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  Replying to Local Elections 2017
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
john.mcn Posted 12th Sep 2017, 08:25pm

Oh well, it seems that nepotism, cronyism or jobs for the 'boys' is perfectly fine for some as long as it is the SNP doing it...

maybe this could have something to do with the SNP not doing very well in the 2 by elections last week. Despite one of their candidates getting returned after the first vote in Cardonald they could not take the seat in the by election after the death of the labour candidate (elected previously at stage 9).
The other by election was in Fortissat in North Lanarkshire which labour won and the SNP came third after a new party called 'A Better Britain – Unionist Party'
john.mcn Posted 9th Sep 2017, 02:56pm


john.mcn Posted 8th Sep 2017, 05:17pm
  It is disgusting DJ, if I'm honest then i will also add that I am surprised because did they not campaign on a ticket for change?

Those of us here long enough will remember of course something similar happened with the previous administration, back then it was an ex MSP who lost his post in the 2011 election. The story is remarkably similar in that the job was advertised and there was an interview process yet at the end of it the Labour ex politician Tom McCabe walked into a tax funded position in a labour council. We discussed it back then in 2012 and you can see from some of the comments back then pretty much everyone knew something was not right, it's strange then that there does not seem to be the same condemnation from some quarters, surely its not because it's OK when the SNP are the 'culprits' in the story.
Take this post
QUOTE (JAGZ1876 @ 21st Jul 2012, 01:08pm) *
The people of Glasgow voted for no change, that's exactly what their getting.

The people of Glasgow voted for change this time but got pretty much who they kicked out of office.

Even better is this one
QUOTE (JAGZ1876 @ 21st Jul 2012, 05:26pm) *
I am making a point Jupiter, and the point is that the people who voted Labour back into power (i know you didn't Mary) knew exactly what they were getting in return, party and self interest first public second, Bullish and threatening behaviour, nepotism and of course the current debate Cronyism.

The ex Labour minister Tom McCabe got interviewed for the job as policy advisor to Land and Environmental services in Glasgow City Council, a job that pays a salary of almost 50,000, a job that he was awarded less than 24 hours after being interviewed, a job that's supposed to be non-political, will he be able to put the interests of the people of Glasgow before the interests of the Labour party?

Jobs for the boys.....You bet, but if the council can prove that this was all above board and that the post was advertised and how many other applicants were interviewed, then i shall eat humble pie and apologise on this board

If it's Labour cronyism and jobs for the boys, surely those same criticisms can be aimed at the SNP.

Back then the SNP called for an independent inquiry to investigate this position being awarded I would hope that they back an independent body check that this post was not awarded on a wink and nudge

Dykejumper Posted 8th Sep 2017, 11:18am
  Disgusting, but then all parties are the same,the one thing politicians are good at is looking after
themselves and their associates.
john.mcn Posted 7th Sep 2017, 11:50pm
  Thats a bit of coincidence isn't it. SNP wins control of council, cracking tax payer funded job becomes available and after advertising and a rigorous interview process the winning candidate just happens to be best buds with the new SNP council leader and a former SNP councillor. No cronyism or jobs for the boys, just one big massive coincidence...

SNP leader of Scotland's largest council in cronyism row

GLASGOW’S new SNP leader is at the centre of a “jobs for the boys” row after the partner of a close friend and former employer was given a key job in her office.

City Council boss Susan Aitken is facing questions after naming Duncan McLean, partner of Holyrood deputy presiding officer Linda Fabiani, as her 38,000-a-year policy officer.

Mr McLean, 64, a former housing association worker and failed SNP council candidate, is due to start work in the leader’s office later this month.

Until recently, he was the secretary of the SNP in Ms Fabiani’s East Kilbride constituency.

Although the policy officer post was openly advertised and candidates sifted by officials, it is understood Ms Aitken had a personal say in the final choice of Mr McLean.

Ms Aitken and Ms Fabiani are long-term friends and have a previous financial relationship.

Parliamentary records show that between 2009 and 2011, Ms Fabiani hired Ms Aitken as a 250-a-day contractor to work for her on matters related to her role as an MSP.

Ms Aitken was paid 12,750 from public funds for 51 days’ work.

In the run up to May’s local election, Ms Aitken suggested voters were “disgusted” by the then Labour administration’s “cronyism and abuse of power”.

She said the SNP would “throw open the doors of the City Chambers, and bring transparency, openness and accessibility to Glasgow’s democratic life”.

In recent years, Mr McLean has worked for a series of SNP politicians, including Kilmarnock MSP Willie Coffey and former East Renfrewshire MP Kirsten Oswald.

Council sources said Mr McLean’s background in social housing had been a factor in his hiring, however Glasgow got rid of all its social housing in a stock transfer in 2003.

In August 2015, Ms Aitken chaired the endorsement meeting for Ms Fabiani as the SNP’s Holyrood candidate in East Kilbride, sitting next to Mr McLean at the top table.

She tweeted: “Why would you pick anyone else?!”

In another tweet, she said: “I loved @LindaFabianiSNP long before it was all the rage, you know.”

Ms Aitken has been a councillor for Langside since 2012, and SNP group leader since 2014.

Mr McLean stood unsuccessfully as an SNP council candidate in South Lanarkshire in 2012.

A Labour source said: "This process looks like jobs for the boys.

Glasgow City Council isn't a social landlord, so the argument that the leader’s top policy guru needs to be a housing expert is tissue paper thin.

“The shine is coming off the Nationalists in Glasgow pretty quickly."

A council spokesman said: “The post was publicly advertised and a suitably-qualified candidate was appointed after a competitive interview process.”

Within weeks of the SNP forming the minority administration in Glasgow in May, the council advertised for a policy officer and principal policy officer to work in Ms Aitken’s office.

The online advert for the policy officer post filled by Mr McLean said it would pay between 32,333 and 38,043 for 35 hours a week.

The job description said candidates “should have a good understanding of the complex socio-economic issues affecting Glasgow” and be “expected to make recommendations for the improvement and management of policy implementation”.

According to a candidate profile of him posted on Ms Fabiani’s website at the time, Mr McLean has been a member of East Kilbride for 15 years and had worked in housing and regeneration for more than 20 years, and was still a “consultant” in that field.

After the 2012 local elections, the Labour administration in Glasgow was involved in a similar “jobs for the boys” row after the late Tom McCabe was hired as a council policy officer.

The former Labour MSP got a 50,000-a-year post in environmental services division after losing his Hamilton seat to the SNP in 2011.

The appointment was queried at the time by SNP MSP James Dornan.
john.mcn Posted 21st May 2017, 02:25pm

If you mean who is referred to as 'wee dug' or 'the dug' then the wee dug is the wee ginger dug blog written by a Mr Paul Kavanagh, the dug has been used towards Labour's leader in Scotland Kezia Dugdale.
Billy Boil Posted 21st May 2017, 10:48am
QUOTE (john.mcn @ 19th May 2017, 06:37pm) *
The 'Wee Nic' phrase I have been using for a couple of years and there is no demeaning underlying message in its use, it strangely only became a problem for some when I started to criticise SNP policy . I accept that the trigger warning is childish but then so is the crap directed towards myself, when members here have been met with all sorts of abuse from his mate to then object to the word wee while he stays silent on the rest is a bloody joke.

"Whose wee dug???"
bilbo.s Posted 19th May 2017, 07:04pm
  As you seem determined to have the last word on everything, I think it only fair that you cut to the chase and give some indication of when that might be. laugh.gif

This would save a lot of time, as I have other paella to cook, but I should hate to miss the event.
john.mcn Posted 19th May 2017, 06:37pm
QUOTE (Billy Boil @ 18th May 2017, 04:44am) *
Wee Nic! is that a "TRIGGER POINT" or mere childish disparaging.

The 'Wee Nic' phrase I have been using for a couple of years and there is no demeaning underlying message in its use, it strangely only became a problem for some when I started to criticise SNP policy . I accept that the trigger warning is childish but then so is the crap directed towards myself, when members here have been met with all sorts of abuse from his mate to then object to the word wee while he stays silent on the rest is a bloody joke.
Billy BOIL Posted 19th May 2017, 09:38am
QUOTE (bilbo.s @ 12th May 2017, 06:48pm) *
Boy, the imagery gets more colourful by the day. Not quite Nobel or Pulitzer Prizes, more Spillane.

Comeon Jimmy. Mickey Spillane wis articulate an' could tell a' guid story!
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