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  Replying to Grooming Ring Probe In Glasgow
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Billy Boil Posted 19th Oct 2017, 11:11pm
QUOTE (Targer @ 28th Sep 2017, 08:06pm) *
Why has it taken so long to attend to this problem. If the old Glasgow gang systems (from ~ 50's) was still around they would have taken care of this problem.

As with the provision of child sex services (police protected in Yorkshire) there is always a protective insulation surrounding their activities. This protection ranges from the upper echelon users of this service, to those easily blackmailed (and the truly deserve to be) for accessing this service. If it is so open to name the streets where this occurs, then I would suggest high end protection.
john.mcn Posted 29th Sep 2017, 09:33pm
  Ahh Hue and cry, been a long time since I heard that song. Got a couple of their albums on LP and no way to play them biggrin.gif That song though I think is on the tree, the bird and fish album with the picture by that Oscar dude who took photos of Glasgow. Lots of good songs on that that I had never heard of till i got the CD.

As a younger more naive version of myself I would have thought that no one in positions of power would have made decisions where it put kids in, or kept them in danger. I'm wiser (though some might argue different wink.gif ) and more cynical and now wouldn't put it past them to do so for politics or some other crap that should come second place to a childs safety.

Ohh and I clicked that briebart link in the google link i posted, just read some of the comments but someone did post something quite right. It starts off grooming but it is at the end of the day child rape, that is the eventual outcome of it. Maybe if the press and public called it for what it is then we might get that bit more angry and the authorities actually do something about it.
TeeHeeHee Posted 29th Sep 2017, 09:02pm
QUOTE (john.mcn @ 29th Sep 2017, 08:17pm) *
... Scotland only having the one police force, who polices the police?

That certainly is a pertinent and worrying question.
As far as Grooming goes I should imagine that whatever can happen in any city can certainly happen in what was once regarded as the ...

Second City of the Empire ...

In the second city of the Empire
Mother Glasgow watches all her weans
Trying hard to feed her little starlings
Unconsciously she clips their little wings

Among the flightless birds and sightless starlings
Father Glasgow knows his starlings well
He won't make his own way up to heaven
By waltzing all his charges in to hell

And the tree
And the fish
And the bird
And the bell

Let Glasgow flourish!

Those who choose to be representative of "The City Fathers" have a sworn duty to protect the innocent and vulnerable and hardly anyone fits that description more than the children.
john.mcn Posted 29th Sep 2017, 07:17pm
  The piece that mentioned 'white girls' was a quote from a relative of the victim.
Now even though race was not mentioned that quote and quite a few of the comments does seem to point to a non white group

Several months ago there was a dramatisation on TV of the Rotherham child abuse inquiry(Three girls) it caused quite a public reaction, not only because of the abuse and numbers (most were not charged) but the authorities lack of desire to bring the case to court, one does start to think their failure to act is down to race relations rather than justice for the victims.
In the three girls thread i googled for grooming gangs and was shocked that there was so many reports of it coming to light, I never thought to actually google Glasgow grooming gangs but I did and was equally shocked that there has been concerns for years and that a police operation called cotswold was expanded to cover several council areas and renamed to operation dash. I certainly hope that there has been no repeat of the police mishandling like there was over the asian gangs that ultimately led to the torture and death of a 'white' teenage boy in Pollokshields.
When it comes to child abuse and grooming gangs I dont give a flying turd about sensitivities over race or anything else, delays could mean more kids in danger and that is unacceptable.

One thing that does worry me over this, in police inquiries in England another police force are brought in for the investigation, with Scotland only having the one police force, who polices the police?
TeeHeeHee Posted 29th Sep 2017, 08:23am
  Forgive me if 'm wrong, which might not be unusual, but one sentence in the Evening Times report seemed to stand out in a very in-yer-face kind of a way and, for me at least, left very clear implications ...
“ Its white females they are hitting on, aged 14 to 19."

Had this been native Glaswegian teams the report might simply have stated that -
They are hitting on young females aged 14 to 19

A spokesman for Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership might think :It would be inappropriate to comment on an on-going police inquiry
but Ithink it would be more inappropriate to withhold information which might be pertinent to the health and care of other children in that area of the same age group.
Newspapers have no business in making up stories as some folks believe but they do have a duty in respect of their readership to research, obtain and print the facts.
Hopefully the facts will be made known soon for the benefit of worried mothers in the city and for any young patrons of Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership.
john.mcn Posted 28th Sep 2017, 10:40pm
wombat Posted 28th Sep 2017, 08:16pm
QUOTE (john.mcn @ 28th Sep 2017, 07:41pm) *
Will this be as big as the Yorkshire scandals?

rolleyes.gif link wont work m8 rolleyes.gif
Targer Posted 28th Sep 2017, 08:06pm
  Why has it taken so long to attend to this problem. If the old Glasgow gang systems (from ~ 50's) was still around they would have taken care of this problem.
john.mcn Posted 28th Sep 2017, 06:41pm
  Will this be as big as the Yorkshire scandals?

Grooming ring probe at Glasgow's four corners after teenagers 'exploited for sex' by groups of men

A PROBE has been launched into an alleged grooming ring targeting teenagers in Glasgow’s city centre.

Girls as young as 14 are thought to have been targeted by men hanging around the four corners area of the city - at the junction of Argyle Street and Union Street.

Officers are investigating the claims after relatives of one of the victims contacted the authorities.

A social work source told the Evening Times the area is “rife” with child exploitation problems.

One of the victims, a 17-year-old girl, is understood to have been taken to houses in Govanhill and Dennistoun for sex with multiple men, but believes the man who took her there was her boyfriend.

The man was introduced to the girl at the four corners when she was 15.

A concerned relative, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, said: “It isn’t just [my relative] who was targeted, other girls were involved too.

“The police have interviewed me on camera and social work, and have interviewed [the victim]as well.

“She’s 17 now though and she’s been brainwashed. She thinks this guy is her boyfriend and won’t say what has happened to her.

The girl is said to have been taken to a house in Craigielea Street in Dennistoun for sex with men, along with other teenagers.

The relative said: “This really is just our worst nightmare, it’s this Rochdale and Rotherham-type stuff but it’s happening here in Glasgow in a big way.

“Nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it, all the girls have been made to believe these men are their boyfriends.

“ Its white females they are hitting on, aged 14 to 19.

“I’ve been down to the four corners and watched them all sitting on the fences and chatting up the girls.”

The relative said she contacted the parents of another girl who she believes was involved, and said: “I went to [the victim’s] friend’s door, the mother was affronted.

“The lassie came out and said the man was her boyfriend, and he was just 17. He looks about 25, if not older.

“This needs to stop.”

A police spokesman confirmed they had received a report of concern for a 17-year-old girl and enquiries are continuing into the circumstances.

A spokesman for Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership said :“It would be inappropriate to comment on an on-going police inquiry.

“However, in general, we are working very closely with partners to address the challenge of child sexual exploitation in Glasgow.

“There is a clear focus on child sexual exploitation within the city’s Child Protection Committee and information is routinely shared among the agencies represented on the committee.

“There is a very constructive relationship among all child protection partners in Glasgow that is helping to protect those at risk of child sexual exploitation and bring perpetrators to justice.”
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