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  Replying to Ever Heard Of 'the Cheeky 40' ?
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
peter dunlop Posted 14th May 2017, 02:06am
QUOTE (George Gray @ 5th Aug 2010, 12:10pm) *

Just read you query (a wee bit late but better than never). I come from Greenock where the Cheeky 40 were the local thugs during the war. At that time the british and allied fleets were anchored at the tail of the bank and the cheeky 40 used to get into serious fights with the visiting sailors, using razors and knives. At some point a guy called "Wolf Docherty" I'm not sure if he was a member, but he killed a sailor with an axe and that caused all kinds of trouble. Wolf finally got away with the murder as a stupid policeman cleaned the axe before it went to court for evidence and hence the case was lost. Docherty died a long time later, but he was a real pain as he used to brag about it all the time, when he had a few beers.

Hope this help fill a gap or two.


George Gray

Guest Posted 9th May 2016, 08:46am
  My uncle was James Rose Reid Blair a member of the Cheeky Forty.
jackie b Posted 18th Jan 2014, 10:15pm
  Hiya pauline, yes my father was born in 1931 and I remember as a child him telling me he was in the cheeky 40's, he talked a lot about it when I was young I remember he had a pearl handle razor for years as you can guess I was not allowed to touch it ... lol don't know what happened to it he moved to England in 1959, had a stroke in 2000. Then sadly died in 2011 aged 80 ... so it did exist!! Don't know any names though sorry.
Rab Posted 24th Dec 2013, 12:39pm
  I've never heard of the 'Cheeky 40'. However, I have never forgotten the 'Cheeky Girls'! yes.gif laugh.gif
ryan cannon Posted 18th Dec 2013, 12:00am
  I'm looking to find out more about my granda, his name was lachlan galbraith or lachy, he was born 1933 and lived in greenock, was told he used to run about with the cheeky forty. Would really appreciate if anybody knows more or could help find oot more about him. His quote, bloom them all bar nancy, still dunno what it means? ... Ryan cannon
peter jay Posted 10th Oct 2012, 10:19pm
QUOTE (Paulines47 @ 4th Oct 2009, 10:54am) *
Thanks for the info GG.

I didn't realise that the 'cheeky 40' were as bad as that.....the name sort of implies a bunch of nippers just being naughty laugh.gif Having said that, my dad told us that they used to keep razor blades underneath the lapels of their jackets!!

I shall have a look at the links you've supplied, with great interest.

If there's anyone else with any stories or recollections, i'd love to hear from you.

Many thanks for the welcome.
Pauline ;]

hugh ferns Posted 22nd May 2012, 02:06am
  l had a visit from an old aunty at the weekend, she said that her and her pal used to go dancing in the greenock town hall and a member of the cheeky 40 asked her for a dance ?
Guest Posted 1st Jan 2012, 10:05pm
  To GG, I lived at 689, Bilsland Drive, my Parents close was between Arnold Street and Hazlitt Street, I know Barnes Road and Emerson Street very well, I honestly have never heard of the Cheeky Forty being from there (Banes Road or Emerson Street), I believe the Cheeky Forty came from Garngad or Townhead area, there was also a Cheeky Forty gang in Greenock, when I lived at 689, Bilsland Drive it was in 1952.
*johnem* Posted 14th Nov 2011, 10:30am
  My Dad, who was born in 1914 used to talk to me about the Cheeky 40 who were from the Garngad, in fact he used to sing a song with the words in it 'we chased the 40 up the Garngad', never had much of a tune, mind you he wasn't much of a singer. My Dad was born and brought up in Townhead, which is right next to the Garngad. I believe at that time the Garngad had many people who's roots lay in Ireland, including the Cheeky 40. When I asked him what gang he was in he told me that he wasn't in a gang but not sure about how true that is as it would probably take a gang to chase the cheeky 40! He got married in the late 1930's, so assume that the times he spoke of were in the 1930's before he got married.

Unfortunately I cannot remember any more, hope this helps. smile.gif
steph bradley Posted 15th Nov 2010, 02:36pm
  i was born and still live in glasgow, although i've moved around a bit. i too, have been trying to find out more about the cheeky forty over the years.... people seem to 'not talk about it'. there still seems to be a deliberate silence regarding members/family of the cheeky forty. when i was about 14 - 16 years old, i would regularly visit my granda 'danny bradley', on a sunday afternoon. i used to listen to all his tales about years gone by. he was from the garngad and was a member of the cheeky 40. my memories of his stories are quite sketchy, at best. i used to go to springburn around the age of 16, go to 'bells bar', (his local), an' pick up a wee 'message' for him. same thing at the old 'celtic club', (where, latterly, he was the ,doorman).this consisted of a wee half bottle of whiskey and six wee bottles of guinness. it was on one of these visits to his home in balgaryhill flats, that after his wee tipple, he let slip about a certain incident involving his days with the cheeky 40. as i recall, under the kitchen sink, there were a couple of 'mementos' i was always curious about. a police truncheon and spurs, belonging to a mounted policeman. i was often asked by one of my uncles,r.i.p. what we talked about on my visits. i was sworn to secrecy. i could not divulge anything we discussed. i've kept this promise to this day. my granda was well liked and respected, although he may have had a few enemies along th way. i cannot say how he aquired these 'mementos'. just, lets say it was quite messy. a relative is in possession of these items, but does not know the story behind them. there are many stories, but, there are very few people alive that could verify them. time is short. the only true source of the information you are looking for lies with the 'old timers' in and around the pub scene in royston (garngad), springburn, calton, possil, townhead, auchinairn, etc. i've been doing this over the years. although there are 'auld yins' who are willing to talk for a wee 'hauf', names and dates seem to be omitted, possibly, as a habit down the years, to protect those involved. i'd be glad to share any info i can gather, if i can get names, dates, etc...
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