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  Replying to Aleppo
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
wombat Posted 6th Oct 2016, 09:25pm
  sad.gif -four-million-muslims-1990-3914939 sad.gif bloody disgrace
carmella Posted 6th Oct 2016, 06:31pm
  You're right of course Danny, wars are caused by politicians to begin with, but none of the people who can or will do anything to stop all of this are having to go in there and fight themselves, or be injured, I wonder how long wars civil and otherwise would last if they did.

this is such a terrible thing.
DannyH Posted 4th Oct 2016, 10:15pm
QUOTE (carmella @ 3rd Oct 2016, 06:41pm) *
I know I am not alone in my thoughts, but why oh why is the world standing by witnessing the horrors, the breaking of the Geneva Convention and the War Crimes.

I don't get it?

Carmella, I think we are seeing history repeating itself. After the First World War, President Woodrow Wilson proposed the founding of the League of Nations. It was based in Geneva, but the Americans never joined it.

Prior to the outbreak of World War II, the same question that you are asking now, was being asked then. America only came into the war after Japan had bombed Pearl harbour in 1941. I have to assume that the American public were of the opinion that they had sacrificed enough during World War I, and that there was no political appetite to enter the war in 1939.

Fast forward to today, and America seems to be oblivious to the fact that as a direct result of their reaction to 9/11, and aided and abetted by Tony Blair, the world is in grave danger of World War 3 starting.

At the moment the Americans are focussed on their Presidential elections. Their foreign policy regarding the Middle East is non-existant. Their main objective is to play for time until Obama leaves office, so Keary sits at meetings and blames the Russians. That doesn't get us anywhere.

The EU is a shambles when it comes to military strategy, and the Russians know this. So who does that leave? The British! Once again we are going back to 1939. The Americans will expect us to take the lead regarding military action. The only problem is we don't know who the enemy is this time.
There are so many factions fighting each other, that we don't know who the good guys are from the bad guys. But wait a minute, the British are building up troop bases in Eastern Europe! Oh Oh, the Russians must be the bad guys.

To complicate matters, we are selling arms to the Saudis to enable them to do in Yemen what the Russians are doing in Allepo. But that doesn't matter does it? The Yemen children don't get any mention when it comes to the number of them being killed, because unlike the Russians, we are good guys, aren't we, so the arnaments we supply the Saudis only get used to kill adults.

Stand by for all hell to let loose.

Danny Harris

wombat Posted 4th Oct 2016, 09:01pm
  thumbup.gif spot on angel yes.gif
angel Posted 4th Oct 2016, 02:24pm
  From what I hear , see and read on this carnage going on in Syria , I think , that we are now in the throes of WW3 . A battle that is using Islam to foment this war that in fact has nothing to do with religion but the usual greed and power hungry leaders who want to dominate and divide this world even more than it is already .

This is my opinion at this time and I do not have any intension of getting into a debate .
carmella Posted 3rd Oct 2016, 08:37pm
  I agree with you John, and I know this to be the case. We have all been watching this for weeks, and the suffering of the people, it's just so upsetting to see it on our news every night, and those poor children, some of whom have never even known life without all of this.
john.mcn Posted 3rd Oct 2016, 06:51pm

What can the world do, Assad is the legitimate recognised government and is backed by Russia, the rebels could very easily be categorized as terrorists but as they are backed by the US and Europe so dont get reported as such.
The 'West' cannot threaten action because because we already help the opposition forces.
There seems to be a battle for control in the ME, the West backed Saudis vs Russia/Iran, our 'allies' in my view seem intent on removing any Shiite influence in the region, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain uprising spring to mind
carmella Posted 3rd Oct 2016, 05:41pm
  I know I am not alone in my thoughts, but why oh why is the world standing by witnessing the horrors, the breaking of the Geneva Convention and the War Crimes.

I don't get it?
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