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  Replying to Uk Independence Referendum - Brexit
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
ashfield Posted 11th Dec 2018, 05:56pm
QUOTE (wombat @ 10th Dec 2018, 06:35pm) *
rolleyes.gif will a wee dance no suffice ash? laugh.gif

The UK government must like a wee dance because, right now, they are full of balls ohmy.gif

Meanwhile, Baron Boris Hardup has been on a diet and had a haircut..........what could have prompted that eyebrow.gif
wombat Posted 10th Dec 2018, 06:35pm
  rolleyes.gif will a wee dance no suffice ash? laugh.gif
ashfield Posted 10th Dec 2018, 06:06pm
  Well, Widow Twanky has delayed the vote tomorrow because she knows she would suffer a landslide defeat. She’s now hoping to find a lamp to rub or to acquire some magic beans to change her fortunes. Will she keep her job and get her pointless plan agreed at parliament?

Oh no she won’t wink.gif
ashfield Posted 5th Dec 2018, 07:54am
  It’s very difficult to take our political leaders seriously, I know it’s Panto season but the shenanigans in the HoC has surpassed all that has gone before. Add to that the procession of dead beat and wanna be parliamentarians, news media and self serving business people filling our screens, newspapers and air waves with their own brand of Brexit mince.

As some of us have been saying for a very long time, it’s a disastrous plan which will take us into an equally disastrous future.
ashfield Posted 28th Nov 2018, 09:23am
QUOTE (bilbo.s @ 27th Nov 2018, 06:58pm) *

The fakery is not really a surprise but the scope of the lying is. It give a clear indication how misleading the public is organised and ingrained into the fabric of news media.
bilbo.s Posted 27th Nov 2018, 06:58pm
  Wade your way through this lot:-
ashfield Posted 27th Nov 2018, 05:48pm
  I wish rolleyes.gif
bilbo.s Posted 27th Nov 2018, 05:24pm
  Ash, do you have a similar link explaining how democracy works in UK? Just for dummies like me.
ashfield Posted 27th Nov 2018, 12:49pm
  For those who still tune in and think the EU is undemocratic, have a look at this short explanation of how it all works
TeeHeeHee Posted 26th Nov 2018, 01:20am
QUOTE (ashfield @ 23rd Nov 2018, 09:14am) *
... My thought was that whoever is running the show pulled the plug because of the slow traffic huh.gif

I once had the actual horse whisper in my ear that the plug was getting close to being pulled. I did ention this at the time bedause it was said in all seriousness and, in a sense, defeat; and I dare say that if I made the effort I could probably produce that post, but the warning fell on deaf ears and I, too, thought the horse had buckled under the strain and the plug got pulled.
Nice to see the tram is back on the rail and the horse able to get on with it again, wink.gif

As for aw this Brexit scheit I'm constantly reminded of that Chinese curse regardibg living in interesting times. I think Terry Pratchett titled one of his books `Interesting Times´but I'd love to have seen what he would have done with Brexit on his Disc World. Probably had a load of Golems with bits of paper shoved into their heads with `Isolation Rules ´written on them. rolleyes.gif
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