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  Replying to Groceries And The Butchers Vans..
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
kenb Posted 20th Oct 2011, 03:35pm
  i remember the vans i used to work on the coop bread vanpaid in cakes bread, the ucbs cake van he would cut all the cakes as he delivered them and save the shortcakeand off cuts and crusts for us 1st year kids from kings ridge. the vans cerrans stores grocer(any thing ) izzis ice creams pokey hat ice creams,hot peas hot pies.
waughs ices ciggs etc
ronnies toms foswell
the wee walls van ice cream in grease proof paper square blocks
colin campbells fish van
the bacon /meat van the tottie van 1 stone of potatoes you got 3d i liked that van worked on it for years
the dry cleaning van
Agnes McManus Posted 4th Sep 2011, 01:56am
  Does anyone from Castlemilk remember Woods grocery van in Ardmaleish Cres ? It was a big furniture van and I think it was static cos the family just lived yards away from it. I went to school with Robert Woods at Mitchelhill primary and he had a big sister called Isobell who wore glasses.
benny Posted 2nd Apr 2011, 06:16pm
  Well, noo's yer chance, Bilbo. Ye could be the new Senor Whippy. tongue.gif
bilbo.s Posted 2nd Apr 2011, 05:25pm
  Strangely enough, in this hot climate I have never clapped eyes on an ice cream van in Spain. We get tatties, fruit and veg, clothes etc smile.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 2nd Apr 2011, 04:30pm
  Apart from the regular ice cream vans in season we also get a van comes around with fresh market garden produce here. tongue.gif
tombro Posted 2nd Apr 2011, 09:27am

I think one of the vans that served 'theDrum' in the late 1950's might actually have been a Co-op van. I remember a maroon coloured, converted single deck bus that used to stop in the middle of our end of Airgold Drive that sold all sorts of groceries.

I also, very fondly, remember both the Walls' and Di Marco Ice Cream Vans, more so on those occasions when Dad had scored a win from the Bookie who used to ply his trade at the top of Ardhu Place.

The Coal Man was a weekly regular and I remember a van that sold seafood. My Mum bought some Cod Roe from him one day, the foulest thing I've ever tasted !

Tombro rolleyes.gif
catherine berrie Posted 1st Apr 2011, 10:53am
  We used to have all sorts of vans running around Drumchapel in the 50's and 60's.The ones I remember most are Ernies fruit and veg,The city bakeries,Val's ice cream van,De marco's ice cream van, there was also a grocery van,can't think of his name at the moment,think it was Jimmy something.
Paulli75 Posted 28th Mar 2011, 07:33pm
  I remember 2 vans while growing up in Barlanark,Tommy Tango & Jimmy's Wee Blue van. There was also a chippy van that used to come round as well. Think it was called Daziells.
jamcat Posted 18th Feb 2011, 12:46am
  In Possil in the 1960's we had a wee Morrris Minor van, a grey one I'm sure that came round selling fish and vegetables. The guy who owned and sold the stuff was named Charlie Dupree and you could get your fish and veg on tick and he came round on Fridays to collect the money. After the wee shop Cary's in Killearn Street was burned down in 1975 a mobile shop started to operate at the top of Byshot Street. There was later another mobile shop in Stoneyhurst Street that I think was operated by Maria Gauchan with her husband (not 100% sure)
benny Posted 10th Feb 2011, 07:36pm
  There's still a fish van comes roon Knightswood, and ah think it's only a van that supplies fish in Partick noo as well, apart frae the supermarkets. There used tae be two fishmongers in Partick that ah frequented, but they've both been gone furra number o years noo.
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