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> Hospital, Scarlet Fever
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wee mags
post 21st Aug 2005, 08:15pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 5,132
Joined: 27th Jul 2003
From: East Norwalk Ct U.S.A
Member No.: 12
when I was young I was in a hospital I dont remeber the name but I had Scarlet Fever threatning Diptheria,I think it was Ruchill Hospital but Iam not sure ,for I was kept in isolation foe some time and I remeber my Mammy and Sister coming to see me, but they could only see me through a window,
when Igot sick my mamy put the bed from the big room [as we called it then ] into the living room and when I got delerious I thought the print on the wallpaper was snakes ,I also remember the nice man who carried me to the Green van he was nice and he smiled and said no tae worry lassie yer gonnae be fine ,funny how you remeber some things eh? unsure.gif

fae Maryhill noo the USA
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post 8th Feb 2007, 07:41am
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Lord Provost
Posts: 250
Joined: 2nd Sep 2003
From: england
Member No.: 425
I remember being in Yorkhill childrens hospital and also Ruchill, I cannot remember anything about the hospitals just that I was in a bed that had a plastic cover around the top half of my body, I too had scarlet fever, so it may have been for this reason or because I was a bad asthma sufferer, but all I can remember is waking up and being in that plastic cover and scared, but after the first visit, I got used to it.

gonnae throw us doon a piece Ma
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post 8th Feb 2007, 08:56am
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Super Resident
Posts: 230
Joined: 19th Apr 2006
From: Bundaberg.QLD.OZ
Member No.: 3,223
Ah went tae the Royal Infirmary wie ah pal..When under 8 year auld...And when in casualty couldnae stand the smell..And went ootside and sat doon at the entrance..(Ambulance)..And wolk up oan a bed in a room..A doctor had smellin salts at ma nose..Ah thought..??Whit the hell's goin on..He said thats a good bhoy then..Get yirselll hame noo..Ah never told ma parent's..It wiz the smell oh you know what..that knocked me oot....cheers
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post 14th Feb 2007, 01:59pm
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Super Lord Provost
Posts: 442
Joined: 21st May 2006
From: ayrshire
Member No.: 3,359
As a wee tot, I spent a lot of time in Ruchill Hospital, in the Infectious Diseases Ward with respiratory problems. I think I managed to be admitted every year from about six months old, till I was about twelve. The reason for my poor health was the living conditions we were in - a room and kitchen on the ground floor, with an outside toilet in the backcourt, shared by three other houses, and us overcrowded with six kids and two adults. I have lots of memories of Ruchill, most of them good, because the nurses were lovely, and I got a bed to myself as well as lots of lovely toilets - and a real bath!!!

Ah don't hear sae well withoot ma specs
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post 14th Feb 2007, 07:11pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 5,634
Joined: 22nd Sep 2006
From: australia
Member No.: 3,807
sad.gif had a sad & very fearfull time in hospital at the age of 6,to get a squint correction,the ward maid was evil N slapped me maist mornins cos a couldney drink milk a hate the stuff yuki,she was foolish enuff to make the mistake one visiting night since I had no day visitors with parents at work etc well this auld witch came over not knowing it was my mammy,she nippily scolded my mammy furr taking me oota bed furra cuddle n mammy saw me whince in fear n said to me why don`t ye like her,so I telt mammy n next time she passed the bed mammy ripped intae her n reported her to ward sister.Nae merr did I have tae endure that awfull cruel wummin .

Another time in Hospital I was married & 23 getting tonsils disected etc Due to it being my 1st time away from hubby ,I was missing him & miserable & in pain anyways due to soreness I asked for pain relief ,later on the nurse gave me panadol tae swally n turnt oot a foamed at the mooth as it was disolving panadol haha ended up haemorraging & got kept in for 10 days haha too long a stay away from my dear hubby it was only a few weeks later efter I got hame I was pregnant with my son & his twin which I later lost(the twin I mean)oh the joys of early marriage & the lovey dovey stuff nae where tae be seen nooadays haha had a hysterectomy at 32 & my hubby visited me 2 times oota 5 days rolleyes.gif

Ye Cin Take The Lassie Oota Glesga But Ye Cannae Take Glesga Oota The Lassie
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post 16th Oct 2007, 02:06am
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Super City Key Holder
Posts: 926
Joined: 3rd Aug 2007
From: glasgow
Member No.: 4,923
I was in Oakbank hospital to have ma tonsils out . Ma parents were told it was best if they didn't visit as i would get upset when they had to leave . I was in for three days and no one came near , couldn't understand this ,as everyone else got visitors, and i was only six at the time . This was in the early sixties ,thank god times have changed .Would hate the thought of coming home and leaving my youngest daughter who is 11 ,when she goes into Yorkhill for her heart op updates .
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*Jean Collen*
post 9th Mar 2008, 03:28pm
Post #7

Hi, I was interested to read the discussion about hospitals because I had Scarlet Fever when I was about 4 years old in 1947, and living in Bishopbriggs. I was rushed off to an isolation hospital by ambulance and spent about six weeks there. Although I have distinctive memories of the big ward, the nurses wearing stiff caps, and the older children who were on the road to recovery handing round cups of strong tea to us in the mornings.

I remember that we sang "hospital songs" that started off roughly like, "I caught the Scarlet Fever...They took me off to??? and put me in my bed..." but I'm blowed if I can remember the name of the hospital. It seemed to be set in large cultivated grounds, and I certainly remember the parents' viewing area outside the ward. My parents decided not to visit as they thought I would be upset to see them and not be able to talk to them.

Once I was over the worst of the illness I actually enjoyed my time there, especially as I took to my feet again and was able to go to the toy room. My parents had sent me a toy but I wasn't allowed to take it home for fear of passing on further infection. I wonder if anyone knows the name of this hospital? The name Carntyne is in my mind, but this might have nothing to do with this illusive hospital. I would be delighted to know if any fellow sufferer recognises my description of it and can tell me the name of the hospital.Contact me.
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*Guest Debbie **
post 28th Jun 2008, 10:43pm
Post #8

I worked in Ruchill Hospital for about 15 years from 1979. It was a great place to work. I found it a really friendly place to work and often think back to my time there.
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*Jean Collen*
post 6th Nov 2008, 08:50pm
Post #9

Further to my last post, I have discovered that I was in Ruchill Hospital for the scarlet fever. There are some sad photographs of the hospital on Flickr. I recognised the majestic building and grounds in the photograph from my time there sixty years ago as a four year old! But now the building is in ruins, the grounds uncultivated, because the building is due to be demolished. I suppose we can be thankful that there are no longer epidemics of scarlet fever and other infectious diseases today, but I still remember my time in the hospital as very happy once I had got over the worst of the illness. I wonder what has happened to all the children who shared that ward with me!
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post 18th Sep 2009, 02:18pm
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Posts: 28
Joined: 3rd Oct 2005
From: From Glasgow now in Maryland USA
Member No.: 2,415
I was in the Southern General Hosp for about 3 to 4 months with a bone disease called Osteomylitis after a wee boy hit me on the leg with a stone. I got out of Hosp and lived in a wheeelchair and crutches for about a year, almost lost the leg but thanks to a great Doctor they flew in I still have my wee leg biggrin.gif I was 7 yrs old. Now at age 50 I just got out the Hospital after a wee fall now I have to keep seeing an Infectious Disease Doctor. Talk about things that come back to haunt someone huh
If I could get my hands on that wee boy from Govan Grrr lol

From Glasgow now in USA - East Coast
Sure miss ma Fish'N'Chips oot the chippy
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post 10th Dec 2009, 11:43pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 11,250
Joined: 23rd Nov 2003
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Member No.: 664
I was in Ruchill Hospital with Scarlet Fever when I was about 7 yrs old.

I remember my bed being put out on the veranda, so I could get fresh air. Well that's what I was told. laugh.gif
One day the Nurse came to my bed with a basin and a pair of scissors and cut my hair short, and I was crying when she did that. My mum was shocked when she saw me with short hair as my hair was very long and was usually put in pigtails. The Nurse told my mum they had no time deal with my hair and it was better to be short while I was in hospital.
Other than that, the Nurse's were good to us and took us walks about the grounds when we were allowed out of bed.

Heather.......I'm tartan. Alba gu Brath. Saor Alba
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