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  Replying to Jimmy Reid Dies
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
irrie Posted 23rd Oct 2011, 05:45pm
  I agree Melody. Cant think of anyone of that stature today. Cheers
Melody Posted 23rd Oct 2011, 01:37pm
  This is such sad news Martin. My greatest respect and condolences to Sammy Gilmore's family and loved ones.

Rightly they go down in history as giants of men who lived a life well lived in the fight for justice for their fellow man. We loose them at a time when we most need them. Rest In Peace Sammy.

GG Posted 22nd Oct 2011, 11:15am
  Written by Jim Barclay of Govan:
Sammy, this for you.

The Last Call

The ship's foghorn echoes its warning voice across the dead city. Only those whose business is the river stir; quietly, without fuss, the call is answered. Through silent streets gaslight and instinct bring them, they who raised her from bare steel, they who now race against tide, and the shouts and threats of the bowler-hatted one.

Slowly, the great ship creeps forward, ever, near its natural and destined world. Below its iron belly they raise their hammers for the last time and send her crashing into the darkened waters of the river. Through the thickening dense blanket voices make order. Thick manila rope secures and restrains. Soon, like her sisters, she too will be gone, never to return, The eyes that gaze upon the giant grey mass look away. The last of her kind, the feel of iron, the heat, and sounds of bringing life.

Nothing now disturbs their sleep. Bodies and minds decay. Only the the memory remains. This river, our river, dies with us. And in distant lands they gaze in awe and wonder at the craft, skill and hands that created this thing of beauty.

J.B. Govan.


GG Posted 22nd Oct 2011, 10:53am
Attached Image
Born: October 8 1939 Died: October 8, 2011

Sadly, another of an inspirational generation of men, many of whom tried valiantly to stem the tide of greed and self-interest, passes away.

We will not see their like again.

Sammy Gilmore, stalwart of Clyde yards is dead, Oct 11 2011

One of the leading lights of the famous Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work-in has died.

Lifelong union activist Sammy Gilmore passed away on Saturday night - his 72nd birthday.

It is 40 years since Sammy, Jimmy Reid, Jimmy Airlie and Sammy Barr led 8500 workers in the protest about under-investment in the yards.

Edward Heath's Tory government, who were set against aid for the yards, finally caved in with a 35million investment to help them modernise.

Sammy rose through the ranks of the electricians' union to become works convener. ...

Full story here:

Sammy Gilmore
Trade unionist and leader of the UCS sit-in

Sammy Gilmore, who has died on his 72nd birthday in Glasgow, was one of the principal architects of the historic Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (UCS) work-in. In 1971 Mr Gilmore, along with Jimmy Reid, Jimmy Airlie and Sammy Barr, led 8500 workers in the protest about under-investment in the yards. They created industrial history causing much political and commercial embarrassment. Mr. Gilmore with his resolute and determined personality came to personify the workforce.

He was a much admired character and was no respecter of persons: he had the delightful ability to treat everyone with the same irreverence, charm and his own brand of gleeful courtesy. But Mr Gilmore was a devoted trade unionist and solidly behind Jimmy Reid, who famously said when he was announcing the work-in: “There will be no hooliganism, there will be no vandalism, there will be no bevvying because the world is watching us.” Mr Gilmore reflected that attitude throughout the 16-month work-in and was closely associated with its ideology, drive and thrust. ...

Full article here:

GG Posted 19th Dec 2010, 06:32pm

auldbutcher Posted 19th Dec 2010, 06:15pm
  Ach Jimmy its comin up tae Christmas an yer still in my thoughts and pal you were my ideal o ah man ,canny say god bless cos like you i wonder on that wan, never the less my best wishes tae Jimmy's kith an kin you have been blessed wie an ootstanding human being ,in your family, cherish his memory like this auld guy does .

GG Posted 12th Oct 2010, 06:43am
  Less than two months after Jimmy Reid's passing, yesterday saw the launch of what is expected to be the last ship ever to be hit the water from a slipway into the Clyde:

Thousands watch what may be the last ship launched on the Clyde

More than 10,000 people lined the banks of the Clyde on Monday afternoon to witness what many expect to be the last launch of a ship into this most famous of shipbuilding waterways.

HMS Duncan, the sixth and final Type 45 anti-air warfare destroyer to be built on the Clyde, eased down the tallow-coated slipway just before four o’clock, accompanied by the usual cloud of rust dust billowing up from the drag chains.

As it splashed into the cold, dark waters of the Clyde, a cheer went up from both sides of the river – partly in recognition of the excellent work done in building this 7,000-tonne vessel, but also to mark the passing of a wonderful ship-building tradition. ...

Down the slipway and into history: Clyde launch ends an era

The last ship to be launched into the Clyde from a slipway hit the water amid loud cheering and the sound of air horns today , its stern churning the calm water into a large, foaming wave the colour of weak tea.

As the featureless grey bulk of the Type 45 warship settled into the water there was a sharp fusillade of fireworks overhead, each burst of colour reduced to a pinprick of light by the bright sunshine and cloudless skies over Glasgow.

It was a historic, poignant moment for the Clyde. HMS Duncan, the last of six Type 45 anti-air warfare ships to be built by BAE Systems at its Govan shipyard, is expected to be the last ship ever to be launched from a slipway on the river.

It has been the tradition for thousands of vessels built on the Clyde, where the shipyards once employed 100,000 men, building many of the ships that helped make the empire, and great liners such as the Queen Mary and QE2. ...

GG Posted 24th Aug 2010, 06:01pm
  STV has published a short extraxt from Jimmy Reid's Glasgow University rectoral speech; the editing is a bit 'jumpy' at times but it's powerful stuff:

The article seems to suggest that the speech – in its entirety – no longer exists on video, although it may have survived in full on audio???

Heather Posted 20th Aug 2010, 01:33pm
  A very fitting funeral for one of Glasgow's own. smile.gif

We could do with a few more of his ilk.
GG Posted 20th Aug 2010, 10:17am
  Thanks for posting the link to the full service, Melody.

It was a very fitting occasion to honour and remember a very special man. The weather was lovely and the crowds turned out in very good numbers: 800 mourners inside Govan Old Parish Church, hundreds outside who were able to listen thanks to speakers from the BBC, and many more hundreds who lined the streets of Govan and beyond to pay tribute as the funeral cortege passed by from Bute to Govan.

Some photos from the day are attached.

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