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> Culture And Sport Glasgow, Move angers staff and politicians
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post 3rd Feb 2007, 01:58pm
Post #1

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From: Glasgow
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Glasgow City Council is facing increasing criticism from the public, trade unions and politicians after it approved the creation of a charitable trust to look after its museums, galleries and leisure services. Unions are particularly concerned and say the council is putting cash savings before service provision and jobs.

The move effectively means that a total of 2,414 staff will have their jobs transferred to the control of the charitable trust - Culture and Sport Glasgow. The management and day-to-day running of all 13 of the city's museums, including the Burrell Collection and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

The trust will also control 34 city libraries, including the Mitchell Library (the largest public reference library in Europe) in the city centre and 23 leisure centres, swimming pools, sports pitches, more than 40 community halls and five golf courses. City Councillors formally approved the move at a heated meeting yesterday and the new charitable trust will be established on 1st April and will become fully operational by 31st May 2007.

Steven Purcell, the leader of Glasgow City Council, said:
"The new company will be able to attract investment in ways which the council cannot, and so improve these services in communities across the city. We will achieve all of this while retaining ownership of the city's assets. The people of Glasgow will continue to own every brick in every building, every painting in every art gallery and every tile in every swimming pool."

The council claims that the city will benefit from the transfer of the services to a trust status, as charitable organisations are able to apply for funding from bodies such as the National Lottery, applications which are not available to local authorities.

It is estimated that in its first year the charity would have a turnover of £90 million. Financial projections suggest that the full spectrum of the trusts' activities would generate savings of £7.5 million in its first year, rising to £11.5 million within five years.

However vocal union members protested at the move with a mass rally yesterday outside the City Chambers, while the meeting was going on inside.

John Murdoch, branch secretary of Unison in Glasgow, said:
"This is an evil move designed to save money, not to benefit services or staff. Staff are extremely concerned about their future under this charitable trust. We hope the council will think again about these proposals."

Pollok Socialist councillor Keith Baldassara said:
"These facilities are Glasgow's biggest cultural assets. How can we leave them in the hands of a trust run by multi-national businessmen?"

Independent councillor Niall Walker said:
"Any claims the move would help cut council tax were "spurious". These assets the council are hiving off belong to the people of Glasgow. This proposal is immoral. We are told it will save money on council tax. It's a spurious saving and we do not believe it will happen."

Christopher Mason, council member for the Liberal Democrats, suggested that the money saved by the trust would make up the shortfall from the council's decision to freeze council tax again. He added:
"I find it totally remarkable that, in a week when the Casino Advisory Panel criticised the council for failing to consult in its casino bid, there is no mention of any consultation on this.

"There is no need to rush this through. We are bringing an end to 200 years of democratic control of these services and it's not a road we should go down."

John Mason, of the SNP, added:
"Like seeing a smashed bus shelter, this leaves me more sad than angry. Part of this city is being sold off."

Previous newspaper reports have suggested that the City Council has rushed through the proposals, without any public consultation, because it is anxious to make sure that such a powerful entity will not be at the control of future politicians who control the city. Labour is expected to lose outright control of Glasgow City Council after the local authority elections in May this year.

Lord Macfarlane of Bearsden, who led the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum fundraising initiative (and is expected to be appointed to any future trust board), had earlier said of the proposed move:
"I have followed with great interest the process Glasgow City Council has gone through to determine the best way to harness the huge goodwill that exists towards culture and sport within the city, and beyond.

As a Glaswegian, I have always been profoundly grateful for the legacy of magnificent cultural and sporting facilities that our forebears left, and hugely conscious of their potential to inspire and enthuse all Glaswegians and the enormous numbers of visitors that they attract to the city."

He added: "I am pleased at the scale of ambition which the council has for the cultural and sporting assets which it owns, and their willingness to look for a way in which we can expand on the experience gained through Kelvingrove by creating a charitable company which has the potential to deliver even greater successes."

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Picture shows Lord Macfarlane of Bearsden, as painted by Peter Howson.


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post 3rd Feb 2007, 02:16pm
Post #2

Who monitors the people who run the trust? What decision making powers will they have? Will they cut wages?

I can foresee the freedoms that Glasgow folk have had for so long being gradually withdrawn by trust members who think they own the facilities.

Are they accountable at all to anyone for any failures or deficiencies in the service? Who will be responsible for the safeguarding of all the assets, including the buildings?
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post 5th Feb 2007, 10:19am
Post #3

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Posts: 9,123
Joined: 25th Jul 2003
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 1

The Scottish Executive has now entered the debate and has formally questioned the legality of the decision by Glasgow City Council to outsource the running of a part of its leisure services. Lesley Evans, the head of the Executive's tourism, culture and sport group, has sent a letter to council official Bridget McConnell (Executive Director - Culture and Sport), the wife of first minister Jack McConnell, about the proposed inclusion of the city's libraries in the controversial scheme.

The letter, which was received by McConnell before the council was scheduled to vote on the matter, specifically questioned whether Glasgow had taken legal advice on contracting out control of its 34 libraries.

Concerns exist amongst some knowledgeable parties that an obscure law from 1887 will hamper the council's efforts to hand over control of its libraries to a trust.


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post 5th Feb 2007, 10:55am
Post #4

Posts: 45
Joined: 4th Jun 2006
From: Perth. Western Australia
Member No.: 3,416
I am astonished. I am astounded,that someone casts doubt on the HONOURABLE Glasgow City Council. Is it perchance the Ides of March when the Council will meet the populace in the forum with daggers hidden? Should this be so then I will undertake the part of Mark Anthony but will be dammed (am I allowed to say that?) if I will portray Ceasar. That way I can let the world know about HONOURABLE men.

One of lifes chosen. I am a Scot
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post 5th Feb 2007, 10:31pm
Post #5

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Posts: 9,123
Joined: 25th Jul 2003
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 1
Official Glasgow City Council statement:
Glasgow City Council to create charitable company to deliver culture and sport in Glasgow

Publish Date: Friday 02 February 2007

Glasgow City Council's Executive Committee today approved the creation of a charitable company - Culture and Sport Glasgow - to deliver culture and sport services to the city. The new company will be established on 1 April and fully operational by 31 May.

Councillor Steven Purcell, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said, 'This decision is good news for culture and sport in Glasgow. The new company will be able to attract investment in ways which the Council cannot, and so improve these services in communities across the city. We will achieve all of this while retaining ownership of the city's assets. The people of Glasgow will continue to own every brick in every building, every painting in every art gallery and every tile in every swimming pool.'

The committee also approved the appointment to the board of charitable company of The Rt Hon The Lord Macfarlane of Bearsden KT, Sir Angus Grossart, The Rt Hon George Reid MSP, and Lord Stevenson of Coddenham.

The remainder of the board will be comprised of The Lord Provost, Liz Cameron; The Leader of the Council, Councillor Steven Purcell; Executive Member for Culture and Sport, Councillor John Lynch; Convenor of the Culture and Sport Policy and Development Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Archie Graham; City Treasurer, Councillor Ruth Simpson; a Member of the Opposition, and Bridget McConnell, Executive Director (Culture and Sport).

The report from today's Executive Committee will now go to the Full Council meeting on Thursday 8 February for consideration.


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post 6th Feb 2007, 06:59am
Post #6

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 15,233
Joined: 2nd Aug 2003
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 235
'Charitable Company' certainly is a strange mix of language. I wonder if it's a private Company or a Charity. Neither is acceptable in my eyes.
Are we to be to proud of our museums and art galleries to be free to all as they are? Are we now to be totally dependant on charity? Are we to be at the mercy of a company which will be presumable in business and to make money? Watch this space we will now be charged for entry to these palaces which were ours to begin with. What sheep we are! Makes me so angry.Will there be nothing left that belongs to the people in Glasgow.
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post 6th Feb 2007, 08:29am
Post #7

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Posts: 9,123
Joined: 25th Jul 2003
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 1
I absolutely agree with you Melody, there is something very strange in the use of the term "charitable company". When this idea was first mooted to a compliant local press (and a - thus far - subservient public), the term used then was "charitable trust" and related ostensibly to the museums, thus the headlines were about a new 'Glasgow Museums Trust'. The whole idea has now morphed into a "charitable company" running, not just museums, but all the council's cultural, leisure and sporting activities and services in the city.

There is something very strange going on here....


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post 6th Feb 2007, 08:50am
Post #8

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 7,744
Joined: 31st Dec 2004
From: Govanhill
Member No.: 1,660
When I hear the word CHARITABLE it leaves a foul taste in my mouth.

CHARITABLE to whom????
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post 6th Feb 2007, 05:55pm
Post #9

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 15,233
Joined: 2nd Aug 2003
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 235
I was under the, what seems now to have been miscomprehension that a great deal of Glasgow's treasures were gifted to the people of Glasgow. They are already ours, belonging to the people of this city. Who exactly I wonder will benefit from the sale of these gifts? Nobody has asked me if I want them to be sold off nor do I expect to benefit from such dirty dealings. There are indeed Martin some very strange things going on and we are not alone in thinking this, I have heard it said several times recently from different sources. Very worrying indeed.
Passing the General Post Office building the other day in George Square I could have cried, a beautiful public building to be proud of now a shell and a facade sold off to the highest bidder for private housing.
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post 12th Feb 2007, 04:46pm
Post #10

Special Visitor
Posts: 63
Joined: 28th Jul 2003
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 46
Something stinks about this and I hope it's just the stink of incompetence or maladministration and not anything corrupt.

A couple of weeks ago the Labour Party Leader of the Council, Steven Purcell declared that Glasgow citizens need not fear because the Council would retain all ownership over assets after the transfer to the new charitable body.

But it is a central and clearly understood core of UK law on charities that the charity MUST act wholly independently at all time and only in the interests of the charity and in pursuit of it's registered and approved aims. In fact this law is so strict and restrictive that many charities now set up a seperate company that will have more freedom to raise commercial funding and undertake trade

It is a matter of well established law that the council would have no control over assets transferred to a charity. The Lib Dem party have rightly jumped on this. Now Labour Council Leader Stephen Purcell is a bright young politician - in fact he is a qualified economist. Why then would he make such a statement?

On the matter of incompetence; this reminds of the run up to the creation of the monster-sized Glasgow Housing Asociation to take over ownership of the Council's housing stock. Many, many capable and well qualified people warned the council this was the wrong way to go.

It was pointed out that there were dozens of existing housing associations that were better fitted to tap into the local communities and with the experience to do the job. But I was at some of the so-called consultation meetings where it was clear for all to see that the elected councillors really did not understand the full implications of what they pushed through.

The result is an unfolding disaster: The Glasgow Housing Association does not have the money to do the job, it has failed to carry out the promised transfer of houses to local associations where the tenants want it, owner occupiers are taking legal action on alleged gross over-charging - and the fat cat Chief Executive after pocketing a massive and controversial pay hike has resigned and bogged off back to Australia or New Zealand where he came from.

When I look at the proposed (secretely already decided?) transfer of the arts and heritage treasures to a charity I see the same kind of impending disaster. And a wee personal warning from me to Glaswegians; once a charity had all the assets, there would be clever people who could easily interpret the Charity's constitution and registered purposes in such ways that it would allow the charity to sell on the asets to whom it chooses. This type of 'legal' looting of charitable assets has been a growing problem in the UK for many years.

Now if that sell-on happens with Glasgow's art and culture assets, who would benefit from all that I wonder?
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post 5th Mar 2007, 08:28am
Post #11

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,723
Joined: 11th Sep 2003
From: Plymouth, Devon
Member No.: 463
I can,t speake about Librarys, but If the council are handing over the running of local football pitches those who use them will find it much better. In Plymouth over 90% of football pitches are looked after by the council, and they are in a terrible state. When I was the area secretary for Devon FA I asked the council if they could hand over the pitches to clubs on a 30 year lease, but they refused. After a lot of haggling we finally got permission for one pitch to be given a lease, and within 2 years this club has had the ground enclosed, new changing rooms, clubhouse and floodlights installed, all free with a £300,000 grant from the FA because they had the lease to the property. Since then another 3 clubs have had leases and are in the prosses of getting there grounds updated. The council have had no job losses because of this, and the grounds are getting more attention now than they ever had before.
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post 11th Mar 2007, 07:32pm
Post #12

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 5,634
Joined: 22nd Sep 2006
From: australia
Member No.: 3,807
huh.gif Could this mean entry fees in the future Iam wondering? that will be sad in a way since there are still a lot of everyday people so skint etc & the only reason they can enjoy Glasgows Art& culture is by having the available free entry?????? will the Little guys Joe Bloggs get slapped yet again with charges for yet another used to be free item?

whom exactly is it that is selling the world right now? & whom is purchasing it? this is a sad story However I would like to say that the sports fields here in Australias Brisbane are mostly club owned or utelised & refurbished better due to the lease from councel etc so sometimes this can work, However the art & culture Glasgow owns is appearing to be going into the hands of someone God only knows & to do it via the back door is suss to me why!,when I read that they rushed it without Joe publics knowledge I was instantly susspicious as to why? oh now let me see? could it be that they did not want the public to stop their evil ways????? what a dangerous thing to do to Your Public city Councel men,how sad It is the peoples assetts too you know!!! sad.gif

Ye Cin Take The Lassie Oota Glesga But Ye Cannae Take Glesga Oota The Lassie
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post 1st Apr 2007, 12:33pm
Post #13

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From: Glasgow
Member No.: 1
Board of Culture and Sport Glasgow Meet for First Time

The board of Culture and Sport Glasgow, the charitable company created to deliver culture and sport in Glasgow, met earlier this week.

Culture and Sport Glasgow will come into existence on 1 April 2007 and be fully operational by 31 May 2007. Culture and Sport Glasgow will take over the delivery of all services and facilities currently delivered by the Council’s Cultural and Leisure Services, with the new company incorporating the management of the Council-owned golf courses.

The rationale for this move is to improve and extend the cultural and sport services on offer; develop new partnerships and to widen the funding base through improved commercial development of retail and other trading opportunities and fundraising.

The company appointed Lord Provost Liz Cameron as its chair during the course of the meeting. Bridget McConnell, currently Executive Director of Culture and Sport Glasgow, will be chief executive of Culture and Sport Glasgow.

Lord Provost Liz Cameron said: "I am delighted to be made chair of Culture and Sport Glasgow. The company will take the provision of culture and sport in Glasgow to an even higher level, while attracting investment in ways which the Council cannot. The calibre of the board members, bringing expertise in so many areas but especially in the cultural and sporting arenas, presents a great opportunity for Glasgow. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the board, and I am certain that Culture and Sport Glasgow will achieve a great deal for the city."

A special advisor to the board has been appointed, Vartan Gregorian. Vartan Gregorian is one of the foremost figures in American education and intellectual life and is the president of the Carnegie Corporation, based in New York.

A major exhibition of work by the Glasgow Boys was announced, which will go on display at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in 2008. Lord Macfarlane, who has one of the best collections of works of the Glasgow boys in existence, will loan pieces from this to form part of the exhibition.

The external directors of the trading company of Culture and Sport Glasgow were appointed, joining Lord Provost Liz Cameron, the Leader of Glasgow City Council, Councillor Steven Purcell and chief executive Bridget McConnell. The external directors are Dr Kenneth Chrystie, Ed Crozier, Seumas MacInnes and Flora Martin.

The board will meet with the trustees of the British Museum in September, when the Trustees will have a debate at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum discussing the role of the British Museum in Scotland.


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post 1st Apr 2007, 01:10pm
Post #14

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Posts: 9,123
Joined: 25th Jul 2003
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 1
The full list of properties transferred:
  • Alexandra Golf & Bowls Alexandra Park, Sannox Gardens
  • Anniesland Library 833 Crow Road
  • Argo Centre 8 Halgreen Avenue
  • Baillieston Library 141 Main Street
  • Balgrayhill Tenants Hall 139 Balgrayhill Road
  • Barlanark Community Centre 33 Burnmouth Road
  • Barlia Sports Centre 60 Glenwood Path
  • Barmulloch Community Centre & Library 46 Wallacewell Quadrant
  • Barrachnie Park Baillieston Road
  • Bellahouston Bowls Bellahouston Park
  • Bellahouston Pitch & Putt Bellahouston Park
  • Bellahouston Sports / Leisure Centre 31 Bellahouston Drive
  • Bellcraig Community Centre 10 Gorstan Street
  • Bellrock Community Centre 71 Skerryvore Road
  • Blairdardie Sports Pavilion / Pitches 479 Blairdardie Road
  • Blairtummock Pitches 71 Aberdalgie Road
  • Bluevale Community Centre 30 Abernethy Street
  • Bonnyholm Playing Fields 24 Bonnyholm Avenue
  • Bridgeton Library 19 Landressey Street
  • Broomfield Road Playing Fields Broomfield Road
  • Budhill Football Pitch Hallhill Road
  • Burrell Collection 2060 Pollokshaws Road
  • Cadder Community Centre 20 Fara Street
  • Caldercuilt Playing Fields/Acre Road Pitch Caldercuilt Road
  • Cardonald Library 1113 Mosspark Drive
  • Cardonald Park Fulbar Road
  • Castlemilk Community Centre 121 Castlemilk Drive
  • Castlemilk Library 100 Castlemilk Drive
  • Castlemilk Pool 137 Castlemilk Drive
  • Castlemilk Sports Centre 10 Dougrie Road
  • Cathkin Recreation Centre and Pitches 835 Cathcart Road
  • Chirnsyde Community Centre 342 Ashgill Road
  • Couper Institute & Library 84-86 Clarkston Road
  • Cowlairs Park Recreation Ground Keppochhill Road
  • Cranhill Beacon Play Area 200 Bellrock Street
  • Danes Drive Bowls Danes Drive
  • Darnley Community Centre 10 Glen Livet Place
  • Dawsholm Pitches Dalsholm Road
  • Dennistoun Library 2A Craigpark
  • Donald Dewar Leisure Centre 220 Garscadden Road
  • Drumchapel Bowls Howgate Avenue
  • Drumchapel Library 65 Hecla Avenue
  • Drumchapel Swimming Pool 197 Drumry Road East
  • East Pollokshields Multicultural Centre 15 Kenmure Street
  • Easterhouse Sports Centre 47 Auchinlea Road
  • Elder Park Library 228A Langlands Road
  • Gallery of Modern Art & Library 111 Queen Street
  • Garrowhill Community Centre 31 Maxwell Drive
  • Garscadden Playing Fields / Pavilion (Peterson Park) Yokermill Road
  • Garthamlock Recreation Centre 20 Tillycairn Road
  • Geoff Shaw Community Centre 25 Kerrylamont Avenue
  • Glasgow Green Football Centre (Fleshers Haugh) Kings Drive
  • Glasgow Museums Resource Centre 200 Woodhead Road
  • Glenconnor Park Christopher Street
  • Gorbals Leisure Centre 275 Ballater Street
  • Gorbals Library Ground Floor, Lipton House, 180 Crown Street
  • Govanhill Library 170 Langside Road
  • Govanhill NC Community Centre 8 Daisy Street
  • Greenfield Park & Football Pavillion Duror Street
  • Haghill Pitch 415 Cumbernauld Road
  • Halgreen Avenue Playing Field Halgreen Avenue
  • Hillhead Library 356 Byres Road
  • Holyrood Sports Centre 600 Aikenhead Road
  • Ibrox Library 1-5 Midlock Street
  • James Lindsey Memorial Park Pitches Ravenswood Road, Baillieston
  • Kelso Street Pitch Kelso Street
  • Kelvin Hall ISA / Museum of Transport 1431 Argyle Street
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum 1 Kelvingrove Park
  • Kelvingrove Bowling/Old Bowling Kelvingrove Park
  • King George V Playing Fields Boydstone Road
  • King Georges Field Pathhead Road, Carmunnock Road
  • Knightscliffe Tenants Hall 30 Shafton Road
  • Knightswood Community Centre, Library & Pool 201 Alderman Road
  • Knightswood Golf / Football Lincoln Ave
  • Knightswood Pitch & Putt / Bowls Chaplet Avenue
  • Langside Hall 1 Langside Avenue
  • Langside Library 2 Sinclair Drive
  • Ledgowan Tenants Hall 1 Ledgowan Place
  • Lethamhill Golf Course Hogganfield Loch, 1240 Cumbernauld Road
  • Liddesdale Road Playing Fields (St Augustine's) Liddesdale Road
  • Linn Equestrian Centre (to be confirmed) Linn Park
  • Linn Park Adventure Playground 145 Netherlee Road
  • Linn Park Golf Course Simshill Road
  • Lister Street Bowls Lister Street
  • Littlehill Golf 90 Auchinairn Road
  • Lochar Park Linthaugh Road
  • Lorne Street CEC 201 Govan Road
  • Martyrs School 17 Parson Street
  • Maryhill Bowls Spence Street
  • Maryhill Community Centre 25 Avenuepark Street
  • Maryhill Library 1508 Maryhill Road
  • McLellan Galleries 270 Sauchiehall Street
  • Milton Community Centre 424 Liddesdale Road
  • Milton Library 163 Ronaldsay Street
  • Molendinar Community Centre 1210 Royston Road
  • Mount Vernon Park & Football Pavilion Wester Road
  • Muirshiel Crescent Recreation Centre 55 Muirshiel Crescent
  • Myreside Street Recreation Ground Myreside Street
  • Nether Pollok Playing Fields / Pavilion 49 Haggs Road
  • Nethercraigs Sports Complex / Playing Fields 310 Corkerhill Road
  • Netherton Community Centre / Temple Bowls 350-358 Netherton Road
  • North Kelvinside Playing Fields Queen Margaret Drive
  • North Woodside Leisure Centre / Pool 10 Moncrieff Street
  • Overnewton Recreation Centre 2 Overnewton Square
  • Palace of Arts 1121 Paisley Road West
  • Parkhead Library 64 Tollcross Road
  • Partick Burgh Halls 3-9 Burgh Hall Sreet
  • Partick Library 305 Dumbarton Road
  • Penilee Community Centre 10 Gleddoch Road
  • Penilee Secondary School Pitch 11 Craigmuir Place
  • People's Palace / Winter Gardens Glasgow Green
  • Pirie Park Langlands Road
  • Pollok Community Centre 134 Langton Road
  • Pollok Leisure Centre & Library 27 Cowglen Road
  • Pollokshaws Library 60 Shawbridge Street
  • Pollokshields Library 30 Leslie Street
  • Possilpark Library 127 Allander Street
  • Possilpoint Community Centre 130 Denmark Street
  • Priesthill Muirshiel Crescent
  • Provands Lordship 3 Castle Street
  • Psychological Services 75 Househillwood Crescent
  • Queen's Park Bowls, Pitch & Putt / Tennis Queen's Park
  • Queens Park Recreation Ground & Pavilion Grange Road
  • Red Road Recreation Centre 100 Petershill Drive
  • Riddrie Library 1020 Cumbernauld Road
  • Royston Library 67 Royston Road
  • Roystonhill Recreation Centre 15 Forrestfield Street
  • Ruchazie Community Centre 449 Gartloch Road
  • Ruchill Community Centre 671 Bilsland Drive
  • Scotland Street School 225 Scotland Street
  • Scotstoun Leisure Centre 110 Danes Drive
  • Shettleston Community Centre 54 Amulree Street
  • Shettleston Library & Hall 150 & 154 Wellshot Road
  • Springburn Bowling Springburn Park
  • Springburn Leisure Centre & Library 2 Kay Street
  • Springburn Park, Synthetic Pitch & Pavilion Broomfield Road
  • St Francis Community Centre 405 Cumberland Street
  • St Mungo Museum Of Religious Life Castle Street/Cathedral Square
  • Swinton Football Pitch Rhindmuir Road
  • The Bridge 5 Bogbain Road
  • The Mitchell Complex 201 North Street
  • Tollcross Community Centre 1120 Tollcross Road
  • Tollcross Park Wellshot Road
  • Tollcross Park Leisure Centre 360 Wellshot Road
  • Tramway 25 Albert Drive
  • Vaila Street Open Space Vaila Street
  • Victoria Park Pitches / Bowls Victoria Park Drive North
  • West Drumoyne Tenants Hall 20 Kincraig Street
  • Whitehill Pool 240 Onslow Drive
  • Whiteinch Library 14 Victoria Park Drive South
  • Woodside Halls 36 Glenfarg Street
  • Woodside Library 343 St Georges Road
  • Wyndford Recreation Centre / Pitch 153 Wyndford Road
  • Yoker Sports Centre 2 Speirshall Terrace

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