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  Replying to Did Tories Kill 25,000 Glaswegians?
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Talisman Posted 18th May 2016, 09:06am
  This topic is going from the ridiculous to the hysterical. I am no admirer of Toraigdh their ethic or their outlook, but I draw the line at hysteria, partisan promotion of statistical research posing as objectivity. The post here could nominally be presented in the conspiracy theorists posts. I lived in poverty of a high degree in Scotland, a Labour dominated Scotland, a labour I supported, that at no time except for the "swinging sixties" when there was an overall raise in the standard of living in the U.K. did much to improve the lot of Glasgow and its' people.

Scotland is on record as having the highest heart attack rate in the E.U.; has the worst nutritional outcomes. One of the worst rates of alcoholism and a positive aversion to personal home ownership. There are many factors closer to home than the blame allotted to the English Tolleys. I had felt that, and still do that there will be no improvement until Scotland has control over it's own destiny.

Hanging around begging hand outs from the English Westminster rulers, be they Labour or Tory, is demeaning in the extreme.
GG Posted 15th May 2016, 08:40pm
UK government policies blamed for Glasgow effect on health

Government ‘social engineering’ policies are partly to blame for the so called Glasgow effect academic researchers have argued.

The Glasgow Centre for Population Health has issued a report showing that a focus on promoting new towns and relocating industry and skilled workers out form the city was a factor in leaving the population vulnerable to increasing poverty.

The report states that compared to similar English cities of Manchester and Liverpool, Glasgow has a higher early death rate that can be explained by socio economic problems.

It argues the weak city response also exacerbated the problem and “gentrification” and lack of housing investment left Glasgow in a worse position than comparable cities.

The report states the Scottish Office New Town programme from the 1950s onwards diverted resources from Glasgow

It stated: “These other areas became the key priority in terms of investment, and this policy was extended and expedited over the ensuing decades despite awareness of the negative consequences (both socioeconomic and also ultimately health-related) for Glasgow.”

Glasgow, it stated, differed from Manchester and Liverpool in having a larger slum clearance programme and more poorer quality inner city housing estates with greater emphasis on high rise developments.

It added, Glasgow had: “Crucially, much lower per capita investment in housing repairs and maintenance of the public housing stock.”

It said while Manchester’s response was to slow the changes and Liverpool’s to oppose them Glasgow prioritised “inner-city gentrification” and commercial development potentially exacerbated the damaging impacts of UK policy on what was already a vulnerable population.”

*Lesleywak* Posted 28th Oct 2015, 01:01am
  I would say the number of 25,000 Glaswegians dead because of the Tories has now increased substantially since this topic was started.

The quicker we are rid of the warped and perverted politics of the Westmonster regimes then the better for Glasgow and the whole of Scotland.
Talisman Posted 11th Aug 2015, 02:04pm
QUOTE (Jupiter @ 7th Aug 2015, 07:30am) *
Its a wonder the Tories even bother north of the border.

I remember a time when the S.N.P. were referred to as "The Tartan Tories" and had other similar soubriquets foisted upon them. Now the scare tactic is that they are going too far to the left. Left of what? Scottish Labour? The Tories interest in Scotland is largely confined to the estates of their absentee land lords, estates where their laws of trespass and talking of game still hold sway. North Sea oil was also a concern for them as this made a struggling Britain soluble in the eyes of their trading partners. ( and the "Gnomes of Zurich").

As for the Scottish people....... under Tories "they never had it so good". I seriously think my "Homeland" of Guvin missed out on that one somewhere.
Jupiter Posted 7th Aug 2015, 07:22am
  Its a wonder the Tories even bother north of the border.
GG Posted 6th Aug 2015, 11:11pm
  It's been a while, but as good a place as any to put this story.

The sad and lonely figure of Ruth Davidson, ringleader of the small, dwindling gaggle of Tories that still infest Scotland, has scampered away from Glasgow with her tail between her legs. Apparently, the second-rate list MSP has been told that she stands no chance of staying even a second-rate list MSP in Glasgow at the Holyrood elections next year. Davidson's hasty getaway to Edinburgh means that the Tories will not have a single elected representative in Glasgow, except the irrelevant David Meikle, who is fleetingly a Glasgow Tory city councillor sure to lose his seat at the next local council election.

wee davy Posted 10th Apr 2013, 04:23pm
  Oh, and campsie

Your admiration of IDS (son of a Group Captain) is commendable, considering he was an academic underachiever - wasn't averse to 'doctoring' his CV's after a distinctly inglorious 6yr term in the Scots Guards (obviously no leadership skills) and had a tough time getting a job because he had no qualifications.

His name, and background, allied to a shrewd choice of lady partner, it would appear got him into politics, where once again, his leadership skills (or lack of them) was found wanting.

He did not get paid for unemploment benefit, because he found a job in the qualifiying (26 week) period.
He has never known anything like poverty in his life. He says he was in tears after what he saw at Easterhouse, 'on a visit'. Perhaps he should have stayed a wee while.
wee davy Posted 10th Apr 2013, 03:36pm
  I have one thing to say to you, campsie - WHY ARE YOU NOT POSTING ON THE VARIOUS Independence threads?
Your a wee voice in the wilderness, in here, unless your willing to put your dukes up, and expound upon your arguments (which are clearly, in the NO camp for independence.
I think you ARE the person you say you are.
If you really DO care, enter into the fray.
As jagz would say, the board is crying out for alternative views - and although my own do conflict somewhat, we are not averse to your debate.

I'm sure you would agree its vitally important Scotland comes to the right conclusion.

regards, wee davy
Rab Posted 9th Apr 2013, 09:20pm
  Campsie: Was just clearing my chest of a bit of frustration about the state of politics (which I loathe, but tolerate - what else?) and wondered what some people expect of politicians. I honestly wonder about what will happen to my homeland in the coming few years. All the YES folk think it will be life-changing blah, blah, but they will be getting the same self-seeking heid-yins in Holyrood. I admit they are not all out the same mould but most are and they will fare no better than the present lot, wait and see. Mind you, I sincerely hope I am wrong! Now when did you ever hear a Politician say that - and mean it! thumbup.gif
campsie Posted 8th Apr 2013, 10:45pm
  Rab, i have read many of your posts and you strike me as a fair minded man, I like to think I am.....but sometimes people and their actions test me. I am sadden at the state our country is in, and like you I would not like to be the person trying to right all that is wrong with it. However what I find baffling and somewhat hypocritical is people who blame Margaret Thatcher for the dismantling of our industries and the closing of the pits but I would ask those same people how much blame do they lay at the door of the unions........because they have much to answer for. Did you know that they lost lots of money through buying works of art as investments for pension plans only to find themselves in negative equity. I remember Derek Hatton wearing designer suits having union meetings at top London hotels. The problem with this country is everyone wants the wrongs righted, but no one is prepared to work through a bumpy ride to achieve it. Ian Duncan Smith is the next best thing we have to Thatcher but only better, he is an honest man, done military service for this country and takes time to listen to ordinary people. He wasn't ready last time but he sure as hell is now, but those heinous vitriol ignorant people who verbally attacked his wife whilst she was having cancer treatment means he will not run for leadership to become PM, another golden opportunity for this country to regain it's backbone lost.
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