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> Hated That Job, Jobs you couldnt hack
post 16th Aug 2003, 05:22am
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Super City Key Holder
Posts: 755
Joined: 27th Jul 2003
Member No.: 20
Many people used to stay in the same job during all their working life, something that’s far less common now. I’ve had more jobs than I can count, though some were fill-in jobs, or temporary or part-time ones. Some I hated & I didn’t stay long at these, even if the pay was good. One I really disliked wasn’t all that bad, it was my expectations of the work that were at fault. And so was the job description which wasn’t advertised as “detailing”. I was looking for something with good money, & this one fitted the bill – washing cars in a 2nd-hand car yard. Righto, thought I, hosing & chamoising cars will be a cinch, let’s do it.

Yeah - right. The hosing/chamoising was done last, after you were totally exhausted by the first part. Before vacuuming the interiors, the seats had to be removed – that’s a job on its own, some of those seats had never been taken out since the cars were built. Much wrenching, many curses & bleeding knuckles later, then came the job of interior detailing – scrubbing & Armoralling doors, roofs, dashboards, you name it, all from a kneeling position. Then the cleaning of the seats & upholstery, replace seats & trim, all the stuff that car detailing involves – no automatic wash as these don’t give results good enough to sell cars. THEN – looking worse than the “wreck” you’d clambered out of – you started on the car’s exterior. Car after car. And more cars waiting for you on the next day. This was the hardest & most constant physical work I’d ever done & oh, the aches & pains in every part of my body. Before the week was out, I quit, saying this is slave labour. Boss offered me even more money but I’d had enough. Call me lazy, I don't care!

Anyone else had jobs they couldn’t hack, & if so, why?

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big al
post 16th Aug 2003, 05:54am
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,096
Joined: 28th Jul 2003
From: england
Member No.: 42
I once worked in a food factory just off the Gallowgate part time loading vans - never having done anything like this before it seemed easy

Davy the foreman took me and three other new starts round the despatch area showing us the ropes - we were each allocated a number of vans and had to fill these metal racks with wooden boards containing the food required - these racks were about 8 feet high with about 12 rows where boards could be placed - we filled orders from a clipboard with all the products on it required by each salesman - it looked simple and easy.

We had a rotating coveryor system which boards with food etc were placed on and send down from the upstairs bakery to the ground despatch and we had to pull these boards off the conveyor and stack them on shelves ready to be placed on the vans - there were all sorts of pies, bridies, sausage rolls, cakes, buns, hot meats from the butcher's ovens - you name it they had it - in the areas next to the despatch they made sausages, black and red puddings, and burgers and packeted ham etc etc.

Easy enough - first van I got wanted 84 dozen of every kind of pie, 20 joints of meat, sausages etc etc - it took me over an hour just to load one van - the boards held six dozen pies each - hot and greasy - and the first one I lifted I dropped - the weight just blew me out - when i'd picked up the pies and put them back on the board i tried to lift the board off the flooor and promptly dropped it again - at the third try Davy wrote off the pies to experience - and made me start again - and so it went on - at one point we had to go to the upstairs ovens and take off the roast joints which were cooking in metal trays in a hugh rotating oven - the weight in these was tremendous never mind the hear - we then had to put them onto metal trolleys and take them down to despatch and weight them for the vans - that was fun !!!! but also satisfying if you liked roast beef, lamb or pork and ate or cut off a handful each time you passed it - some of us ended up pretty overweight by the end of the first month.

Getting sausages and black puddings out of the steamers was also a hot and pretty messy job ....

I enjoyed it after a while when I got the hand and eye coordination of it all - we had a lot of laughs but the work was hard and intensive - after a while we worked like a well oiled team and often we were because we used to take frequent breaks round at the Wee Man's bar at Sydney Street - just to keep the machine oiled as it were.........

That'll be the day........
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post 21st Aug 2003, 12:05am
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,458
Joined: 27th Jul 2003
From: Canada
Member No.: 13
I to have had many a job over the years and most have been temporery as we moved around alot and I had to take what was available . I went from working at an accounting that I enjoyed to sales clerk, travel, manager of a wine department ( great I got to sample the wines and wine tasting trips), inventory, assitant manager of a hotel and health care but the one job I hated with a passion was working in a bank .I knew after the first week that I did not care for this work but stuck it out thinking it will be better it's just me but no it only became a job that I didn't like so after a year there the manager called me in one day and gave me a higher position with the department and I gave him my notice .He was surprised and I never looked back. smile.gif

God Bless this wee house!
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post 21st Aug 2003, 10:53am
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Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 3,959
Joined: 28th Jul 2003
From: glasgow
Member No.: 56
Itoo have had a large variety of jobs,pawn shop tailoring,buses,bakeries (I recognise yours al Nories)
But there was one BARRS of irn bru fame, on starting that first(and last)morning i was designated to the shed making sure all bottles were rightly labelled and put in their cases, kosha thought gallus mecame tea break then back to the shed , "what do we do after this"i asked the gaffer you load them on tae the vans she snarled,! "no me missuss am off . Started at 8am was home by 11am my hubby had the kettle on he had tried tae warn me that it wisnae work fur a 5ft.1ins and at that time 7st 8lbs young lady. Went fur ma pet an they chased me rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca
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Margaret P
post 6th Sep 2003, 12:42am
Post #5

City Key Holder
Posts: 532
Joined: 27th Jul 2003
From: Adelaide, South Australia.
Member No.: 25
The one job I hated the most was working afternoon shift for a place that made parts for planes i think this shift is the worst of all unsure.gif
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post 18th Sep 2006, 06:46pm
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Super Lord Provost
Posts: 442
Joined: 21st May 2006
From: ayrshire
Member No.: 3,359
The job I REALLY hated was a Christmas job I got over the school holidays. It was in a very posh department store in Renfield Street and I have never hated a job so much!
The shop had no customers so the day was VERY long, and if someone actually came in to buy something, I was told, "Go and tidy the stock, pet. I'll serve Mrs. So-and-so." And the shop assistants were very snobby, and acted as if I had crawled out of a sewer somewhere. The final straw was when I was told, "Be in on December 26th by 8.30 - and don't give us those excuses about being ill, just because you've had a hard night before. We know what you lazy young folk are like"! All this from people who didn't know me!
I didn't turn up - not because I was like theyoung ones they thought they knew, but because I couldn't face another day being told how awful the "young ones" were, and being looked at as if I was dirt. mad.gif

Ah don't hear sae well withoot ma specs
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post 23rd Oct 2010, 01:54pm
Post #7

Lord Provost
Posts: 302
Joined: 20th Oct 2010
Member No.: 9,116
Detested my first job after leaving school.. I had made up my mind that Id never work in a factory and wanted to be in advertising of some sort, but the jobs for girls werent there at the time in this field so my auntie got me a start in a printing factory in Bridgeton , a job that after four years ruined my health, and to this day I still suffer sever allergies because of the chemicals. glues, inks, varnishes, I used in this place without any protection to my hands mouth and nose or eyes, no one seemed to care back then and its left me with an allergic condition that cant be helped on the NHS so yes I hated it, and always will..
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