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  Replying to Dugshots: Glasgow's War On Terriers
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
wombat Posted 1st May 2016, 10:42pm
  laugh.gif plenny of room in they johdpurs fer a few haunfies of horse doo doo laugh.gif
Betsy2009 Posted 1st May 2016, 10:22pm
  I've often wondered why people with horses don't have to carry a bucket and spade!
Talisman Posted 1st May 2016, 08:03pm
QUOTE (carmella @ 30th Aug 2012, 02:46pm) *
I would love to know if Lobby Dosser has ever owned a dog?

Does it matter? Or is that a "put down. "I never had a dog" therefore I am not entitled to an opinion on dogs or those who regard them as other than animals?
Melody Posted 23rd Jan 2016, 09:20am
  laugh.gif Wombat.

Mind ye on a very serious and scary point Wombat, it seems that humans are more bothered about picking up shit from the street than picking up human beings from the oceans.
wombat Posted 22nd Jan 2016, 07:10pm
QUOTE (Melody @ 22nd Jan 2016, 06:45pm) *
I thought that I'd heard it all until this morning:-

What a load of .........!

laugh.gif melody they're giving someone a job laugh.gif
Melody Posted 22nd Jan 2016, 05:37pm
  I thought that I'd heard it all until this morning:-

What a load of .........!

Betsy2009 Posted 21st Jan 2016, 10:55am
  Sounds like it's a mix of both - people who don't pick up and no-where to put it if you do pick it up.

I have no sympathy for people who just don't pick up but I have taken the bags home and had to put them in my outside bin because there was no-where else to put it.

Perhaps if more people contacted the council when they saw a full bin it would help.
Perhaps if they were collected and 'disposed of' on the council steps it would help.
Perhaps if people asked for dog bins in a particular area it would help.

Have to be careful though in case the council simply bans all dogs. No drinking / no smoking / no dogs!
GG Posted 21st Jan 2016, 01:04am
QUOTE (Betsy2009 @ 15th Jan 2016, 10:55am) *
Sorry - don't understand the problem.
The value of the fine doesn't really matter.
It's just part of having a dog.
If it does its business - pick it up - no fine - easy!

Have a wee look at the photos in this recent topic, Betsy. As I explain in my post in the topic, the problem is NOT that dog owners don't pick up dog dirt, it is the fact that the council policy of not installing proper dog fouling bins so that the dog owners can properly dispose of the mess they do pick up.

Other councils installed proper dog dirt bins; our council bosses just couldn't be bothered, because they saw yet another money-spinning scheme that will keep them in the affluent manner they have become accustomed to living in.

petunia Posted 16th Jan 2016, 01:05pm
  I like your idea Ashfield. That is the problem there are TOO many irresponsible dog owners it only takes a minutes to pick it up these people would probably be the first to complain if they were walking on the sidewalk and stood on it in all their finery going out for an evening
I have two dogs that go A LOT
Betsy2009 Posted 15th Jan 2016, 04:31pm
  No - I meant that I can't understand why owners can't just pick it up.
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