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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Betsy2009 Posted 3rd Sep 2016, 02:02pm
  A tiny bit extreme perhaps ..?

''A 31-year-old man was shot and killed outside of a North Las Vegas McDonald’s, reportedly after getting into an argument with a woman for not holding open the door for her, KSNV reports.

According to the report, Mohammad Robinson got into an argument with a woman who was upset that the door to the McDonald’s was not being held open for her. The woman reportedly went and notified a man she was with about the incident, and that man pulled out a firearm and fatally wounded the 31-year-old father.

“It was a stupid reason honestly, irrelevant. It doesn’t make any sense why would you actually take someone’s life over not opening a door,” Robinson’s 14-year-old daughter Miniya Sampson told the news station. “It’s horrible. I want my dad back and you took him away from me!”

Robinson’s best friend reportedly witnessed the shooting, Sampson said.

Police are looking for the suspect, the station notes, and are hoping that surveillance footage from the McDonald’s will give some leads.''
glasgow lass Posted 22nd Jun 2008, 05:29pm
  I am firm believer in setting rules and bounderies for kids, I feel that it gives them a really good safety net for their own feelings and emotions, Im also a firm believer that the time should fit the crime and Ive seen lots of parents dish out hard punishment to small children ,one incident was when the kids on our street were abou six, they had been told not to leave the street,,,,well guess whit they did , aye'yir right they all decided to go for a walk to the store by themselves , when they aw came strolling back wae ther popcycles drippin doon their chins wae the heat , they all got grownded , my own for about two hrs and a promise from that he would not wonder off again so I felt that he had had enough time to think about what he did and away he went to play whith the rest of the naughty wee bhoys, sad thing is one mother kept her son in the house for a hole week and put him in a room were he could see all of the other kids out playing,,,a cruel wummin aha thought! So to me its no wonder that some kids become very rebellious.
Melody Posted 22nd Jun 2008, 05:18pm
  Me too Isobel I wouldn't like to be bringing up small children today. No wonder there are so many problems. I must admit I don't ever remember being hit in any way as a child and I grew up with a healthy respect and great love for my grandparents. I dare say I had my moments like any other child but we seemed to know the limits. The answer I feel regarding teaching love and respect lies in example. Children will mimic behaviour as you know, if they see respect shown to people around them in general they will follow suit. Not always maybe, but hopefully in most cases. smile.gif
Isobel Posted 22nd Jun 2008, 04:56pm
  Yes I agree with what you are saying Melody. My girls would never have behaved in that fashion I just would not have allowed it. However today is a totally different story I would hate to have any small children today. My niece who is a wonderful mother and I would say pretty strict with her two children,who incidentally are good kids, was told by her six year old last week , mom that's abuse and I can report you .God love him he has no idea, he is just saying what he is being taught at school. He was being punished for being snappy with his sister , Lynn took him by the arm firmly and led him to his room, told him to come out only when he was ready to apologize to his sister.Unfortunately it has really gotten out of hand today and parent are afraid to punish their own children.
What has the world come to .No wonder parents are not getting the respect they deserve.
Melody Posted 22nd Jun 2008, 08:10am
  I know that this was originally speaking about please and thank you however, if we allow children to behave in this fashion we will reap what we sow and please and thank you will pale into insignificance I'm afraid.
maryhillgal Posted 21st Jun 2008, 09:21pm
  I am in full agreement with you Melody. My feeling is that bad behaviour should never be rewarded. If a child can't show respect to their Granny then what is the world coming to?
Melody Posted 21st Jun 2008, 06:46pm
  Behaviour such at this should certainly not be rewarded in my opinion. We are all citizens of the world and have to respect each other as best we can not least our own grandparents surely to goodness.
glasgow lass Posted 21st Jun 2008, 06:10pm
  Yes Melody, I would think so and hope so but at times thats not the way it is in my opinion, who knows what triggered the bad behavior in the first place, and at ten yrs old some childern still cant verbelize how they are feeling so they may act out by pushing and shoving another.
This conversation reminds me of a friend in Glasgow who's granny knew just what buttons to push to get a bad reaction out of her granddaughter , and then my friend would be in trouble for talking back and even pushing her granny ,and we were about the same age , ten or eleven
I really hate comments such as ,,,, Will you grow up ,or Will you act your age, so I feel that kids get mixed messages at times.
Of course Im not saying what he did was right , who knows what provokes bad behavior.
Java Posted 21st Jun 2008, 05:08pm
  Ah'm trying to imagine any scenario where at ten years old, having pulled or leant on my granny she would have rewarded me with a cake. Ah would have been lifted right the force of her hand on my rear end...huh.gif

I hate bad manners....huge gripe is holding a door open for someone and they walk through without a word...
Melody Posted 21st Jun 2008, 04:16pm
  I know what your saying Glasgow Lass and I've done the same myself with my children as infants however, do you not think that a child of around ten years should have been taught some respect for his grandmother? Or I am being old fashioned?
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