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  Replying to Council Closes 21 Glasgow Schools
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
GG Posted 27th Jun 2012, 06:55am
QUOTE (GG @ 3rd Jan 2012, 04:16pm) *
As yet another Glasgow school is being rushed through for closure without full consultation with parents, an unlikely cross-party alliance of aggrieved local councillors has forced the city's under-performing education department to reconsider its hasty decision ...

It has now been decided that Gadburn special needs school will close next year after an appeal to save it from the axe was rejected by Scottish ministers.

Sandra Martin, secretary of Gadburn Parent Council, said:
"We're not going to take it lying down.

There is no evidence that there has been a boundary change. There has to be a consultation for any boundary change and there’s no evidence of this.

Barmulloch Primary's roll has fallen dramatically and we have always been concerned that if we move there it will have to close anyway.

Gadburn is being closed for the sake of four children moving to a 300,00 provision in Barmulloch."

GG Posted 6th Jan 2012, 09:06am
  Fronswa, this is what the Herald said about the development:
... It is understood that this is the first time there has been a clear bipartisan strategy involving Labour members to undo an administration decision.

Although next May s election will inevitably see politicians of all hues being increasingly vocal about issues on their doorsteps, insiders claim such a move would not have been possible without the bitter fall-out within the ranks of the Labour administration. ...

So, it seems that, having sat on the fence and done nothing for almost exactly a year since the first proposal of the merger, Glasgow's councillors are just now taking action motivated by either saving their own jobs or by a loathing of their own party. Reassuring!

fronswa Posted 5th Jan 2012, 03:25am
  Bipartisan cooperation from the SNP and Labour in a council election year.
Tripping over each other to look good for their areas.
Sorry... I'm being frightfully cynical here aren't I? dry.gif

Now lets see if any of them actually manage to save the place.
GG Posted 3rd Jan 2012, 03:01pm
  As yet another Glasgow school is being rushed through for closure without full consultation with parents, an unlikely cross-party alliance of aggrieved local councillors has forced the city's under-performing education department to reconsider its hasty decision:

Three Labour councillors have struck an alliance with SNP rivals in an attempt to overturn a decision by the city council on the closure of a special needs school in Glasgow.

The move sees three members of the ruling administration in the north of the city join forces with two Nationalists to use city council procedures to thwart the plans to integrate children at the Gadburn school into a nearby mainstream primary. ...

Full story here:

Chrissie Posted 20th Apr 2011, 03:41am
  There's no way closing schools can be good for education unless they are being replaced by better schools. It's likely just an excuse to save money. Poor weans.unsure.gif
Dunvegan Posted 19th Apr 2011, 12:46pm
  Can any one ( no toraidhe please) tell me how closing schools improves education. And but yes but I know all about "double speak" and "big brother".
GG Posted 19th Apr 2011, 07:18am
  Another school closure plan announced ... apparently, it's "in the best interests of the children".

Parents unite over plans to shut special needs school

Parents of children with special needs claim the youngsters’ education will be under threat if plans to shut their school go ahead.

More than half the pupils at Gadburn Primary School, for youngsters with additional support needs, were in mainstream education.

But, parents claim, their children were subjected to serious bullying and moved to Gadburn.

Now Glasgow City Council plans to shut the school and move kids back to the mainstream Barmulloch Primary School. ...

Full story here:

GG Posted 28th Jun 2009, 10:14pm
  Parents re-occupy closed school:

Wyndford Primary School re-occupied
June 27, 2009

Parents of Wyndford have re-occupied Wyndford Primary School in protest against the school’s closure and their children having to enrol at schools over a mile away from their homes.

The reasons why the parents have re-occupied the school are the same as when they occupied during the Easter holidays. However, in addition to issues regarding their children’s safety and education, as well as in protest against the actions of Glasgow City Council towards their community, the parents also want to protect the building against vandals and fear Glasgow City Council may use the vandalism as an excuse to order the building to be pulled down, citing unsafe premises. The parents wish to save the building for use by the immediate and surrounding communities. There is already a lack of community facilities in the area and the parents wish to save the space to use as they see fit for their families and supporters.

The parents entered the school at 1.30pm, 26/06/09, when the children were released for the summer holidays and are preparing to stay for as long as necessary.

Update – 27/6/09 10am – Council with police preparing to enter occupied school and clear furniture and equipment. Glasgow City Council Director of Education, Maureen McKenna, visited and told the parents that water and electricity will be cut off and doors sealed (except for fire escapes).

Occupation is to be continued by parents regardless.

Related BBC story:

GG Posted 2nd Jun 2009, 11:25pm
  An alternative view from MC and the SNP:
It was a campaign which the SNP will have thought that would have done very well in, possibly even gaining more than 50% of the votes in the first preferences. There have been the awful polls that Labour have experienced recently, the Nationalists riding high and some proposed school closures gaining some publicity in the papers.

Yet I really don't think anything like that will happen and I'm confident that Labour can win this and win it comfortably for a number of reasons.

Dexter St. Clair Posted 14th May 2009, 05:30pm
  The By election of course is due to two jobs Kidd finally standing down and accepting life as a full time MSP. That just leaves Salmond doing the two jobs. Super man that he is. Where was he educated "Less teachers".
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