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  Replying to Uk Independence Referendum - Brexit
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wombat Posted Y'day, 07:28pm
carmella Posted Y'day, 06:52pm
  All along I have not liked the way things have gone, and their collective attitude towards a deal for Brexit only enforces in me even more why I want Brexit. I don’t know if someone else would have done a good job of it. Personally, I am not a May supporter, I wasn’t when she was Home Secretary, and at heart she is a remainer so I don’t know how you can do your best when your own beliefs tell you otherwise, I Suppose we’re never going to find out at this stage if someone else would have done better either in a deal itself or the speed of bringing such a deal about.
JAGZ1876 Posted Y'day, 06:32pm
QUOTE (carmella @ 23rd Sep 2018, 06:20pm) *
His cake remarks and cherry, he’s a grown man for goodness sake.

It was quite witty compared to some of the comments about her plan from members of her own party.

She does want her Eccles cake and eat it though. laugh.gif
carmella Posted Y'day, 05:20pm
  His cake remarks and cherry, he’s a grown man for goodness sake.
JAGZ1876 Posted Y'day, 12:16pm
QUOTE (carmella @ 22nd Sep 2018, 03:57pm) *
It looks as if we might be heading for a no deal, but I also think Tusk is a very rude and ignorant man, who would want to do buisiness with him!

In what way was he rude and ignorant Carmella?
bilbo.s Posted 22nd Sep 2018, 06:31pm
  This is a comment from the Comments page of today's Guardian....not mine. The author gave permission for me to use it but preferred not to be credited.

This is all about the respect that Theresa May has been banging on about recently. I thought, like the author, that May's version of respect needed a it is.

" So, Theresa, here is a question:

You said you can't figure out why the EU has rejected the Chequers proposal, that they should explain what it is that they don't agree with.


After all this time, you are asking such an inane question?

Is it just plain ignorance that you have succumbed to?

Or is it deliberate defiance then?

Surely, you understand what the EU's founding pillars are?

Freedom of labour, capital, goods and services.

How then did you presumptuously assume that Chequers fulfilled these?

By allocating 20% of the UK's economy to Chequers (goods), and leaving out 80% services), did you think you did yourself a favour? Did you think you could possibly come across as halfway intelligent?

Did you even bother to understand remotely what it means? Maybe you need to be schooled in some of the fundamentals. How on earth did you even think that you could have goods going over without services being involved? What is transport and shipping - if not a service?

The EU has told you over and over again that it would not work. Still you go there in total defiance and try to 'lord' it there - pretending that you know what you are doing - when you have given proof that you really don't know what you are doing.

And then to declare that yours is the "only deal" or no deal?

What gives you the right to declare that on behalf of everyone in the UK?

What is then, this arrogance you have clothed yourself with - that you deserve to have respect?

Have you even thought about the people in Ireland? Or the people in Gibraltar? Or even the people who feel left out in the EU - fellow citizens there? Where is your respect for them?

What about the people who have suffered as a result of your discriminatory policies - especially the Windrush generation? Where was your respect for them?

Where was your respect for integrity when you bribed the DUP 1 billion? Where is your respect now - for the office you are meant to uphold - by constantly colluding with dubious characters and charlatans?

And then you threaten, like your personal village idiot - Dominic Raab - who declares without a shred of integrity, that the UK will not pay its dues to the EU - IF they don't give us a good deal?

Do you think that any country in their right mind will want to work on deals with a country that reneges on its debts?

What have you been doing all this time? Playing chequers and perhaps an occasional game of darts - darting across the EU - behind everyone's back, trying to subvert individuals - divide and conquer?

Did you honestly think they are all as stupid and vapid as you?

Where is your respect for the British people - where you are knowingly throwing them under the bus - where you are deliberately choosing to ignore illegality and fraud - where you are deliberately choosing a path they did not choose - to be poorer and to be sold off to predatory disaster capitalists - who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to dismantle every public service and department?

And have you even given a single thought about all the lawsuits that will be filed against the UK for breaking the terms of the FDI treaties - due to which the multinational companies invested billions of pounds into the UK - trusting that they would profit from the UK's relation to the EU? They will come, believe me, once Brexit happens.

You said last year there would be no general election. And yet, there you were - declaring one - why? You changed your mind? Oh good...

How did you arrogantly assume that nobody else has the right to change their mind? Especially when your government has itself shown us what a disaster awaits us - while Rees Mogg rubs his hands in glee?

Right now you are choosing the epitaph that History will write upon your tombstone in posterity. It will not be kind, we can assure you.

Sadly, hypocrisy and ignorant arrogance have a new champion and avatar in you.

Show us you are deserving of respect - by having the courage to stand up to the real enemies of the people - the Rees Moggs, the Johnsons, the Davises.

Act with respect towards others. Respect the rights of others. Respect their freedoms. Respect their right to honour and their right to change their mind.

And then - you will gain respect too."

carmella Posted 22nd Sep 2018, 02:57pm
  I wouldn’t have Theresa May’s job for anything. She looked decidedly uncomfortable, but I am inclined to think the sweating had something to do with her diabetes, as well as the airless room which some journalists also found uncomfortable.

It looks as if we might be heading for a no deal, but I also think Tusk is a very rude and ignorant man, who would want to do buisiness with him!
JAGZ1876 Posted 21st Sep 2018, 09:38am
QUOTE (bilbo.s @ 20th Sep 2018, 10:52pm) *

Does DJ expect the EU leaders to be as beguiled with the Dancing Queen's fancy footwork as he is. laugh.gif
bilbo.s Posted 20th Sep 2018, 09:52pm

Suck this up, DJ!
JAGZ1876 Posted 20th Sep 2018, 08:41pm
QUOTE (Dykejumper @ 20th Sep 2018, 06:02pm) *
You will need to ask the Czech PM as it was him who said it.

I'm asking you a question?
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