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Posted by: storeman16 23rd Aug 2008, 12:47pm

Hi everyone i was born at number 42 Sunnylaw Street back in 1963

my dads family lived there since the 30s in the old close type buildings until 1969

how things have changed we moved upto High Possil area of Parkhouse from 1969 - 1981.

lived in Germany for a while with forces until 93 came back Scotland now live in Loch Lomond

I still now and again drive through Glasgow and always drive towards Balmore Road where i go past the old Vogue Bingo hall / picture hall , doctors surgery remembering my old doctor Randal

then i drove upto my first old school St Cuthberts remembering meeting my first teacher Mrs Leonard omg and notice most of all Tenements have gone , dark buildings with there shiney clean landings of bygone years , people hanging out of their windows sharing a passing comment of good day etc not that long ago for a young man to remember bygone days of true neighbourhood friends.

Posted by: glasgow lass 23rd Aug 2008, 06:22pm

Aye storeman , they were sure some of the great days in auld Glesga biggrin.gif
And welcome tae'yi laugh.gif

Posted by: storeman16 29th Aug 2008, 02:34pm

Thank you Glasgow Lass for welcome

my mother who is in her late 80s now keeps going back to the old ways of life when she remembers back to time she moved to Glasgow from Perth and met my da & his family who where living in Possil park area of Sunnylaw Street.

His ,living room with its shiny polished Piano in pride of place a few chairs sideboard table etc

learning about his past as a Carter before the war no wonder he kept that from us my old da with a cart lol ohmy.gif done that job until he was 18yrs old until 42 called up and learned how to drive a proper truck ha ha

His family ie his dad must have been known since 30s as his dad occupation also was a Carter / Gas fitter / Bell hanger think its something to do with street lights " gas " i would love to know if anyone knew him his name was George Shearer died in 1951 aged 63 his wife Mary died in 1946 her name was Mary Feeney / Shearer my dads mum sadly he could not make her funeral as he was in Palestine until 1947 mellow.gif

Posted by: possilboy 21st Apr 2009, 03:42am

hi storeman 16 just seen your post a big welcolme to you here is snnylaw st taken by ashfeild on the boards


Posted by: brian432 21st Apr 2009, 11:03am

G'day Storeman
Have you got a couple of brothers by the names of Martin and Andy. I lived at 34 Sunnylaw st at that time. cool.gif

Posted by: *Wee Yin* 15th Jan 2015, 12:02pm

Hallo, everyone. I used to live on Sunnylaw Street too, in the 50's and early 60's. I lived up at the top of the street, near where the coup started, but I don't remember the number of the close I lived in. It sure does look like it's changed a lot ...

Posted by: flam 16th Jan 2015, 06:20pm

Welcome to the board Wee Yin, I am almost certain I could possibly know your close, as I stayed at 90, I am presuming you must have at one time played football on the Second Square going by the dates that you posted,I dont want to sound to personal but if you put your name it would be most helpful
Cheers Flim
PS. There is a site on here and it is all about "DISTRICTS" and there is one of POSSILPARK

Posted by: fiona mcauley 31st Aug 2015, 11:40am

Hi i lived at 63 sunnylaw st way my granny .. my best pal then was wee katie faulds those were the best dayscof my life. im now 50yrs old .. moved away wen i was 6yrs old. to maryhill .. Now live in parkhead. Wat a dump.

Posted by: flam 31st Aug 2015, 04:45pm

Fiona I remember wee Katie also, I think they stayed in the corner close,Cathy was her Ma, Thomas McFAULDS is on another site called "I was brought up in Possil" and posts regularly
Hope that helps
You must have stayed in Bartons close,Dolemans and big Charlie Cheesecake other wise known as Charlie Clossan