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  Replying to Councillor Plans To Axe Children's Fruit
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Jimmuck Posted 1st Oct 2010, 02:53pm
  What the hell happened tae 'looking efter yurr ain bairns' if ye cannie afford fresh fruit furr yurr wains?? don't huvv bliddy wains .... ah'm sick tae death aboot hearing that WE huftae help oot oor 'fellows' WHY?? that's why the world's population is getting ootta haun .... ma mother an' faither worked aw thurr days, if therr wiss fresh fruit oan the table?? ... mebbe a banana, mebbe some apples Ohhhh! ye want Mangos or mair exotic fare etc??
OOR diet hudd canned pears, oranges an' ma mammy used tae 'treat hursell' tae a wee poke of grapes noo an again an' we never suffered fae 'deprivation' ah'm 6'3" an' aw ma bothers an' sisters (6) wurr aw big strappin people in fact ma sister Jacqueline cuid 'belt' maist o' the fellas oan oor street, LoL!

Ah detest politicians as much as the next wan, bit turn yurr wrath at the lazy bazzas thit 'smoke an' drink' thurr money away or STERILIZE WELFARE COUPLES THAT CHURN OOT WAINS BIT WON'T DAE A DAY'S WORK!
an' dae like France has jist dunn, throw oot refugees who are a financial burden tae the country NOW!
Spend your Tax money on your children, check out the Charities you do donate too and make folk responsible for themselves! Temporary assistance is a virtue, permanent assistance is FRAUD!
Jupiter Posted 1st Oct 2010, 11:38am
  Free fruit is to be retained in nurseries and Nurture classes only in an effort to save public money.Annnounced today.
Zorro Posted 21st Sep 2010, 01:46pm
  I am neither for or against these cuts but I think some of you should know some of the facts in relation to school meals in Glasgow. The Scottish Parliament have introduced numerous 'healthy eating' ideas in recent years and sadly the vast majority have failed in Glasgow and West Scotland.

They have taken away fizzy drink machines which in turn means that the kids have an option to either eat their food in the school dining hall and then go outside for their fizzy drinks. The vast majority go outside and get whatever is on offer from the local Chinese, Chippy or Indian with their special offers of stodge and chips with free fizzy drinks thrown in. It also creates a great loss to the school revenue. Eastbank Academy in the east end is a perfect example of schoolkids rejecting what is on offer from the school canteen and they have deserted the dining hall in droves in recent terms. And believe you me we have enough bad health issues in the Shettleston area without our children rejecting healthy eating options because of a can of Coke or Irn Bru. The vast majority of Secondary School kids do not want to work at eating fruit i.e. peeling an apple , orange or a banana. This means that valuable staff time is spent cutting up fruit and mixing it up in small plastic bags. The truth be told the vast majority of MSP's never attended school dining halls in their schooldays and those who did usually have bad memories of pink custard and rhubarb so they have literally no idea of what a modern day school dining hall and kitchen is capable of serving without ramming all sorts of rabbit food down our children's throats. Leave school dinners to the people who know best the School Dinner wummen who know their weans better than anyone else. rolleyes.gif
irrie Posted 17th Sep 2010, 07:57am
QUOTE (davidhendry @ 13th Sep 2010, 11:23am) *
I remember when the salaries of police and army were improved by that woman. Lots of ORDINARY people said this was solely to control civil instability which was sure to come, due to her policies. There should have been a revolution,but the people then, as now, were divided. Exactly as the politicos want it.

A question....... If an MP serves only one term, does he/she qualify for a pension?

Another.....Any action against the Westminster thieves? ( The ones who were caught )

I have always held the Brit. parliament in the highest esteem. Not any more. I am thoroughly, totally disenchanted with our rulers. Robin Hood in reverse. I wonder how many young people would volunteer should there ever be a big conflict.

lvie.snippet from a bbc news report the other day ministers are looking at ways to cut pensioners heating allowance/free travel without breaking DCs election pledge to safeguard them.enough said i think
davidhendry Posted 17th Sep 2010, 06:47am
  One, of the many, things I regret, was the passing of John Smith. I think the last Labour government would have been so much different from Bliars (!) left wing tories. However, it wasn't to be. Unlike some, Icant really get too het up with politics or politicians these days. Perhaps old age or just the realisation that ordinary people are pawns in a global game and don't really have a voice except that one day when they put their X in the wee box.

To lighten things up, and answer Joops question, my breakfast consists, every morning, of tea and toast and a glass of milk. How boring, but its just another lifetimes' bad habit. The monsoons have just about gone, and in three weeks will have sunshine every day until next May. Boring, innit!

Any members coming here, next season, particularly first timers? Get in touch, and I'll give you the grand tour. (such as it is!) I'm always happy to meet Glega wallahs and shoot the shit over a wee drink.

Hate to say it, Joops, but breakfast calls.

Cheerio the noo.

Jupiter Posted 14th Sep 2010, 11:15am
  Davidhenry,the first line of my previous post refers to what was going on at Westminster and not the content of what you have written.
Jupiter Posted 14th Sep 2010, 11:10am
  davidhenry,the word,"disemble" springs to mind about what you say.
Police pay was a big issue then as so many officers were leaving and the Labour Govt ordered a review which was implemented a few months early by the Tories.As you will know things got so bad under Labour that
for many voting Tory was the only answer.Unfortunately for millions as history has shown us many who did vote must have been unaware of the tory leaderships plans.Thatchers policy was deregulation,flexible labour markets,selling off and closure of state owned companies and withdrawing subsidies to others.Not a nice time for many but she was reelected twice so clearly her policies appealed to many.I like you mourn the passing of the shipyards and big manufacturers which were in evidence although I cant say I agree with the car bit.Some of the cars latterly made in Britain and I can think of a few were absolute rubbish.Poor build quality unreliable,so I suppose thats the reason car buyers started buying foreign.Davidhenry,Britain is a great country,Scotland and Glasgow are part of that greatness although there is no denying that it is going through a rough period just now but the resiliance is there and with strong economic and fiscal policies will soon be back.
What does a man in Goa have for brekkie?Are you sitting in the sun on a palm tree beach?
davidhendry Posted 14th Sep 2010, 07:16am
I'm not familiar with the intricacies of the police pay rise. Ordinary people, me, with no former interest in politics, suddenly became aware. Policies, to many, which bordered on criminal acts. Tarzan in parliament denying a hit list of twenty two pits for closure. When tackled, afterwards, a prominent tory said no lie was told, because it exceeded twenty two. Now that's really playing with words. We have millions of ordinary people who are patriotic, almost to a fault. Then we have the others, selling off the family silver. The icon of Brit. engineering, Rolls Royce, sold off. That one really miffed many people. The car industry, the shipbuilding, gone. Why, the Japs and Koreans better than us? No, lack of investing years of profits back in to the industries. I had a spell in Broons,(JBE then), machines pre 1st. war still being used. Blame the unions, was the war cry.The easy answer. Tell a lie often enough...... Doesn't it piss people off when every car they see is foreign? The shipyards becoming walkways and dossing places for druggies and the like? Doesn't it make you think, when you read of aircraft sitting at Croydon for the duration, ready to evacuate the great and good? Britain can be Great again, but not ruled by the existing political class. ( singular, the late Labour lot are only left wing Tories)

Rant over for now, its breakfast time.

Jupiter Posted 13th Sep 2010, 03:34pm
  All we got was a fair days pay for a fair days work.That how the system works.Nothing really to do with hearts.Dont get emotional.
Anne1 Posted 13th Sep 2010, 03:33pm
  cant say that about you, all heart
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