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> Councillor Plans To Axe Children's Fruit, Blow to health and wellbeing in Glasgow
post 29th Aug 2010, 11:25am
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Posts: 9,121
Joined: 25th Jul 2003
From: Glasgow
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Maggie Thatcher took their milk. Now, a senior councillor at Glasgow City Council intends to take fresh fruit out of the mouths of the city's youngest children. Gordon Matheson, the man who replaced Steven Purcell as leader of the country's biggest council, has announced that he plans to take the 'tough' decision of removing regular free fruit for primary school children.

The fresh fruit initiative was launched for youngsters in Glasgow schools almost a decade ago and has proved highly popular, with health professionals claiming that the scheme has been helping address the problems caused by the poor diet of Glasgow children.

Research has consistently found that giving young children fruit early in their lives leads to long-term improvements in nutritional intake, bringing long-lasting health and wellbeing benefits. The council itself claims that the initiative boosts energy levels in children, meaning they will "perform better in class".

The move to cut free fresh fruit from children's diets is expected to save the council 1.8million from a gross service expenditure budget of 2.5billion.

The 'Fruit Plus' programme is highlighted on the council website:
All primary school pupils in Glasgow get free, fresh fruit every school day.

The different types of fruit you might be given includes apples, oranges, grapes, bananas and pears.

Not only does it taste great but it is also really good for you. Fruit can boost your memory meaning your performance will improve in class. It also gives you lots of vitamins helping you to stay fit and stopping you from getting ill.

Announcing the plan for the cut, which directly contradicts one the council's key spending priorities of "improving health and wellbeing", Councillor Matheson said:
What we will do is ensure the quality of teaching and learning in Glasgow is protected.

Writing in the Glasgow Guide guestbook shortly after the proposed cut was announced in the Evening Times, a concerned visitor wrote:
I wish to hear from Councillor Matheson on his reason to cut giving out fruit to primary school children.

He must have saved a tenner! Why not cut out the free drinks and food to councillors and ex-councillors. That would save Glasgow at least 2 million a year!

They have large pensions as well, which should be reduced !

Earlier this month, senior councillors were criticised for spending thousands of pounds on entertaining politicians and business contacts at the Glasgow Show. During the event, invited councillors, MSPs, other guests and their families were treated to complimentary alcohol and food.

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big tommy
post 29th Aug 2010, 12:20pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,363
Joined: 23rd Aug 2005
From: Bishopbriggs, Glasgow
Member No.: 2,304
AS usual it is the ones who need things most who will suffer .It is an easy option to deprive children of needed help.
It has got to be stopped at ALL costs.
Surely it is wrong to take food out of our childrens mouths

ah try ma best
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George Brown
post 29th Aug 2010, 01:11pm
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Posts: 23
Joined: 30th Nov 2003
Member No.: 676
Surely the provision of fruit is an education itself, pupils who wouldn't normally, can sample, touch, taste and smell varieties of fruit otherwise related to in pictures and appreciate that there is more to life than the traditional jeelly piece and sweeties.

My grand daughter has been fortunate that, although she got fruit whilst in primary school I was able to grow some fruit and vegetables as well as taking her to pick apples from a tree, prior to that revelation she was under the impression that they just came from a shop.

Margaret Thatcher was responsible for igniting political interest in my daughter at an early age, when school milk was stopped my daughter never forgave her nor the policies she represented, and after all these years has never changed.
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post 29th Aug 2010, 01:39pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 11,250
Joined: 23rd Nov 2003
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Member No.: 664
A typical Council decision to take from the poorest children. mad.gif

It would save more money if they cut the Quango's and the money they pay themselves to sit in on them lining their own pockets.
They could also cut some of their travels to see how another Country does what so ever.

Heather.......I'm tartan. Alba gu Brath. Saor Alba
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Rob Rattray
post 29th Aug 2010, 01:40pm
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Posts: 39
Joined: 18th Dec 2009
From: Wondai, Queensland, Australia
Member No.: 7,864
Totally agree with George Brown's statement, and as far as gear Mr Matheson [can think of more befitting names that would NOT be becoming on this forum] is concerned; just because he did not have fruit available to him in his younger days at school, if he WAS schooled at all i.e., that has nothing to do with today! A better thought would be to curtail these pollies 'fringe' benefits which would save the Council absolute millions - most aren't worth a pinch o' salt anyway!

God Bless

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post 29th Aug 2010, 02:13pm
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Super Lord Provost
Posts: 446
Joined: 1st Apr 2010
From: South of Durban, South Africa
Member No.: 8,349
But did he have milk? This story really makes me sad. Some children don't get fruit at home and grow up passing this onto their children. Some children don't get breakfast and this fruit is possibly the only bit of real nourishment they will get. Are there still free dinners for those in need?. I remember from our school days (long ago) how much some children benefited from our wee bottle of milk.These same fatcats have big expense accounts paid by the taxpayers. How do they have the guts to bill something like this.
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post 29th Aug 2010, 03:05pm
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Posts: 21
Joined: 6th Jun 2008
Member No.: 5,756
Papers to-day say the EU are involved as the Scottish Parliament got the cash (or were about to ) from them. Only Westminster say they would dock 3/4 of that money as they have to pay the EU for the SP borrowing it or have I read it all wrong Looks to me as if we are not allowed anything good from Westminster and there goes another two faced article joining the Lords
Are they all in it for the celebrety (sp)
years ago I remember St Pauls Provanmill aquiring fruit cheaply for the residents of that area and thought then "Great Idea" .......

Adding to the ire if I see another smarmy photograph of that child with her muling pewking father I'll throw up Many other babies were born at the same time .....gies a brek
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post 29th Aug 2010, 03:06pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,734
Joined: 26th Jan 2010
Member No.: 8,059
Now, be reasonable - no-one can expect our councillors to abolish their own perks. That would make being a councillor unattractive and discourage people of the present high calibre from standing in future. Aye, ye're right - ah am kiddin. biggrin.gif

Not only are Glasgow Council depriving kids of their fruit, but they have started charging 20 for the disabled Blue Badge, which was previously issued free. I sent an email to my councillor - "Guess who won't be voting for you next election?"

Derea derego fortibus es in aro
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post 29th Aug 2010, 04:18pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 4,104
Joined: 27th Oct 2009
From: Home in the`burbs.
Member No.: 7,675
I think it is a sad day when this sort of thing is announced and hope that it doesnt take place but as I said a few months ago things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better.Looking at the big picture it would appear that there is such a massive budget deficit throughout the country that savings will have to be made.The well has run dry.
Ive just had a chat with a lady who does the milk and fruit order at a Glasgow school and she says the amount of wastage is incredible. Many kids have an aversion to fruit and milk ,especially milk as it isnt fizzy and out a plastic bottle.
As regarding kids missing out I would suggest to parents that fruit isnt that expensive and is a small price to pay towards their kids wellbeing.
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**Harry Greenwood**
post 29th Aug 2010, 05:13pm
Post #10

Should such a edict ben presented to any Council here in Canada, the mothers' of all affected would be occupying the Council Chambers en-masse'! Do the residents of Glasgow require assistance in Community organizing?
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post 29th Aug 2010, 05:51pm
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Posts: 8
Joined: 7th Oct 2009
Member No.: 7,572
What a pity.

I know I'm not A Scot, but my wife's families all live in Glasgow, but I do know politicians and Government and the UK's leadership is too much acting like ours.

Said it before in the seventies and now, the UK governments are too much influenced by the leadership of Washington, D.C.

Hell, I thought Thatcher and Reagan, well you all get my drift.

Try and vote these idiots out of office, we will try in November to get rid of ours.

Stop this global New World Order, fruit distribution end is just a view into what you all are in for.

The Virginian
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post 29th Aug 2010, 06:08pm
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 4,104
Joined: 27th Oct 2009
From: Home in the`burbs.
Member No.: 7,675
Clyderunner in the 70s there was but one Government in the UK.
Now Scotland has its own Government and it makes decisions in a place called Holyrood not by kowtowing to any foreign governments.
This Government is doing its best in the circumstances to balance the books.The proposal to end the fruit distribution is a foretaste of what is to come.You are correct in that assertion.
Just a shame that the financial regulators in the US didnt have a greater grip on the likes of Fanny Mae/Freddie Mac et al.Then we and the rest of the planet might not have slipped into this financial meltdown.
Who exactly are the idiots you are urging to be voted out of office?
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post 29th Aug 2010, 07:19pm
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Super Resident
Posts: 171
Joined: 21st Aug 2010
Member No.: 8,874
What I cant understand is why they appear not to realise that by giving the children fruit now it encourages them to have a healthier eating life style for the future, which in return means better health so less money is spent on healing aliments. I also think they should reinstate free milk for all primary school children throughout the UK. This would give them an even better start, we to to make positive investment in our children to ensure a better future for the country, they are our future after all, so come on all you councillors and MP's start at the foundations.

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post 29th Aug 2010, 07:23pm
Post #14

Typical of people in high places take from the kids then they can have cream douhnuts instead of plain ones.

But lets be reasonable what test have been carried out to check wastage and are the children allowed to refuse if they are intolerant to fresh food we need a breakdown of facts and figures to give a reasonable assess of the whole thing.
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post 29th Aug 2010, 08:08pm
Post #15

QUOTE (*Waverley* @ 29th Aug 2010, 08:25pm) *
Typical of people in high places take from the kids then they can have cream douhnuts instead of plain ones.

But lets be reasonable what test have been carried out to check wastage and are the children allowed to refuse if they are intolerant to fresh food we need a breakdown of facts and figures to give a reasonable assess of the whole thing.

The corruption, theft and incompetence that is going on in Britain today is utterly disgusting, the more these creatures cut back and take from the working man, the more they can thieve from the taxpayer for their expenses, every last corrupt pieces of scum should be fired without golden handshakes and large pensions, kick them out on the street, better still send them to Afghanistan to walk in front of the trucks when our troops are on patrol.
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