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  Replying to Northpark Street Tenament
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
jeanette may Posted 1st Jun 2017, 06:30pm
QUOTE (andypisces @ 18th Nov 2007, 11:50pm) *
Hi Red i dont think 80 still exists. All the top end was demolished. My granma lived at no 74 and had cousins in the last close on that side before firehill rd. I stayed in springbank st.....Andt

I lived in Northpark Street in the 50's. Went to school there. Can't remember what it was called. Remember playing near the canal. My dad went to Firhill grounds for Partick. Was there on the coronation street party.
alan laing Posted 16th Feb 2012, 10:23pm
QUOTE (red @ 17th Nov 2007, 01:53pm) *
I was born at 80 Northpark street,Maryhill in 1962,would anyone happen to know if that building still exists?

hello there is a famous film director by the name of lynne ramsay who lived at 80 northpark street in the first flat on right as you walked in the front close doorway. she lived there with her family when she was a baby, her brother james ramsay is now an actor and was my very first friend at northpark street primary school, also thier sister anne ramsay was a policewoman who left the force in disgust at the way things were run and wrote a book about it called girl in blue, you can find any of lynnes films on dvd and annes book really cheaply on ebay or amazon, just thought it would interest you, cheers from alan
frankd2 Posted 26th May 2008, 05:28pm
  My cousin lived at 102 Northpark Street in the 1940's and when my parents took me visiting his family my cousin and I would watch "The Thistle" playing football.
From their bedroom window we were able to see half of the pitch!
"Oh! happy days"! biggrin.gif
wee mags Posted 18th Mar 2008, 10:38pm
  flam my pal sAunty used to live in Panmure St ,and Bertie Auld used to come over ,my pals aunt had a son who was a slow learner, and Bertie and his pals were very good to him ,I am sorry I cannot ask my pal her aunts name as my pal died last year.I used to have a photo of Bert on a bike with one of his cronies And I cannot find it now .
flam Posted 18th Mar 2008, 07:35pm
  Hi All. In Northpark St one side of the street backed on to the Forth and Clyde Canal,and the top of the closes on that side had carved in to the stonework, Birds Coo-ing,nesting,Rearing Chicks,then the last close would have the two birds alone again (I swear it} as I used to pass them almost every night to my house which was 117 Kirkland St { I always regret never having taken a photo of each close ,Bertie Auld stayed in Panmure St near to the Ruchill Park Gates,his mother had a wee shop in Firhill St near to Leny St,and her daughter had a mobile grocer shop which she took around Possilpark,but unfortunately she passed away very young I believe her name was Annette Cheers Flim
celtic-chic67 Posted 22nd Nov 2007, 06:52pm
  Hi Red, I don't know why the drum got a bad reputation,as far as I'm concerned the people there were very friendly and everyone knew everyone.
I think a lot of housing schemes got bad reputations because they are classed as poverty stricken areas,with a high rate of unemployment.
In all the years that I lived there I never seen any violence,and the kids all got on well and played together.
there used to be about 20 or more of us that all played rounders,kick the can,ten man hunt,even chap the door run away.oh,happy days. laugh.gif
stuarty Posted 22nd Nov 2007, 06:49pm
  my lovley uncle andy spent his last days in northpark nursing home and my aunty is still in maryhill road wub.gif and a lot of the old buildings have been sandblasted and refurbished but a dont know about northpark st sorry happy hunting wub.gif
red Posted 22nd Nov 2007, 06:20pm
  Hi Celtchic,
It`s funny to think that there must be many people,probably even scattered world wide,who have so many happy memories of a lil ole housing estate just tucked away somewhere in the south west of Scotland!! But any Glaswegian I`ve ever known[I lived in Blackpool for a few years,so I`ve bumped into more than a few,over the years!!] has always seemed to have a poor opinion of Drumchapel. How come it has had such a terrible reputation?
This is not the place I remember at all.I know that most housing estates,wherever they are have deteriorated over the years but is the reputation the Drum has,really deserved?
I hope not.That would really be a shame. sad.gif
Red. biggrin.gif
celtic-chic67 Posted 21st Nov 2007, 10:50pm
  Hi Red,
I moved to the drum when I was about 6 years old,I went to st.sixtus primary & then onto st.pius secondary.Istayed above the shops in summerhill road for about 9 or 10 years.
My uncle & my cousin both went to waverly and they also stayed above the shops with my nana & granda walker.
In fact the last time I was in drumchapel was about 2 years ago for my nana's funeral,it was so
sad that the family had to give the house up.
when I got married I moved back up tae the drum ,again summerhill road across the road fae waverly school,stayed there for about 10 years then we got told the houses were coming down,
I then moved tae cloan avenue.
while I was up the drum on my last visit I noticed that my old house had been pulled down and
that is where the new summerhill primary school now stands.
where waverly school was in now bellway homes.
Like yourself Red,I had a great childhood in drumchapel,and I will always keep my memories
as they can take the houses down,but our memories go with us. wink.gif
red Posted 21st Nov 2007, 09:00pm
  Hi Celtchic,
I lived on Kinfauns Drive,across from the school-St Pius,I think it was called.
I went to Summerhill School,and my friend at the time was a Margaret Shepherd,who also lived on Kinfauns a couple of closes down.My Uncle Charlie [Johnston],his wife Sadie and my cousins lived near Waverly School,but I don`t know when they left
We lived there from maybe around 1964/65,and I have some happy childhood memories from that time.
My family left Drumchapel in 1971 when I was nine and moved to England,in the Greater Manchester Area.
I have been back to "the Drum"[as my mum and dad would call it]a couple of times,the most recent being about three years ago,just on a little nostalgia trip to show my partner.It was quite sad really,in fact if I`m honest I was really gutted,because my old school and even the community centre,where my brother,myself and all our friends used to have so much fun,had both been burnt to the ground.To add insult to injury,even my Grandads`house[we lived at my grandas hoose!!] had been knocked to the ground as well!!!
I know it might sound silly but,even though it was all so long ago,I came away feeling as if someone had just jumped all over the little memories I had carried around with me all those years,-sad I know,but never mind,I`m over it now!!
I`m not bitter,but they even let the shopping centre my mum used,to do her shopping,just fall to bits mad.gif
Well,never mind-I`ve got my memories of a lovely community[as I remember it]and can still see the faces of people,some of them probably long gone who made that time what it was for me. biggrin.gif
Sorry for taking so long in getting back to you,but I`ve just read you post today.
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