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  Replying to Scottish Independence
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
bilbo.s Posted 25th May 2018, 06:44pm
  Today I've heard a lot from Unionists putting Scotland down.
The old story of too wee too small too Stupid.
And actually if Scotland doesn't vote for Indy next time they might have a point😣
Scots are always told we are a financial burden that we are paid for by the mainly English population that has come to signify the true voice of Anti Independence sentiment😣
We are told it's our fault the national debt is high we get far to much from the Barnett formula!
Truth is Scotland is the only region of the UK making the UK money.
We trade at profit we export more than we import to the tune of 4.7 Billion.
Down South in deepest London it tells a different story.
England don't trade at profit they have a deficit of -122 Billion they import more than they export.
Not very conducive in terms of Brexit and even more stupid when in deficit to cut trading relations with the World's biggest trading zone.

As for the Barnett formula it doesn't account for resources stolen and as a Scots man I would rather have 100% control of our Oil Gas Whisky and Alcohol industries.
Another thing the Barnett formula gets cut every year.
Yet Scotland is in profit🤔🤔🤔
Yes that's right when the cost of living has risen to 35% the pound has fallen all because of a made up word of Brexit yet the Barnett formula doesn't reflect that.

Again the Queen allowance was increased and the Queen was recently given 470 million to do up her Council house.
Because do you really expect the Queen to nip over to Barbados and take some off shore change out her off shore accounts😣
Witch is regularly topped up by the UK tax payer!
Don't forget 1 family in London get more money than 5.4 million Scots!

The National debt is nothing to do with Scotland.
Scotland doesn't lose money it makes money🤔
Scotland can't borrow and has no say how much is borrowed and where it is spent🤔

The Bank of England Governor in 2014 told us we can't have the pound.
It's partly ours but we can't have it😠
Fast forward 4 years and he's encouraging a shared pound in the event of Scottish independence.
I say NO let's have our own currency because no newly independent country should have to shoulder the responsibility of 3 failing UK economies!

So truth be told Scotland has managed to protect its people better with only 18% control compared to Westmonster with 100% control we don't cost money we are the only country making money!

This is before Brexit has even started.
So next time a unionist or Arrogant Anti Independence English man or woman tells you Scotland is too small too Stupid.
Ask what does the Union bring to the Table?
Ask who will make up the 4.7 Billion black hole?

They forget they can't use the arrogance of 2014 they still think they own us and we will do as we were told!

They are in for a big surprise today because the Growth report shows that Independence over Brexit is not just the morally best option for Scots it's financially the best option for Scots!

So over to you Theresa May to save the Union you need to convince Scots that Brexit will be a better option than Independence.
She can't convince her own Party so I don't see her having much luck🤗

2014 was a Political want the next ref is a constitutional must lose that we lose our Parliament our EU status our economy probably...
Win independence we lose none of that we gain powers and control and given how well our Government in Holyrood has done we have a much better outlook and a Party that Delivers!

So Independence is close and this time we have the high ground the advantage the momentum.
This time the Union can't say we will be better off!
We can get Independence in fact we will claim independence.
Soar Alba
JAGZ1876 Posted 23rd Apr 2018, 04:11pm
  If you only get your news from the Scottish media you'll not have heard about this. angry.gif

wombat Posted 19th Mar 2018, 08:08pm
bilbo.s Posted 19th Mar 2018, 07:27pm

More for my fans! tongue.gif
bilbo.s Posted 12th Mar 2018, 07:23pm
Attached Image
carmella Posted 11th Mar 2018, 02:13pm
  We would be having a dinner that lasted hours. I tried to click on the 'quote', however, as with other features on the GG I have been unable to use it for a long time, and I can't be bothered changing my browser which works fine with the many other sites I'm on.

Hmmmm, maybe we have Chinese gremlines at my end - wouldn't surprise me.
bilbo.s Posted 8th Mar 2018, 02:00pm
  Wings over Scotland hits the nail on the head, as usual:-
JAGZ1876 Posted 7th Mar 2018, 10:14pm
QUOTE (carmella @ 7th Mar 2018, 10:02pm) *
Hi Jags, - there is no 'finally admit' to deal with, I have always known.

I can't wait for Brexit to finally come, although I will probably be deed and burit long afore it happens.

Oooops wrong thread - still never mind eh!

You... so you always knew the difference between Scotland in the UK and how it would be as an independent nation in the EU. yes.gif

If you don't have long to live then why do you want your family that will be left to suffer the fall out of the disaster that is your Brexit?

I'd love to buy you dinner (obviously not Chinese) to discuss your views. wink.gif
carmella Posted 7th Mar 2018, 10:02pm
QUOTE (JAGZ1876 @ 7th Mar 2018, 09:29am) *
You're a real wind up merchant Carmella, i knew you had this information. laugh.gif

So will you finally admit you know the difference between the two unions and Scotland's place within them?

Hi Jags, - there is no 'finally admit' to deal with, I have always known.

I can't wait for Brexit to finally come, although I will probably be deed and burit long afore it happens.

Oooops wrong thread - still never mind eh!
JAGZ1876 Posted 7th Mar 2018, 08:18pm
QUOTE (wombat @ 7th Mar 2018, 07:25pm) *
laugh.gif stodgy 300 y/o horseshit M8 yes.gif

And then some. biggrin.gif
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