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  Replying to Political Correctness Craziness Must Stop!
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
john.mcn Posted 15th Dec 2017, 09:16pm

angel Posted 8th Sep 2017, 11:38am

The Canadian passports will now have an extra section
for those holders who do not care to claim gender identity ,
just mark the space with an " X " ,seemingly this is to
cut back on gender discrimination.

Personally , I don't think transgender people is such a big deal
just one of those human quirks that has been around for
centuries , and anyway in this day and age ,dress is optional and
also not all transgender people are trans-sexual .
" To each their own I would think" .

TeeHeeHee Posted 8th Sep 2017, 10:00am
  Time flys Taurus, ... 69 years ago my elder sister was turned out into a winter's street when she was pregnant, or no' weel as they said back then. She had to have a special licence to marry being under 16 in Scotland at that time.
She and her man were still together last I heard; a few short years ago.
She was really my foster sister as I too was a Glasgow child of the war years, born in a home for unwed mothers who never got to know his natural mother who came from a big family in Milton area with three woman on the same street all baring the same family name and forenames.
Probably a deeply religious family too with traces reaching to Ireland.

With 18 offspring (and counting) to the third generation I'm pleased to note that at least the half of them are keeping up the tradition that started with their great-grandad laugh.gif
taurus Posted 8th Sep 2017, 03:59am
  I couldn`t agree more Tee Hee,the perfect family only existed in the 50`s TV sitcoms. It`s just that I miss the innocent days,when kids were oblivious to the darker side of life,(well some of it,there was plenty of dark stuff in Bridgeton),but different to todays ,which the PC brigade want paraded out every 5 minutes a new demand.
And away back when you`re talking about,a baby born out of wedlock was often claimed to the the granny` s to save face. Somehow that took a 360 turn and the kids now attend the wedding. Too late for the poor dear girls who killed themselves rather that face the shame and the big leather belt of the patriarch.
TeeHeeHee Posted 8th Sep 2017, 12:11am
QUOTE (john.mcn @ 7th Sep 2017, 07:49pm) *
Think that might be called the ISS wink.gif

Honest? wink.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 8th Sep 2017, 12:08am
  Taurus, going back a good 57 years now I had a catholic girfriend; and me being a prod rolleyes.gif an aw, who at the age of sweet 16 learned that the big sister (who used to bully her) with whom she lived with her mother (who used to bully her) was really her mum and the mother she thought she had was really her granny. I know it's a completely different kettle of fish but different generations have their own ways of screwing up their young peoples minds.
taurus Posted 7th Sep 2017, 09:41pm
  What kind of mental world are we bringing our next generation into ?. Transgender ,there`s a new word,out in the open ,in everyday use,used to be such people hid away in the closet,and the young folk knew nothing of it,quite right too with so much other learning to do,the 3 "R`s" for a start,now the very people who should be protecting their minds are filling it up with this rubbish.
My grand daughter had a friend with 2 mummies whose relationship is over,and the this young girl 18 is completely screwed up in her head,what should have been a terrific young girl growing in to a lovely young woman,is now a friendless pariah at school,she can`t communicate with her peers. I suppose because i`m "ordinary",I feel the blame is squarely on her unusual upbringing,in this day of anything goes. And all the PC bull*** ,now they want to pull down Captain Cook`s statue,and do away with Australia Day. The social media has a lot to answer for,like all good ideas that start out well,it has become the demon in this,for the amount of damage it`s done .
john.mcn Posted 7th Sep 2017, 06:49pm

Think that might be called the ISS wink.gif

TeeHeeHee Posted 7th Sep 2017, 06:35pm
QUOTE (john.mcn @ 6th Sep 2017, 07:45pm) *
Looks like mocking ISIS is now offensive to some ...

Of course it is!
Whit have those heroic astronauts ever done tae deserve such treatment?

Attached Image

john.mcn Posted 6th Sep 2017, 11:21pm

Not often you are right Jagz and you are wrong once again. If you had an ounce of unbiased viewpoint in yer nut you would see that it wasn't an SNP bad story, it was a ridicolous PC Nonsense story that panders to a supposed minority by forcing everyone to conform whether they like it or not. If you checked the previous stories you would see that they weren't about your beloved party or leader either. I only mentioned that idiot from Edinburgh because she targeted that MP simply because he was a Tory and shamelessly used the little girls pink Jacket to do so. If the elected politician was a member of any party or none I would still have used it as an example of this Gender garbage being put out by stupid people. That you are here trying to claim that I am just posting it as SNP bad (over 2 weeks after it happened) just shows the depths you go to excuse any 'bad news' about the SNP.
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