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  Replying to A Shipyard Poem
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
DavidT Posted 22nd Oct 2012, 06:03pm
  Well I don't know how long that film was,.but it took me nearly half an hour to watch it biggrin.gif
Loved it. Loved the scripted tea break, the chalk drawings, the "funny looking biler suit". A brilliant film.

If you haven't done so already...check out Britain From Above. You can see all the yards at various times in the 20th century. You might even spot your old street.
Rab Posted 22nd Oct 2012, 03:44pm
  I feel I must follow that with up one of my favourite films to this thread as it certaiinly fits. No poetry - but it won an Oscar!

Don't forget to enlarge the screen! yes.gif
lubbock Posted 22nd Oct 2012, 01:13pm
  Very Good my man ,heres one for you.
The Last Call.

The ships foghorn echoes i'ts warning voice across the dead city
Only those who's buisness is the river stir quitely without fuss the call is answered through silent streets gaslight and instinct bring they who raised her from bare steel,Tey who now race against tide and the shouts and threats from the bowler hatted one.

Slowly the great ship creeps forward ever near i'ts natural and destined world,Below ot's iron belly they raise their hammrers for the last time and send her crashing into the darkened waters of the river.

Through the thickening dense blanket voices make order thick manila rope secures and restrains.Soon like her sisters she too will be gone never to return the eyes that gaze upon the gaint grey mass look away,The last of her kind the feel of iron the heat,And sounds of bringing life,Nothing now disturbs their sleep bodies and minds decay only the memories remains this river ,our river dies with us and in distant lands they stand in awe and wonder at the craft and skill that createdt this thing of beauty.

DavidT Posted 22nd Oct 2012, 08:16am
QUOTE (Rab @ 21st Oct 2012, 09:17pm) *

Thanks for posting this Rab. I wasn't familiar with this poem or the book it comes from. I shall seek it oot. I am familiar with Owen McGuigan who made the video. He has been documenting life in the clydebank area for years. One of his pics got him into trouble with the local council when it appeared on That's Life a ling time ago. Look him up. He had a website called something like my clydebank photos (or maybe pictures).
lindamac Posted 22nd Oct 2012, 02:35am
QUOTE (boots @ 21st Oct 2012, 08:03pm) *
Thank you too Linda Mac. I didn.t see your post til just now.


Thats ok Boots you are most welcome regards Linda x
Rab Posted 21st Oct 2012, 08:02pm
Rab Posted 21st Oct 2012, 07:10pm
QUOTE (DavidT @ 20th Oct 2012, 07:09am) *
Hello Rab, that's a fantastic piece of writing. I recognise the characters immediately as being a wee boy from Govan I'm used to hearing yardtalk. I must admit I have never set foot in a shipyard. I can see the tops of the cranes at Faifield's (now BAE Systems) right now from my front window. It's a sight I personally love, but is sadly threatened these days.
I think I recognise the actual place as there used to be a Seven Seas pub in Clydebank. So Brown's yard it would be. Sadly gone. The new Clydebank College stands in the grounds now. All that's left of that yard is the Titan crane which seems to be a bit of a curiosity. It's used for charity zipslides and abseils. At least it's still standing. It's like a huge monument to itself.

I'm amazed that this wee poem has re-surfaced after all these years lying there! thumbup.gif Yes David, it surely is a fine piece of work. As a wee boy fae Renfrew I lived in the shadow and sounds of Simons-Lobnitz yards. Although I never worked in the yards, I heard all about them from my Dad (a Crane-man) and my best pal (a fitter). Mainly stories about apprentice tricks, ghastly injuries, jokes, fights etc but the Glasgow humour shone through all the time as it does in this poem, in its form as in its content. wink.gif
A Mackinnon Posted 21st Oct 2012, 03:53pm
  Great photo of Anderston weans with the "Finnie" crane in the background along with the tunnel entrance. Good post Wellfield.
wellfield Posted 21st Oct 2012, 03:41pm
QUOTE (scossie @ 21st Oct 2012, 12:43am) *
[attachment=39614:16250872...387fc898.jpg]Aye Welly
You never came up the clyde oan a Watterbiscuit Did Ye Matey..Great achievment Fur a Glesga Fella..Not to Mention Springburn ....I didn't set the wurld on fire..But started one when Oxy cutting at work.. unsure.gif ...Workmates were singin..".We didnt start the fire''...Ha''Ha'..Only a wee wan tho...Keep smilin...Scossie tongue.gif

Christ Scossie! that wit we aw looked like as weans!!!...great pic with the crane in the background!
boots Posted 21st Oct 2012, 08:48am
  Thank you too Linda Mac. I didn.t see your post til just now.

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