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  Replying to Can School Uniform Counter X Factor?
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Guest1 Posted 1st Nov 2012, 05:35pm
  The X Factor like every other bit of pop culture has become about the Sex Factor. And we wonder why our ten year old girls are wanting T-shirts with provocative slogans written across them? And we wonder why there is a high rate of teenage pregnancy and pressure on teenage girls? Pop music has become soft pron. These pop stars are no role models.
Dunvegan Posted 20th Jun 2011, 02:12am
QUOTE (wombat @ 20th Jun 2011, 09:33am) *
dry.gif local yobs dumped a bucketful o pish on mah new suit ,wis about 12 y/o

did i menshun ah wis werrin it at the time rolleyes.gif

Ma Mither insisted on me wearin, kilts wi lace javetts an buckle shoen to go tae mass. Ye can imagine whit that caused walking past the "neds" on the wey hame.
wombat Posted 19th Jun 2011, 11:25pm
  dry.gif local yobs dumped a bucketful o pish on mah new suit ,wis about 12 y/o

did i menshun ah wis werrin it at the time rolleyes.gif
Dunvegan Posted 19th Jun 2011, 05:10am
  I have mentioned this before, but during the depression my grandfather went to Boston to work for relatives there. He sent back two suits for my dad and his brother. They were typical American boys suits ; hacking jacket, Knickerbocker trousers and those big longshoremen's bunnets. when the Lads of Wanlock street saw these visions of transatlantic sartorial elegance traipsin' along the street they promptly threw both of them in the midden.
Rabbie Posted 14th Jun 2011, 07:58pm
  Got to remember, Laird Tommy is your archetypical 30's bowelly leggit Toonhied pub crawling rapscallion.

Once upon a time away back in the day, he would be found proudly tottering around the rain soaked, scrupulously clean and gleaming thoroughfares of Ye Auld Duchy of Toonhied, frequenting only the most proprietary drinking establishments. Mercifully, for the drouthy these were to be found on just about every street junction and odd close.

During his sojourn, Oor Wee Tommy would be suitable attired, bedecked in his standard issue First World War trench coat which would be snuggle tied round the waist with a dod o' hairy string. To augment the debonair aura; add an odd pair of auld tackity boots with nea laces and toecaps cut off. Finally, to crown it all a well battered top hat with the lid hingin aff.

It is a little known matter of Toonhied Legend that Tommy was secretly engaged in the employ of the Hated Shitty Chambers of Horrors and would be covertly engaged in secret operations in the Necropolis and Swing parks. This nefarious skullduggery was employed to scare any hapless weans that strayed into the Burial and Drinking grounds of many of Glasgow''s most refined gentile.

This local legend lived on for many generations and struck fear into the hearts of many Toonhead and Dennistoun weans. Only the bravest or most stupid would wander into these recreational places. I ah am no quite sure which bracket I fit into there and afore ye say anything, shut yer geggie!

There was a wee guy known as Burlington Bertie but Tommy decided to go wan better and bring Bertie up to higher echelon of refinement.

Attached Image

Aye, where was ah.

Ach now then, wit ever happened to decent dress sense, have ye seen the state of some crawsbags these days. Jim Jams in Pestco's haw haw, the place has gone right to the dugs.

As fur patchs on the erse o' yer breeks, this might have been de rigour in Maryhill or up the Possil but here in The Toonhied many a flash of bare arse would be seen peeking oot of tattered breeks. Even my Sunday best Communion breeks were patched up with auld coal bags, in the inside AND outside due to safety issues concerning the local clergy.

"Sit still Rabbie! Have you got ants in your breeks"; Tell ye wit, ah would rather have had giant scarab beetles.

Recycling was born of miggie raking, what do we know now that we did not know then?

Those whurr the days; cheep booze, rickets to take away, soot, grime, rat infested tenements, clatty middens and real community spirit. Strange to note all these are now memories.
benny Posted 14th Jun 2011, 04:42pm
  Ye'll be tellin us ye held yer breeks up wi a bitta rope, next. rolleyes.gif Ah knew whit a patch oan the erse o ma troosers wis, but luckily never had tae wear Parish claes. Ah probably widnae hiv got any tae fit me anywye. biggrin.gif
Tommy Kennedy Posted 14th Jun 2011, 03:00pm
  Aye, I remember, Rabbie - lived at John Knox St. and Cathedral St.
Rabbie Posted 14th Jun 2011, 02:33pm
  Hobnails boots withoot laces mind ye, as was befitting of Toonhied urchins.

Tommy Kennedy Posted 14th Jun 2011, 02:02pm
  We all had 'School uniform' in the 30s/40s - Parish clothes and hobnail boots!!!
Dunvegan Posted 14th Jun 2011, 09:28am
QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 14th Jun 2011, 06:41pm) *
Yeah. ... boys like that can be disruptive in class. tongue.gif laugh.gif

The boys didn't pay them much attention, I was the one having a hard time. unsure.gif
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