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> Let's Have Our Own Referendum Now!, Should Scotland Be An Independent Country?
post 15th Oct 2012, 10:24pm
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An historic agreement setting out the terms for a Scottish independence referendum was signed today by Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minister Alex Salmond.

The agreement, struck in Edinburgh, paves the way for a vote in autumn 2014, with a single Yes/No question on Scotland leaving the UK.

It will also allow 16 and 17-year-olds to take part in the ballot.

Rather than wait for 2014, it was suggested on the boards that we should have our own referendum today ... so here it is! Just answer the single yes/no question below.

Also, tells us your views on whether you think Scots living abroad should get a vote in the referendum in 2014?


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post 16th Oct 2012, 12:40am
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Oil Of Scotland

End poverty in Scotland - register to cast your vote in early 2014. We understand that many Scots avoid the electoral roll due to debt collection agencies etc using the electoral roll to track them down and demand they pay when they are unable to. In early 2014 it is important that all Scots register to vote as they are the people who would benefit most from Independence. As in an Independent Scotland we will have a chance to re write the way the unfair system works as it currently enforces poverty and does not make it worthwhile for low paid Scots to get a job.

The only way we as people will ever be given the right to vote on whether we remain part of the disfunctional EU, that costs each of us nearly 300 a year. Would be if we obtain Independence for Scotland as Westminster unlike Ireland would never give the people the respect of voting on the EU or the treaties rogues like Tony Blair signed on our behalf.

We believe that the SNP should declare that in an Independent Scotland the people of Scotland would be given a second ballot paper when they go to the polls 6 months after Independence is declared to vote on the Government who will govern Scotland. It may be a Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal, Scottish Green, Scottish Conservative, Socialist or SNP party who win this election for who will govern an Independent Scotland. This election is something that a lot of Scots do not understand is an intergral part of post Independence SNP policy. Yes Alex Salmond is a federalist but he is only one member of the movement for Scottish Independence.

In our global economy with its global corporations, the people of this globe have become but pawns in the great scheme of things. In an Independent Scotland we as a nation of down to earth, fair level headed people could champion the Global Trade Union. A Union that would correct the balance between rich and poor. As the powerful and rich in this World are few. The threat of Global industrial action by the many, would force them into correcting the balance. Osbourne claims he will make the rich pay ... how ? The only way to correct the imbalance is by a power shift. This need not be messy as we have the networks inplace to stand up to those who ravage the earth and its people for selfish personal gain.

Scotland is a very rich nation, with abundant natural resources and a small defiant population. A population that can make a difference in the World. The UK is the fourth largest nation in the World when it comes to the defence drain. Spending 62.5 billion (that we know about?) a year. (Hey why do you not get 10 billion out of that fund Mr Osbourne) However we are only the sixth richest country in the World. Germany spends less on defence than the UK. The UK also gives some 40 billion on overseas aid, when 250,000 Children in Scotland live below the poverty line. When the people of Scotland say YES in 2014 the World will be listening.
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