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Rules & Cookies
GG Board: Board Rules

General Posting Rules and Advice

Here's some general points of advice to consider when posting on all boards:
  • Do not post messages which are racist, sexist, homophobic, sectarian, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable.
  • Do not post messages which contain swear words or other language likely to offend.
  • Do not post messages which break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity.
  • Do not make insulting or inflammatory statements to other members of the GG boards. Be respectful of other s ideas.
  • Do not post details of your personal circumstances, unless you expect these to be commented on and do not post details of phone numbers, postal or email addresses.
  • Do not make spurious accusations.
  • Do no type in ALL CAPS in subject headings and within posts.
  • Be descriptive, specific, and concise.
  • Think twice when replying if you are emotional as you are typing your message, as you will probably come across that way. Before you post your message, stop and think.
  • Always Preview and re-read your message before you post it. You can catch spelling and grammar errors, as well as have a better chance to see how your message reads from another person's point of view.
  • It is easy to misunderstand someone's words in a written forum such as this. Rather than jumping to conclusions about what they mean, try to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Do not post messages in which you say that this will be your last post in a particular topic. In this case, do not post all.
  • Do not make pseudo-pedantic comments about spelling and/or grammar in another member's post.
  • Finally, do not antagonise the administrator (GG), who is contributing huge amounts of time (and quite a bit of money) to the board on a purely voluntary basis.
Additional 'On-Topic' Boards Rules and Advice

Please note that in the boards which are designated as 'On-Topic' or [OT] boards, the following guidelines (in addition to those listed above) must be observed at all times:
  • All posts must be related to the general context of the original, first post.
  • Replies should be mature and respectful, and seek to further the nature of the discourse.
  • Only post if you are making a positive and constructive contribution to the discussion.
Also note that on [OT] Boards you should NOT:
  • Deviate from the general context of the original post. (Such posts are, of course allowed, but these should be as new topics in themselves.)
  • Post welcome and/or good wishes messages to senders. (This is best done as a PM, or in another topic.)
  • Post a message because you feel you should or want to -- this amounts to spam.
  • Attempt in any way to undermine the context and flow of the discussion.
  • Post a message simply agreeing/disagreeing with a previous post: each message should add to the debate (if you want to simply agree/disagree with someone you should do this with a PM).
Posts which do not follow the above guidelines will be subject to deletion and posters may have their posting rights withdrawn.

Additionally, do not post links to websites which contain unsuitable content; such sites contain content which is:
  • Offensive
  • Pornography & sexually explicit content
  • Text & images likely to offend most people
  • Hate sites (on grounds of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation)
  • Gratuitous violence
  • Unlawful
  • Condones or encourages unlawful acts
  • Breaches copyright law or encourage others to do so (eg: peer-to-peer music sites, illegal downloads of software & games, etc)
  • Defamation and contempt of court
  • Hacking or other technical disruption to online services
  • Describes how to conduct an unlawful act (e.g. bomb-making, fraud etc)
  • Presents access or safety problems...
  • Pay-to-view or other subscription sites
  • Sites which initiate a download
  • Sites requiring obscure software 18+ sites (eg: gambling)
  • Foreign language sites with no English language version
  • Sites requiring registration before any content can be viewed
  • Lacks value...
  • Solely for-profit products and services (no editorial content)
  • Pay-to-list directories
  • Cascading sites (automatically launching numerous windows)
Thanks for reading this and I hope you will agree if we all follow these guidelines it should go a long way to ensuring that our Glasgow community continues to flourish.

Finally, by posting a message, PM or email using the board system, you acknowledge and confirm that you are taking full responsibility for the content and consequences of your post, PM or email.

GG Administrator.

Note that if you do not wish to receive emails from other members of these boards (other than the board administrator) then you should alter your options in your

'My Controls > Email Settings'

accordingly. The GG boards does not disclose your email address even if you choose not to select "Hide my email address from other members". If you choose not to select the phrase a member will be able to email you via a web form (hiding your email address), but will not know your address (unless, of course, you reply to the initial email sent via the form).


GG Board Cookies: Registered Members

Glasgow Guide Boards uses cookies (small text files) to allow you to create an account and enable you to move around the website and use its features. Without these cookies, you would not be able to login to the GG Boards.

You can remove these 'strictly necessary' cookies set by the boards by clicking the link called 'Delete cookies set by this board', which can be found near the bottom of the home page just above the board statistics section. Remember, though, that this will log you out of the boards - so make sure you know your username and password if you want to log in again.

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