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> Asylum Seekers Face Glasgow Exodus, Breakdown in government deal causes crisis
Old Sailor
post 15th Nov 2010, 10:19am
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Posts: 32
Joined: 9th Mar 2007
Member No.: 4,642
Scotland's histoy shows how badly it's people were treated by a tyranical monarch and elitist Clan Chiefs, then ultimately rounded up, transported into slavery to colonize the plantations of Glasgow's rich tobacco lords. Scotland is one country that should pay more than lip service to the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The mixed ethnicity of a community is an asset to cherish not just for philosophical reasons but because we made a commitmant in WW2, when our brave men and women, my comrades, fought and died in battles to preserve a safe haven for all peoples. I now live in Canada where a mosaic of races and cultures survive, many who came seeking asylum, but I fought for five years under a British flag and assured safety to all. Are we to replace the tyrant by unsettling the people to whom we offered help, if we are then you are betraying the principles we once acclaimed, and as a Veteran you are betraying me.
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post 15th Nov 2010, 10:30am
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Lord Provost
Posts: 314
Joined: 29th Jul 2003
From: Whiteinch
Member No.: 128
Surely the point of this is that they are "Asylum Seekers" and therefore haven't yet been given Asylum? We don't know how many of these people really need asylum or are just Financial Asylum Seekers. Surely Charity begins at home? As a disabled ex Serviceman, in Winter, I often have to choose between eating and heating, so for me to hear no complaints about that but an uproar about "Asylum Seekers" and that the Government is increasing international aid to Middle Eastern Countries that are training and Funding the Terrorists killing people all over the World, is a real slap in the Face. I'm almost being treated as a criminal by the Benefits Agency's (and I know of Many others in the same position) and no one complains, but when they want to move a couple of "Asylum Seekers" to another part of Scotland there is a Public outcry. Thanks guys.
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post 15th Nov 2010, 11:21am
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,734
Joined: 26th Jan 2010
Member No.: 8,059
Locating so many asylum seekers in Glasgow - and usually in the less well off parts of Glasgow - was a mistake from the beginning. In many instances it has created what are virtually modern ghettoes. Not far from where I live, there are several blocks of multi-storey flats which have been used to house asylum seekers. Some of the blocks now have no local residents at all, but are filled entirely with asylum seekers. This is not a good idea in an area which already has many social problems. The inevitable result is that many local people feel unhappy - to put it mildly - with the situation.

I have no doubt that many asylum seekers are genuinely fleeing from opression of one form or another, but why should the ordinary citizen of Glasgow, or any other Scottish city, shoulder the burden of catering to their needs? The decision to accept asylum seekers is one taken by central government, and central government should be funding whatever measures it deems necessary, not the local council taxpayer.

I have an idea. Most genuine asylum seekers are here because of opression in their own countries, mostly because of civil wars, or megalomaniac dictators. To carry on a civil war or a career as a dictator, you need things like guns, tanks, aeroplanes, etc. Why don't we just stop selling arms to the regimes which are doing the opressing, or tax the armaments manufacturers to pay for the asylum seekers?

Derea derego fortibus es in aro
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post 15th Nov 2010, 11:22am
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Posts: 23
Joined: 28th Jan 2008
Member No.: 5,346
QUOTE (Jazzsaxman @ 15th Nov 2010, 02:28am) *
The votes say what the majority think.

As every politician knows you manipulate the question to get the answer you want. I don't accuse GG of manipulation in this case, rather an absence of forethought in framing the question.

If Jazzsaxman is referring to a No vote for increasing the amount of money he may find a lot of support for better management of the funding. If this is shorthand for get rid of the asylum seekers - that's quite another matter. Glasgow, having decided to take the Queen's Shilling owes a duty of care which I think they still want to exercise.

The villain of the piece is the UK Border Agency whose actions presumably have political blessing. Anyone who has had dealings with this bunch will have tales of crass management of eg. student visas, citizenship applications. There are no votes in asylum seekers.
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post 15th Nov 2010, 11:56am
Post #20

I to feel sorry for people who are being mistreated in their native country,and are looking for some safety in their's and their families lives. But I also feel an empathy with the working class in my own country people who have worked from the day they left school and payed into the system all their working lives. Now the goverment want these people to work longer, I have worked for 38 years and due to circumstances with a family member I had to give up working after 38 years to care for her. I do not have any objections to a person working over their pensionable date but it must be a voluntary and not be forced on them by a goverment that in my mind has lost the place. They are punishing the people who have payed in for a better life when their working days are over, why do the puplic in this country have to take the blame for goverments in the past and present. Only one section of the people have let this country down and that's the ones that where put in a postion to look after and protect their people. We have a foreign policy of aid to payout to others (I do not object to) but only if our own people are looked after first, we have people of our own who have never worked, but have drawn money from the state, and I do not mean the people who legitimately have a reason why they cannot work. Instead of bringing in a foreign work force get the people who have never worked and are able to, out into the community and earn and pay back into their country. We as a country must start looking after our own before we look after others.
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post 15th Nov 2010, 12:58pm
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Posts: 8
Joined: 28th Jan 2009
Member No.: 6,466
I have to agree with jcjamieson. I must ask the question, will I be able to adhere to my traditional way of life in 10 - 20 years time or will I end up as a second class citizen in my own country?
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post 15th Nov 2010, 01:40pm
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Posts: 1
Joined: 14th Jan 2010
Member No.: 7,985
Hopefully they will cut ALLthe funding so they will ALL have to leave.....start giving help to our own poor people insted of others
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Ann Reilly
post 15th Nov 2010, 01:48pm
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Posts: 1
Joined: 5th Nov 2010
Member No.: 9,191
Up to 1300 asylum seekers currently resident in Glasgow could be forced to leave the city as early as this week after the UK Border Agency (UKBA) said it would no longer pay Glasgow City Council to house them. The dramatic move follows a breakdown in the deal, currently worth almost 10m annually, which saw Glasgow take tens of thousands of asylum seekers since 2000 under the UK Government's asylum dispersal scheme. ...
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post 15th Nov 2010, 02:04pm
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Posts: 28
Joined: 17th Jul 2010
Member No.: 8,707
birmingham have cancelled there agreement as well, aye its a shame for a lot of asylum seekers, but you can be sure many of them are just playing the system and couldnt care less if they were in glasgow doncaster cardiff or belfast, as long as they were getting housed and fed, I moved to london 37 years ago and when we moved into our council flat there were no immigrants, couple of years later a family from pakistan moved opposite us, they done their best to integrate and got along with all the neighbours, over the last 15 years the estate has just about been taken over with immigrants/asylum seekers, who dont want to integrate, this is where it goes wrong, instead of spreading them about the council put them altogether and the place eventually becomes a ghetto, not just a ghetto but a filthy ghetto, as one of the comments said earlier, charity SHOULD begin at home
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Alex Saville
post 15th Nov 2010, 02:54pm
Post #25

City Key Holder
Posts: 629
Joined: 27th Jan 2006
From: Glasgow Scotland
Member No.: 2,890
This is another issue that has been buried for far to long.
As a Springburn (And Glasgow) resident, I am not supportive of Asylum Seeker's, and of those who have failed in their application, Illegal Immigrants.
I have nothing against them a individuals, collectively, however, there are far too many of them.
There are many local issues about this subject.
There is a shortage of social housing, for example. Local people and their grown up family should have first call on any spare housing, not asylum seekers.
My doctor moved from the health centre to Fernbank St, got financial assistance from the Labour Scottish Government when they were in power and employed two more doctors to look after Asylum Seekers.
If I want to see the doctor, I have to take a day off work and lose a days pay as the practice does not open at night or a Saturday morning to accomodate local working people.
That makes me a second class citizen in my own country.
At the last general election, I spoke to Willie Bain about the subject.
His view was that a method of quickening up the asylum procedure's was needed.
I disagree!
What is needed is the door shut tight and ONLY applications from OUTSIDE the UK to be processed.
Why should the UK taxpayer fund asylum applications?
And why should the same taxpayer's pay for years of appeals by illegal immigrants at the behest of the politically correct, making lawyers rich at our expense?
Recently in Tesco St Rollox I watched as two of these individuals paid for A) 50 for a phone top-up, (B 80 for a gift card, with cards provided by the UK taxpayer.
Truly this is the land of opportunity, but not for us working folks!
As for vunerable members of our society, we have plenty of the home grown variety. Consideration & respect, by the politically correct and their hangers-on, towards the local community is sadly lacking.
John Reid, the former MP & Labour Government Minister, said it was not racist to discuss immigration. Therefore, logically, it is not racist to discuss Asylum Seekers and Illegal Immigrant's.
The politically correct, in the shape of Robina Qureshi of Positive Action on Housing, would have it otherwise, of course. She runs an organisation where positive action is detrimental to locals looking for housing.
No doubt she also gets handouts from Council Tax payers and UK taxpayers to operate her anti local housing policies.
Finally, the poll says it all!


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post 15th Nov 2010, 03:41pm
Post #26

Lord Provost
Posts: 313
Joined: 9th Nov 2010
Member No.: 9,205
Gamu would be typical of people seeking to stay here under asylum. She may very well be a great singer who was ejected from X factor on visa irregularities but because she can sing is no right for her to claim asylum.

Her lawyer and Gamu told how their was a bullet waiting for her back in Zimbabwe if she was refused leave to stay in Britain. She didn't worry about bullets as she had previously returned on holiday. It shows that we are prone to sob stories. We are told these are some of the most vulnerable people fleeing persecution. Surely you would stop where you felt safe in neighbouring countries instead of fleeing thousands upon thousands of miles where you can get a free life for free.
Some of these people may be vulnerable but a lot of them won't be vulnerable, they instantly know to claim asylum, lose any identification and all rules of engagement with border officers.

They are here because they know they will get everything before the vulnerable people born and bred here and who worked all their lives.
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Elizabeth H
post 15th Nov 2010, 04:11pm
Post #27

Settling In
Posts: 10
Joined: 7th Apr 2008
Member No.: 5,577
The Scottish Government must have know this was coming well in advance, and it is a bit late now when an awful lot of the Asylum Seekers are either married to or have children born in this country who are by rights Scottish. and entitled to be protected by scottish law. I am not altogether in favour of "Asylum Seekers rights", but there are some very decent people amongst them who do need help away from their own country; by the same token we have people born and bred in this country who should be shipped out as they are nothing but wasters, who contribute nothing to Scotland, and think it is their right that decent people should go out and work to keep them.

It would be interesting to see how they would react if told pack your bags we are not paying for the roof over your head any longer; or you will need to assist the Government by doing whatever job we allocate to you.

Whatever decision is made will affect us all, as it is obvious to all in Scotland that something has to give, the situation is really bad, with decent people losing jobs, businesses closing down, and having to have financial help from families and friends to feed and cloth their children. How can we expect to continue to keep people from another countries here when we are in such a mess ourselves.
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post 15th Nov 2010, 04:13pm
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Special Visitor
Posts: 69
Joined: 3rd May 2004
From: Sunny Priesthill by the Sea
Member No.: 1,122
I'm sorry but asylum seekers were the 'flavour of the month' for many councils in Britain, simply because they got Government cash, to upgrade and modernise housing stock that would have been demolished as 'unusable'.
At the same time Social services departments moved into the 'lucrative' scene moving staff and cash from drug and alcohol abuse, into this new 'trendy problem'.
Yes we all bent over backwords to accomodate refugees who arrived at our shores, from troubled countries, but quickly began to see a whole picture developing that was not as we had been informed.
I was never great at geography but I do know that in order to get to GB then on to Scotland, you must pass through other Euro States, whose customs are the same as ours and should have stopped many before they got here.....but this did not happen.
Most arrive legally and are offered support from the Government, pending case assessments, some simply dissapear into the mist, and others arriving illegally work in shops and stores hidden by fellow countrymen, who abuse them.
All this we know......
But to start a dialogue about someone who appeared in the X Factor as 'more worthy. than the next person, beggars belief.....!
In order to fully accomodate all the various cultures, every effort is made to allow them to follow their own religions, special schools are opened, culture centres are opened....and 'support agencies' buzz around looking for 'problem families'.
OK....but these people isolate themselves from us by refusing to learn to speak any English, and cause bigger problems by demanding more and more separatist lifestyles in legal cases, religious culture, clothing and acceptable behaviour from GB residents that they themselves refuse on ethnic and religious grounds.
This is a country that can only absorb so much, before the GB that we know, and the GB that these people came here for........will go the way of the dodo.....Time to step back and smell what the politicians and support agencies are shovelling.....!
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post 15th Nov 2010, 06:27pm
Post #29

Lord Provost
Posts: 313
Joined: 9th Nov 2010
Member No.: 9,205
QUOTE (bigdrew @ 15th Nov 2010, 03:59pm) *
... But to start a dialogue about someone who appeared in the X Factor as 'more worthy. than the next person, beggars belief.....!

I certainly did not give that as someone more worthy, I gave it as an example of the 'Vulnerable people' So vulnerable that she and her lawyer both claimed there was a bullet with her name on it and she would be shot with that bullet if they were to return home to Zimbabwe. She was so worried by such a scenario that this vulnerable person went home on holiday on different occasions.

What beggars belief is that so much taxpayer's money can be abused to keep these chancers in so many last chance saloons. No matter how often their appeal is rejected there is always another taxpayer funded avenue for them to travel and the only direction they don't travel is home.
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post 15th Nov 2010, 07:01pm
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Posts: 6
Joined: 9th Mar 2008
From: Johannesburg, South Africa
Member No.: 5,471
If these people are genuine asylum seekers, they have already been through a great deal of hardship in their own countries which motivated them to try to make a better life for them elsewhere. I feel particularly sorry for the children who will be uprooted from their schools at a moment's notice and sent on somewhere else. It is difficult enough to settle in a strange country without being shoved from pillar to post.

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