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  Replying to Songs We Sang As Kids
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
*marion* Posted 30th Sep 2012, 06:00pm
QUOTE (vgourlay @ 7th Nov 2005, 11:48am) *
Wee chookie birdie lo lo lo
laid an egg on the windaesole
the windaesole began to crack
wee chookie birdie quack quack laugh.gif

im sure my ma wrote that about the wee chick that roamed oor hoose
this one to
wee hen in the mornin sittin in the street
a wee lassie was passin buy and noock it oaf its feet
the pair wee thing wis hunary she micht of laid it alane
cause miny a mornin it laid an egg fur me an ma ma wee wain

*Cameron* Posted 8th May 2012, 05:36am
  As I was walking doon the lane, blaw'n ma penny whistle,
A bogey man ran after me and stole ma penny whistle,
Ah asked him fur it back, he said, "Ah huvnae got it!"
Ah said, "Aye, aye, aye, yer tellin' a lie, ah see it in yer pocket!"


Ally bally, ally bally be,
Sittin' oan yer mammy's knee,
Greetin' fur a wee boabee,
Tae buy some Coulter's candy.

Coulter's candy a penny a lump,
That's the stuff tae make ye jump,
When ye jump yer sure tae fall,
Ally bally and that's not all.
mlconnelly Posted 9th Feb 2012, 01:58pm
QUOTE (Guest Jan * @ 24th Feb 2008, 07:53am) *
A way down upon the Swanee river
were I fell in with a splash
along came a little alligator saying
"Britannia Britannia yer maws making jam,
Chinese sausages and Belfast ham!

I bought some Belfast ham from my local butchers the other day and have been trying to remember this song ever since, all I could remember was the last line. This must be one the the best threads yet.
Gardenqueen the song was called Archiebal bal bal (the King of the Jews) and we used to sing this all the time when we where young. Apologise in advance if anyone is offended.
Mary laugh.gif
PS I haven't sang "Two Little Sandy Girls" since I left Pheonix Park Nursery School in 1965.
brit Posted 9th Feb 2012, 01:09am
QUOTE (stuarty @ 7th Nov 2005, 10:48am) *
murder murder po laugh.gif lis 3 stairs up the wummin in the middle hit me way a cupma heids awe bleeding ma noses awe cut murder murder polis 3 stairs up

Omg! i so remember this...Awesome to remember
P Corry Posted 20th Aug 2011, 10:07pm
QUOTE (gardenqueen @ 14th Nov 2005, 05:45pm) *
There was one, somewhat racist looking back, about a man called Archiebal who bought his wife a pair of shoes and when they began to wear, he began to swear, swear swear.

Anyone recall this awful rhyme?

My sister and I were just discussing this. We used it as a skipping game in the 1950s. Unthinkable today.
*Davy* Posted 28th Oct 2010, 07:55am
  Sung by my Ma to get my goat.

Joined the navy
All he got
Was spuds and gravy

One more Aunty mary verse.

Aunty Mary had a canary
Up the leg of her drawers
And when she farted
It departed
Down the leg of her drawers
slinkymalinky Posted 28th Feb 2009, 10:49am
  I went to a chinese restaurant
to buy a loaf of bread, bread , bread
He wrapped it up in a five pound note
and this is what he said, said, said,
My name is
Ell-i, Ell-i
Chickali, Chickali
Hong Kong Phooey
Willy, Willy, Willy, Whisky
Miss K Posted 10th Jan 2009, 03:12pm
  three craws sat upon a wa
sat upon a wa
sat upon a wa aw aw aw
three craws sat upon a wa
on a cold and frosty mornin

the first craw couldnae flee at aw
couldnae flee at aw
couldnae flee at aw aw aw aw
the first craw couldnae flee at aw
on a cold and frosty mornin

the second craw fell an broke it's jaw
fell an broke it's jaw
fell an broke it's jaw aw aw aw
the second craw fell an broke it's jaw
on a cold and frosty mornin

the third craw was greetin for it's maw
greetin for it's maw
greetin for it's maw aw aw aw
the third craw was greetin for it's maw
on a cold and frosty mornin

the fourth craw wisnae there at aw
wisnae there at aw
wisnae there at aw aw aw aw
the fourth craw wisnae there at aw
on a cold and frosty mornin

curly sue Posted 22nd Dec 2008, 11:46pm
  does anyone remember...

Two wee sandy girls sitting by the shore
crying greeting till their eyes were sore
stand up ...... and wipe away your tears
and who the one you love the most
and thats, and thats, and thats ..... dear.

or this one ...

on a mountain stands a castle
and the owners frankinstien
and his daughter, pansy potter
she's my only valentine

so I call in ..... dear
...... dear, ..... dear
so I call in .... dear and the rest
go out to play, horray!

obviously where the dotted lines are, you would put in the name of your friend.

angel Posted 22nd Dec 2008, 09:51pm
  you are oot ,,,,,means you can go and hide and whoever is left at the end ,has to try and find the other kids...
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