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> Red Road Flats Demolished For Sport, Sad, sick and embarrassing for Glasgow
post 4th Apr 2014, 06:55am
Post #16

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 4,417
Joined: 1st Mar 2010
Member No.: 8,207
Hugely, hugely embarrassing for the city and for Scotland as a whole. Whoever thought this crass stunt up should be thrown from the roof of one of the buildings.

Any past efforts to improve the image of the city will surely be in ruins if this crackpot idea goes ahead.

Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue !
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post 4th Apr 2014, 07:17am
Post #17

Lord Provost
Posts: 326
Joined: 19th Mar 2014
Member No.: 25,943
It really is becoming time that we make our public officials fully accountable. An immediate inquiry should be made to identify whatever graduate from the University of Bollocks came up with this piece of nonsense and they should be given an hour to clear out their desk, and bus fare to the local job centre.

Surely no-one in their right mind could suggest exploding buildings with asbestos in their matrix and depending what way the wind is blowing contaminating God only knows how big an area.

Or is it that they are trying to cure any homesickness being felt by asylum seekers from Beirut and parts of Syria etc. by letting them live somewhere that looks like home.
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post 4th Apr 2014, 07:24am
Post #18

Super City Key Holder
Posts: 969
Joined: 23rd Jan 2008
From: Reading, UK
Member No.: 5,333
When I read about this I thought it was a late April Fools' joke. It is totally crazy.

Glasgow City Council should be ashamed of themselves. It is like something you'd expect to see being discussed in something like the BBC's comedy shows 20/20 or W1A. They need to take a step back and take some reality pills.

I understand the 'champion' for the crazy idea is Eileen Gallagher who is an independent director for the games. So that I won't be accused of lacking detail, I better give her full title:

"Eileen Gallagher - Independent Director Glasgow 2014 Board and Chair of the Ceremonies, Culture and Queen’s Baton Relay Committee"

I think the title says it all. Totally mad and hair-brained.


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post 4th Apr 2014, 07:26am
Post #19

Glasgow council should hang their heads in shame...
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post 4th Apr 2014, 07:37am
Post #20

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 4,494
Joined: 27th Oct 2006
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 3,936
I also thought it was an April Fool joke.

How crass , how embarrassing .!

You don't need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
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post 4th Apr 2014, 07:43am
Post #21

I heard this last night on Scotland tonight, couldn't believe it ! What a sick depraved idea ! We have to stop this going ahead.Surely there are other ideas that Glasgow City Council could come up with as an opening ceremony. There are a lot of people going to be watching their past being demolished on worldwide TV. They will think it's a terrorist attack !like the twin towers and probably think that Glasgow people are completely off their trolley!! Glasgow city council should be ashamed of themselves for this totally ludicrous idea.
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*Gordon MacNiven*
post 4th Apr 2014, 07:44am
Post #22

My old mum lived in such a high rise at Knightswood. It was a miserable place, several stories up and should have been demolished. My last visit there 25 years ago was depressing. Her balcony was home to thousands of squealing pigeons which had turned the balcony into a guano cave. I tried to bring her to Australia but the then Labor Govt. wouldn't allow her in because she wasn't Asian. Nevertheless, turning the demolition into a rich man's circus seems to be what governments of all stripes do when they need to create massive sports arenas.
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post 4th Apr 2014, 07:46am
Post #23

Settling In
Posts: 14
Joined: 20th Feb 2009
Member No.: 6,565
Crazy idea, not surprised where it came from, am surprised that even they thought of it.
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post 4th Apr 2014, 07:57am
Post #24

Posts: 1
Joined: 18th Feb 2011
Member No.: 10,497
I was in Dundee last summer when they demolished the flats in Hilltown, I was at Morrisons off Forfar road, probably about 2 miles from the site. I stepped outside and the dust and grit and smell was just horrendous. Everyone got covered in it, the cars in the carpark were covered in it. This was the aftermath of just two blocks being imploded.

I am embarrassed at the government's decision to use this as a gimmick at what should be Scotlands proudest day this year.

I fully agree they need to be demolished as they are not a petty sight as they stand just now but why oh why would anyone suggest it be done in this fashion.

I spent a lot of my childhood in the flats as my gran lived there and I find this disrespectful.
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post 4th Apr 2014, 08:04am
Post #25

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 15,233
Joined: 2nd Aug 2003
From: Glasgow
Member No.: 235
My response to this news was WHAT!!!!! angry.gif I just don't know what to make of it. Other than the fools have taken over the asylum. A bit like the UK Government..
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post 4th Apr 2014, 08:16am
Post #26

Posts: 6
Joined: 1st Feb 2009
Member No.: 6,486
I've always been proud to be a Glaswegian, but I think I'll be keeping my head down from now on. Don't they realise this will be seen all over the world? It must be the worst idea they have ever had. OK they have to come down, and it will save them spending money on entertainment, but why not just show scenes of the Scottish Highlands, I'm sure that would be much more entertaining and a lot cheaper.
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post 4th Apr 2014, 08:18am
Post #27

Super City Key Holder
Posts: 896
Joined: 21st Jul 2004
Member No.: 1,280
I have signed the petition. Although I haven't lived in Glasgow for many years, I fail to see the connection between these "events". A bit of dignity, please.
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post 4th Apr 2014, 08:22am
Post #28

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 9,193
Joined: 3rd Mar 2009
From: Brigadoon
Member No.: 6,611
I doubt there is any asbestos in these buildings as they have long since been stripped out to a bare shell.

Notwithstanding that, I am at a loss to understand how these two events could logically be put together. Who in their right mind would think that anyone outside Glasgow would have any interest in the demolition of the Red Road flats, or that the event is in any way a cause for celebration.

I keep thinking the council has run out of ways to embarrass us, and they keep proving me wrong.

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans (Woody Allen)
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post 4th Apr 2014, 08:37am
Post #29

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 1,279
Joined: 22nd Jan 2007
From: Edinburgh Road
Member No.: 4,353
Shameful.... absolutely shameful!! Do these people have no shame.

How can this be allowed to happen increased 5 times??
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post 4th Apr 2014, 08:39am
Post #30

Mega City Key Holder
Posts: 4,104
Joined: 27th Oct 2009
From: Home in the`burbs.
Member No.: 7,675
What I would like to know,what I would pay money to know is WHAT is the name of the person who put up this proposal in the first place.Let that person show him/herself and we the citizens of Glasgow will know who is responsible for bringing ridicule on this great city and who has single handedly turned the whole Commonwealth Games scenario into a farce.
After the Olympics and the soccer World Cup the Commonwealth Games is censored.png the biggest worldwide sports event and this is the best they can come up with.Proprietary stops me using stronger language.
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