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> Council Closes 21 Glasgow Schools, City nurseries and schools to close
post 24th Apr 2009, 07:51am
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 6,905
Joined: 29th Dec 2004
From: Originally Annan with a wee bit of Glasgow in between now Kimberley, B.C.
Member No.: 1,650
The wording on the hats that the CHILDREN are wearing is completely inappropriate and in fact may have changed the vote of some of the councillors. If that is the level of education received at these schools maybe it is better that they are closed and the children subjected to better education.

While I sympathize with the children and parents of the closed schools we must remember that a half filled school takes the same upkeep and costs as that of a school with the maximum number of children enrolled. Do the taxpayers of Glasgow wish to have their taxes raised to cover the extra cost of these schools?

Please not I have NEVER voted Labour (or N.D.P. in Canada) in my life.
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post 24th Apr 2009, 09:01am
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Posts: 4
Joined: 8th Nov 2008
Member No.: 6,202
thought for today why can we not take the mp's out of there jobs and offices as i believe we could save a lot more money than what the schools are spending, and honestly run the country better than what they are doing on less money than what they are earning, unless the schools are past repair then i say keep these schools open. shame on you.
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post 24th Apr 2009, 09:25am
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As a parent i am disgusted at the way these children are being disrupted. all the experts are always banging on about routine and stabilty has anyone stopped to think about the effect this will have on their education.i recently moved home and through my own chioce and that of my children moved them to a new school they are finding it very difficult to settle and make new friends. these children are being forced to change. i wonder if in a few months time we will hear of disruption in classrooms because children who were happy and settled in their education had it ripped out from under them all to save a few bucks.
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post 24th Apr 2009, 10:14am
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,628
Joined: 8th Jan 2008
From: Central West NSW
Member No.: 5,289
Perhaps some of the money being wasted in preparation for the next Commonwealth Games could be re-directed towards the continued education of Glasgow's richest future resource !

Probably not, though, because seeing themselves on television over the next few years is more important to the ego of the powers that be rather than providing for the future post CG.

Sadly, politics is a life of ego, immediacy and publicity !

Tombro unsure.gif unsure.gif

Today is the first day of the rest of your life !
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post 24th Apr 2009, 10:36am
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Posts: 7
Joined: 4th Apr 2009
Member No.: 6,747
Yet another example of politicians not listening to the people who elected them. It seems that they will use any excuse (Financial, Human rights or whatever sounds good) to do exactly what they want. These schools have been closed without a thought for the disruption to our kids and this is before the budget. What next??? Hospitals, Community projects, Apprentaships oh no I forget they are already cutting these back. Well we will just have to wait and see what further cut backs will follow now that public spending has been cut in the budget. There is so much frustration among ordinary people about issues such as this but no politician seems to be listening. Glasgow city council in my view must be one of the worst for not listening to their people. What is the answer? How do we get them to listen? I wish I knew.
Good luck to the parents I hope they open their ears.
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Maggi moo
post 24th Apr 2009, 10:54am
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Posts: 2
Joined: 25th Jan 2009
Member No.: 6,447
As a glaswegian now living in england I feel very strongly about the schools disappearing I went to barrowfield st primary then riverside sen sec school both long gone. Are politicians worried we might be brighter than them and take their jobs, we probably could do a better job of it.
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Southside jim
post 24th Apr 2009, 10:57am
Post #37

Special Visitor
Posts: 70
Joined: 5th Feb 2009
From: Glasgow southside
Member No.: 6,504
The thing that gets me is that the vote was supposed to have taken place yesterday(23/4/09)..But they all voted last week on this matter and carried on with their plan to close the schools..

Now if you listen to them, they stated that NO decision has been taken & that they WILL listen to the people of Glasgow.

So why was merrylee nursery sold to Govanhill housing association before christmas 2008 ???

They already knew what they were gonna do, and only after parents kicked up a fuss, did they allow this shame of a consultation to take place.

We should be out at EVERY public promotional event that these so-called councilors do from now on with banners statin...These people DON'T work for their commuinities !!!
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*Charlie Pakwer*
post 24th Apr 2009, 11:44am
Post #38

A sad day indeed! Maybe if the cooncil chumps hadn't wasted so much money on useless projects like the £3.5M on marketing the Commonwealth Games, or the £2.9M for trees for the new museum, then we wouldn't need to disrupt and destroy our children's education.

Let's make these Labour nonenties pay with their bubble-wrapped, well-paid jobs.
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eileen steele 55
post 24th Apr 2009, 12:12pm
Post #39

Settling In
Posts: 15
Joined: 15th Nov 2007
Member No.: 5,145
hi there i would just like to add my bit as well i want to say that victoria primary was my very first primary school and my teacher was a miss cochrane . i was only at the school for a bout a year but it left me with great impressions of school. i was also a pupil of bellahouston primary as well. so iam saddened to hear of these schools closing, if there is anything i can do to help just let me know .i stay in dunoon but was brought up in glasgow
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George Brown
post 24th Apr 2009, 12:20pm
Post #40

Posts: 23
Joined: 30th Nov 2003
Member No.: 676
The mind boggles at all the related permutations to this excercise
It is understandable, due to falling pupil numbers the buildings are underused and therefore uneconomical to maintain and inhabit
I do however agree with the parental concerns, and in this day of 'child protectionsit climate' no child should have to travel any more than fifteen minutes by foot (preferably less) to school
wouldn't it have been a little more practicle to physically reduce the size and upgrade the properties to accomodate the projected attendance figures ?
Finally, where do the teaching staff go ?
and if there is there a glut of teachers, and we all read of freshly qualified teachers coming from training college to start a new job at supermarket checkouts, because of their inability to find a post within their chosen profession, Why then are the colleges allowed to continue taking in new recruits ?
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*Charlie Pakwer*
post 24th Apr 2009, 12:44pm
Post #41

An education professional's (me) response to Steven Purcell's message 'explaining' the decision. I had hoped to be able to do this in the Glasgow Herald, but the comments option is missing for some reason. Hopefully it will be acceptable here? My words are in italics.

I'm a Glaswegian born and bred and do this job because I want to see the citizens of my city fulfil their potential. And at the top of my priority list is providing the best education we possibly can for our young people.

> Nonsense, why are we spending £hundreds of millions on new (not needed) museums and (not wanted) commonwealth games, while we pursue savage cuts to education?

The city council's record on education is a good one. In the last decade we have spent over £500million on new school buildings.

> Wrong! the city's record in eduction is by far the worst of any council in Scotland. The £500million has not been raised by you, but you are correct that you have 'borrowed' using the failed PPP/PFI model. The current generation of Glasgow children suffering from the worst standard of education in the country will be the ones who have to pay, and pay BIG TIME! Those payments will form outrageous profits for the private companies who put the money up front.

Every secondary in the city is now in A' condition and we have opened 39 new primary schools.

> ... at a huge cost to future generations of Glasgowians ... the ones that don't abandon the city after this debacle that is.

And I'm delighted that those new buildings have helped our hard-working teachers raise the attainment of our young people to record levels and introduce pioneering developments such as nurture classes.

> Attainment levels are still well, well below national average. As for helping teachers, would those be the same teachers whose complaints were last year upheld by the Health and Safety Executive who said that staff were suffering because of badly designed classrooms in the new PPP/PFI schools?

But none of that was achieved without taking difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions.

> A difficult, for you at least, (but not unpopular) decison would be reign in the millions wasted by politicians throughout the city every year.

We have already closed 91 primary schools. Those closures were unpopular but we can prove that education has improved as a result.

> Okay, prove it ... this was your opportunity to do so!

The closure proposals council passed yesterday are also unpopular but they are also the right thing to do. We cannot continue with crumbling school buildings and shrinking school rolls.

> Which schools are "crumbling" exactly? If you are admitting that you have allowed children to be educated in building that are literally falling down, then I will forward the matter to the Health and Safety Executive for their urgent consideration.

One of the schools we are closing is only 18% occupied, with just four P1 pupils. That's a waste of money.

> Quoting the worst-case example does not give you the right to apply the requirements of one school to all schools.

With schools in this state and school rolls so small these young people are not getting a good education.

> Schools have got into this sate because you and your predecessors have consitently mismanaged budgets, diverting much-needed funds for education development into useless projects that have long been forgotten.

A robust school roll leads to more teachers being employed which means better management and more choice for our children. Our children can benefit from greater access to, for example, drama, music and sport.

> Our children CAN benefit from a higher quality of teaching that delivers a standard of education comparable with that enjoyed elsewhere in the country in terms of exam attainment. Blabbering on about "drama, music and sport" is just a distraction!

Better buildings mean that less money is needed to fix prob-lems, freeing up cash for teachers and resources.

> I refer to my reply above regarding the HSE intervention. In that case the installation of heating ventilation equipment IN BRAND NEW schools such as Rosshall Academy and Drumchapel High and dozens of other new and refurbished Glasgow schools will cost more than £9million. The expensive refit will potentially disrupt education in 67 home economics classrooms, 210 computer rooms and 38 drama classes.

Doing nothing is not an option.

> Maybe your colleagues should have spun that wee yarn 50 years ago and we would not be in this mess!

No child deserves a second-class education, and I will not be swayed from difficult decisions which mean all our young people can share in a bright future for this city.

> Would that be the same bright future that is going to rise from the city-wide collapse of the financial services sector, as well as the retail and tourism sector in this city? You are correct though that "no child deserves a second-class education" ... unfortunately that is what Glaswegian children have been getting in this failing city for decades ... no amount of yarn spinning and musical chairs will ever change that sad, sorry fact!
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post 24th Apr 2009, 12:59pm
Post #42

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 14,307
Joined: 25th Jan 2009
From: German/French/Swiss border town on the River Rhein
Member No.: 6,448
Maybe the wording on the children's hats was a bit hard, which I agree, but on the other hand it shouts out a distinct message which could also be used when the councillors come back touting for your votes.
Have a little card printed with a photo of the hats, even with the children, ready to hand out ...and that even supposing "they" withdrew their proposals on closure.
Sack them.
3 million ... Last time I looked a Trident cost about 6 Billion. I'm not against Tridends as such, but I am against school closures.

Now, two questions:-

1: Could it not be a consideration that Schools be classified non-sectarian so that the classes could be better filled by the local children ?

2: Nothing to do with the above really but one school mentioned was "Our Lady of the Assumption"
Forgive my ignorance, please, but what was - or is - the "Assumption" ?

"Destiny is a good thing to accept when it's going your way. When it isn't, don't call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck.”
― Joseph Heller, God Knows
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post 24th Apr 2009, 02:00pm
Post #43

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 14,449
Joined: 27th Mar 2007
Member No.: 4,675
the feast of the assumption , is to comemorate the lifting up of the blessed virgin's body into heaven.

donate to your local food bank .
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post 24th Apr 2009, 03:59pm
Post #44

I was there yesterday when they announced the schools getting closed, and the despair on the children and the parent faces was so overwhelming!!! I agree with what everyone has says those Labour councillors where told yesterday how to vote. So what hope did we ever have...

Remember when Labour got in again it was Education Education Education and they have managed to go back on their word completely...

So my advice for the people of Scotland is to get rid of the Labour government and vote SNP.
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post 24th Apr 2009, 06:45pm
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Posts: 2
Joined: 4th Apr 2009
From: Bognor Regis ,Sussex
Member No.: 6,748
How sad I felt when I read this report.I left Glasgow many years ago. I attended Saint Andrews Primary School in Ropework Lane and then went on to O.L.S.F S.S. in Charlotte Street,Ive always been so proud of my Scottish education.When I went back to Glasgow after so many yearsI was dismayed to find both "my schools" were gone.And so it goe on.What will bcome of all these poor children whoe education ha s been cruelly disrupted I really cant bear thinking of.Keep up the good fight.Let Glagow flourish !!!!!!!!!
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