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  Replying to Scottish Independence
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
TeeHeeHee Posted Today, 08:08am
QUOTE (DannyH @ 28th Nov 2020, 10:06pm) *
... I do not mean this in any offensive way Tomi, but I live in Scotland. I am a big enough boy to know if I think the time is right to even talk about the issue of another referendum, when there are multiple deaths occurring as we sit here corresponding. If you are getting the impression that the majority of people in Scotland are focused on the issue of Independence, then Tomi my friend you are reading or hearing fake news. Trust me.

Thank you for your courteous response to my post.



PS there may be a few typing errors in the above post. I have opted out of editing them because I had to write my long response to Jagz, twice. I must have done something wrong in the edit function.

Danny, hi, even if it was your intention to be offensive it wouldn't work on me since I cannot be offended, bullied or belittled; the latter being of necessity because I'm little enough, but I can be annoyed; sometimes extremely.
I know you live in Scotland; in fact I could say I know where you live but that could put a different meaning to the fact that I know that you live in Scotland: a bit like you saying that you served behind the Iron Curtain with the British Army when in fact you meant that you were in West Berlin where I've wot=rked on three ocassions before the wall went down but hey, Danny, did you ever go into East Berlin? Like behind the Concrete Wall as opposed to the political Iron Curtain? Want to see my DDR stamp on my passport or or my
East German bank account number for what that's worth?
The trouble with facts is that the can be distorted like Trumps Alternate Facts: I see you're into method of discuss as highlighted.
I have family, still, living in Scotland who are against Independance but only for one reason and one reason alone and that's fid def and all that. Each to his own I suppose, every one has the right to follow his convictions whether it's for the general good or not but I do think that attitide blinkers folks to the future: loke you thinking you're a big boy who thinks the time is not yet for a referendum or an Indi Scotland. The thing is Danny; and I too am not being offensive here, you're days of being a big boy are gone, like mine, and you're simply an auld guy, like me, but the difference is you haven't moved on.
The future dosee not belong to us, only the past where prople like you and I feel comfortable with our memories of how things were; good or bad.
Our grandchildren, well, since mine are all big boys and girls now, their grandchildren, could have done with a bvit of forward thinking from stubborn old geezers on these important issues like the EU and Independance.
Perhaps you'll have a re-think when the next referendum comes around; Covid or no Covid (which, like Polio, Mumps and Measles were. will be here for a while) and understand that a sovereign, independant, Scotland is our heritage to our children's grandchildren and we should do everything in our power to ensure the have that.
We rember the wars and the fallen but we move on: time waits for no man, right?

As for typos and errors, join the club: of course in my case my keyboard makes them and I don't see them (except for Independance cos Ah've always enjoyed a we dance at the end rolleyes.gif

bilbo.s Posted Y'day, 09:39pm
  Jagz, let's face facts. In this day and age, anyone who doesn't support independence for Scotland , especially with this Tory Government in WM , has got to be insane. Unfortunately there are approximately 2 million such buggers among us.
JAGZ1876 Posted Y'day, 08:57pm
QUOTE (wombat @ 3rd Dec 2020, 07:37pm) *
tongue.gif we don need no steenking badges laugh.gif

JAGZ1876 Posted Y'day, 08:55pm
QUOTE (ashfield @ 3rd Dec 2020, 05:28pm) *
Anybody else feel a draught unsure.gif Has somebody left a door open rolleyes.gif

As my Dad used to say "were you born in a field?" laugh.gif
wombat Posted Y'day, 07:37pm
QUOTE (bilbo.s @ 3rd Dec 2020, 05:27pm) *
Wear this like a badge of honour, Jagz!

tongue.gif we don need no steenking badges laugh.gif
wombat Posted Y'day, 07:19pm
  tongue.gif will sumwan put a bitta wid in that hole laugh.gif
ashfield Posted Y'day, 05:28pm
  Anybody else feel a draught unsure.gif Has somebody left a door open rolleyes.gif
JAGZ1876 Posted Y'day, 05:25pm
QUOTE (DannyH @ 3rd Dec 2020, 01:23pm) *
You ask for examples of you being brainwashed? I really feel sorry for you, honestly. The political forums on this website are littered with your same childish comments labelling people like me as being Brit Nats, Tories, racially prejudiced, haters of Europeans.

Regarding opinion polls. Are you serious? That is another example of you being selective. If you don’t like it, then it has to be Tory propaganda.

Jagz, I don’t want to waste anymore time with you. If you think the majority of people in Scotland are focused on Scotland’s Independence, then I rest my case. You are brainwashed!

I have nothing else to say to you. So this time I will choose my words carefully.

Goodbye Jagz

You could have saved us all a bit of time had you just typed 'No Jagz, i can't give you any examples of you being "brainwashed".

I made it perfectly clear when i wrote "I'm not a big fan of opinion polls" what i think about them, but had to highlight the fact that there is a growing majority for support for independence from a neutral source, i doubt you'd have believed me if i'd said that members of my family and friends who voted NO in 2014 are now firmly YES.

Goodbye Danny, best wishes to you and Mrs H.
JAGZ1876 Posted Y'day, 05:10pm
QUOTE (DannyH @ 3rd Dec 2020, 12:50pm) *
Jagz, please. You don’t know how to exchange points views with people who have different opinions from you.

Look at your statement about me being eternally grateful to the Tories.


No Danny, i do know how to exchange posts with others, you on the other hand just give rambling off topic monologues with childish insults thrown in for good measure.

Where did i say that YOU should be "eternally grateful to the Tories"?
bilbo.s Posted Y'day, 04:27pm
  Wear this like a badge of honour, Jagz!
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