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  Replying to 2012 Olympics
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
GG Posted 10th Jul 2016, 07:28pm
  No real surprise, but despicable all the same:

Danny Boyle claims Tories tried to axe NHS celebration in London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

Danny Boyle has claimed his team came under pressure while planning the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics to drop the sequence about the NHS.

The director's comments are to be shown in a BBC documentary about the Olympics, and will likely fuel suspicions that Jeremy Hunt, who was culture secretary at the time and is now the health secretary, tried to remove the tribute to the health service.

According to The Times, Tessa Jowell, Mr Hunt's predecessor as culture secretary, tells the programme: “I know that the new secretary of state [Mr Hunt took over in May, 2010]...wanted to be very hands on in the artistic content, and I think that was quite a tense time and Danny was absolutely clear that this was his show.”

Although he did not name Mr Hunt, Mr Boyle reportedly told the programme: “We did have some stand-offs.

“The forces wanted us to cancel one of the sequences, cut the NHS sequences is what they wanted to cut. They wanted us to reduce that or cut it or make them just walk around the ­stadium.”

He added: “That was against the very nature of what we’d built right from the very beginning. [...]

Full story here:

Mathieson Posted 15th Sep 2012, 12:15pm
  You can dismiss it as such if you like but I have a friend who attended the Edinburgh Tattoo the other week and was much amused to hear a spontaneous eruption of booing fron the queing public when Salmond exited his limo to attend the event.
More placements bussed through from Glesga? biggrin.gif
GG Posted 15th Sep 2012, 12:09pm
  I'm not surprised: with the disappointing crowd – I'd estimate about 4000 (not including the statues) – there was plenty of opporunity for a few planted rabble-rousers to make themselvers heard! Don't forget: there's a fierce battle for control of the Commonwealth Games going on – the booing was probably organised by the usual suspects! wink.gif

Ah ... the joys of sport!

Mathieson Posted 15th Sep 2012, 11:46am
  Aye, disappointing that auld sour-puss couldn't make it.....

..... but it wasn't all bad news though....

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond booed by crowds during interview on stage at Glasgow's #TeamGB Olympic parade

@BBCNews - BBC News (UK)

18 hours ago

laugh.gif thumbup.gif
GG Posted 15th Sep 2012, 06:40am
  Well, the Olympics ended in Glasgow yesterday with a parade of Scottish and British medal winners, touring from Kelvingrove to George Square. See the photos posted by Ross above.

Andy Murray was true-to-form and shunned his home city of Glasgow yet again, with his managers claiming he was too tired to stand on an open-top bus as it paraded through the city. Murray has always publicly shunned any association with the city of his birth, instead preferring to be linked to Dunblane. His absence from the parade of athletes was a tangible blow to the parade itself, as well as a huge disappointment to the kids who turned out to see the country's most famous spotsman.

Murray's handlers have instead planned a triumphant parade in Dunblane tomorrow. I'm sure he will make that!

kenb Posted 15th Sep 2012, 01:38am
  very well said doug post 410 tongue.gif
rossmckenzie Posted 15th Sep 2012, 01:34am
  Fantastic ovation for Scotlands Olympic athletes in Glasgow .

Scotlands Olympic Hero's
Elma Posted 11th Sep 2012, 10:09pm
  Next Olympics are in Sochi, Russia in 2014.
Doug1 Posted 11th Sep 2012, 04:13pm
  Aye that's it all over. Daytime tv schedules back to normal. In 2016 when it all starts up again will we feel the same as we felt this year ? time will tell. Go forward 6 months and I wonder how many of our great Olympians names will roll of our tongues, anyway I for one have enjoyed all the razzmatazz and excitement and I suppose Andy Murray's win at flushing Meadow just rounds it all off nicely smile.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 10th Sep 2012, 03:27pm
  Thanks Ross. Described as the "Greatest Olympics and Paralympics in History" What a feather in Britain's cap. thumbup.gif
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