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  Replying to Fare Thee Well Auld Pal
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
MMJ Posted 24th Jun 2007, 03:17am
  Archie seems to have touched so many hearts - a very special person.
I'm sure he will be at peace now, with no more suffering but much joy.
Rest in Peace
Isobel Posted 20th Jun 2007, 02:47pm
  It is with great sadness I am reading this .I had the great pleasure of meeting Archie at the first Toronto meet. When he and Norah walked in ,him holding his wee tinny we all knew right away who it was.Many of us have met on a number of occasions but that first one was special.What a night we had.
I personally will remember Archie for his kindness, in the middle of his own treatments he always had words of advice and encouragement for Jim and many others.To Norah and her sons both Jim and I send our sincere condolences.Archie was a wonderful character and will be missed by many.
Rest in Peace my friend.
lindamac Posted 17th Jun 2007, 03:35am
  I never knew him but read a few posts & even prayed for him as there was news of Norah & him needing prayer for Drs & treatments & he himself posted a few times regarding the meet last September & I also I had recalled that picture wee mags posted as they were all giggling about the rubbish on the sidewalk when I first joined, so I offer my aknowledgement that he was indeed a funny yet strong man & could tell he loved his wife soooo much Iam very sad to hear of his leaving this world & may his lovely wife be able to manage without him for now,sincerest condolances to you all as this man is a great loss to all of you GG GGGems too. sad.gif wub.gif
annie laurie Posted 16th Jun 2007, 10:48pm
  Have just finished reading about our dear friend ARCHIE

Was so sad to hear,I never had the pleasure of meeting ARCHIE< but from his postings & pictures you felt like you did know him,

Condolences To Archie's wife Nora, and Sons, May God continue to Bless you all,
R.I.P. ...ARCHIE ...Sleep peacefully
GG Posted 16th Jun 2007, 08:28pm
  Many thanks for letting us know about this Catherine, I'm also - like many GG board members here - saddened to hear the news that our Archie has succumbed to cancer, at the age of 71, after years fighting the dreaded disease.

I was honoured to meet Archie at the first Big Meet in 2003, the infamous time when Archie had the white boiler suit and the see-you-Jimmy hat, which helped immediately break the ice for many of us who were not sure what we had turned up to. Archie's attire for the day was certainly funny, but it was also much more than that, it was a clear and unequivocal statement of intent: that he and Norah were here to enjoy themselves and that was that!!!

Archie (member #3) was one of the members of the ill-fated first version of the GG boards, which - a great disappointment to everyone involved - unfortunately were lost after problems with our then hosts. Archie did not falter though in his desire to make sure that the new boards should flourish and was active encouraging everyone to do their best to get them started again. In this respect he was very much like another sadly-missed boards member, thebardau's/Ed, who - together with Archie - spread the news about the new boards. Indeed his first post (the day the new boards were launched) on the new boards was a combination of facing reality, while - in the same breath - turning loss into someting positive and hopeful. He entitled his first topic The GGBB Melt Down' Now we're open for business:
"Well it looks like am first hame. Nice tae be back thanks Martin maybe you can sleep the night, a'l go an chap up some o' the gang an tell them we're open fur business."

I didn't know Archie well - I met him for the second and final time at the Meet in The Horseshoe Bar last year - but, to me, I thought of him as someone who was determined to make the most of life, even although he was ill and suffering. I also read lots of his hundreds of posts. In many ways Archie's attitude to life reminded me of the thoughts of Maggie Jencks, after whom the famous 'Maggie's Centres' are named:
"Above all what matters is not to lose the joy of living in the fear of dying."

I also thought that Archie must have cut an impressive figure down in Hereford: in many ways he was the archetypal Scotsman, complaining about bank service charges, the price of printer ink, the clocks going forward, the weather, a ban on pensioners dancing on floors that didn't have a special anti-slip coating and even the price of a dog's haircut. He was also though a man who very much enjoyed and appreciated life: he posted photos of his plants, his faithful Scots Terrier Dougal and one of an "unusual visitor", a pheasant in his garden, which he was keen to see as heralding the start of a glorious new spring.

Archie brought great humour to the boards and was an active, fun and enthusiastic member of our community and for that I thank him. I hope he is at peace now and I hope that Norah will gain some comfort from the words of your friends here... and I hope Dougal forgives him for that haircut which - as well as being costly - exposed Dougal a bit too much to the elements!

I'll have a wee Grouse for you tonight!

norrie123 Posted 16th Jun 2007, 02:08pm
  Hi catherina, is that the same Archie who was a member of Scottish Friends?
Bye for now, Norrie
Catarina Posted 9th Jun 2007, 03:42am so carried away by the news of Archie's passing, that I forgot to mention, that our meeting was in 2003...The first Glasgow Meet....Rena.
Catarina Posted 9th Jun 2007, 03:38am
  I, on my own,entered the pub where we,people from here,there and everywhere gathered...Archie,in his,as aforementiond,Armani suit,and bunnet grabbed me,and said..."you must be Rena".here I was in my polka dot raincoat,as it was..surprise..raining in Glasgow that day. Anyway someone took a picture, and it turned out beautiful...I see Archie smiling,as he always did.This photo is my very personal favourite.His pictures of his garden,house, and of course his wee dog which he posted on the GG site,,were his pride and joy
My very sincere condolences to his wife Nora...They were inseperable.Also,his Sons.

I would be amiss, if not to mention,with appreciation, the expressions of Catherine with regards to our thoughts,and memories of Archie.. .She soo elegantly,in her usual flair with words,said it all..Thanks Catherine....Archie,waves his bunnet tae ye.... Rena
toerag Posted 8th Jun 2007, 06:12pm
  So sorry to hear of Archie's passing, Evertime I saw a tin of syrup in the shops I thought of him and his tinny. Never had the pleasure of meeting him and Norah but he was so proud of his wee garden and the wee dogs, enjoyed when he posted pictures.
Deepest condolences to the family. RIP Archie.
Angela Chick Posted 8th Jun 2007, 08:55am
  I also met Archie and Norah last year at the meet and first impressions always last with me and Archie was a 100% wee gentleman in my opinion, Norah was a very quiet lady but you know what they say opposites attract, very sad to read of his passing my sincere condolances to norah and the family.

RIP Archie a wee Gent.
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