributions of an important history of us postwar pupils and teachers.

(O.k. finished my rant.)
dannyball Posted 20th Mar 2016, 11:05pm
  Just registered on to these pages recently and was interested to read the comments re. Kinning Park, Plantation areas and Our Lady & St Margarets School in Stanley Street. My twin brother Alec and I went to the school from about 1960 until 1969 having lived at 28 Paisley Road West before moving in 1972. I remember these places with great affection. I live in Cumbernauld now and I can't see me feeling the same about here.
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