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  Replying to The Blitz, Memories Of The Holy City.
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boots Posted 31st Jan 2010, 11:35am
  Hi Jinty, sorry I haven't acknowledged your comments sooner but I just read them tonight. I am pleased that you have referred to Jimmy Brown, most people won't. That day I saw Jimmy in that wheelchair is one I will never forget. I'd only known him as our milkman, didn't know his wife or kids. It was such a shock to see this empty,crippled shell, mind completely gone and only his beaming smile remaining to verify this was the same Jimmy. I found it difficult to look at this young woman pushing the chair while she managed her young brood at the same time. She spoke and smiled to the group I was with before we went our separate ways but her face was haggard and haunted.

The comments made later as Jimmy and his wife moved out of earshot sounded ludicrous to me, I can't find any luck in that situation.
Jinty Posted 2nd Oct 2009, 06:02pm
  great, Boots. I especially liked the one about Jimmy Brown, very poignant for me myself. Maybe I should write passwords down, it's took me ages to get back here.
*Jinty* Posted 2nd Oct 2009, 05:51pm
  Absolutely great Boots, maybe it's about time ah done anither wan. I especially loved the one about Jimmy Brown.........
boots Posted 25th Aug 2009, 08:39pm
  Thank you all for your kind remarks. These words are all written about friends, neighbours and in one case, family. I was evacuated, my mother was working nightshift at Singers (munition) but my aunt and grandpa sat in that close on the 13th of March,'41. on the 14th the entire tenement was demolished
Jinty Posted 14th Mar 2008, 10:08pm
  Sad and poignant, Boots...the saddest thing is that these ( your ) feelings are still being felt firsthand by people today.
Java Posted 13th Mar 2008, 08:36am
  I had shivers at the Neighbours one ....all of them beautifully written...thank you for posting.
stratson Posted 13th Mar 2008, 08:01am
  How poignant Boots. No one can ever take away our memories. Being able to write about them in verse is an art you so obviously have. smile.gif
boots Posted 13th Mar 2008, 02:17am
  The doctor asked me
about my father
so I told him
about someone else's
who paced the shelter floor
all night, weeping
for three of his children
and their mother
in an air raid
the night before.
but he wasn't my father
and it wasn't what the doctor
wanted to hear
yet I still hear him.
boots Posted 13th Mar 2008, 02:13am
  Jimmy Brown - the milkman

survived the blitz

and partially

He's lucky to be alive!

they say
seeing him

five years later

with his wife

who wearily
Jimmy's wheelchair.

One wonders:

what would Jimmy think

for a moment
he could, now

or his wife

if she dared
think about it at all.
boots Posted 13th Mar 2008, 02:10am
for years
suffering in silence
one another's close proximity
by differences
in doctrine and dogma
worshipping the same god
huddled fearfully
in the close now
to the bombs fall
there are no protestants
when Mrs. Cannon's holy water
sprinkles all
unlike Hitler's landmines
around them
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