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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
taurus Posted 31st Jan 2019, 11:40pm
  nice to see you posting Dizzybint,and a different subject ,a change from Brexit etc,(which of course is very serious,and worrying us a lot even although we`re so far away),anyway,I don`t think we have many Bridgeton posters on now,sad about that,for I love reading and writing about where I grew up.
dizzybint Posted 31st Jan 2019, 06:29pm
QUOTE (taurus @ 30th Jul 2012, 11:01am) *
Yes Sheila Howatt lived up the next close to me,a beautiful looking girl dressed like a fashion model. Is she still around do you know?

aye Taurus still alive and living in Reno Nevada ,she married my cousn Matt Brown in the early 50s but moved soon afer to America...her mammy Jenny a bit of a snob but her daddy Jimmy was lovely..
dizzybint Posted 1st Sep 2017, 11:08am
QUOTE (Petrella @ 5th Jun 2012, 12:46pm) *
I was born and raised at 24 Kirkpatrick st.opposite "the geggie" premier picture house.the gents toilet was in the centre of the street with the police box at the right hand side.Sometime there was more entertainment in the street than there was in the geggie especially on a Saturday night when a wee drunk man would challenge two six foot policemen to a fight and get hauled off to the police box to await the black Maria the neighbours would come out in force and shout "leave the wee man alane he wisna'e daeing any thing"Lovely wee Mrs McBride and her daughter Aireen ran the dairy and wee Mrs Henderson had the sweet shop next door where you could buy rhubarb rock and two butter milk dainties for a penny the Elmslie family ran the fruit shop across the road so we were well provided for in our own wee street

I knew Mattie Douglas who lived first close round the corner in Barrowfield st.. we both worked in Gilmour and Deans.
taurus Posted 22nd Jun 2016, 10:18pm
  I just noticed this post "Margaret" on the 29th March 2016. I was in Glasgow on that date,so I didn`t read this until now. You didn`t post anything Margaret,are you a Brigton girl () too ?
*Eileen* Posted 28th Mar 2016, 11:54pm
  Trying once again to find info on my mother Mary McGowan née Callan. Born in 1923 to Isabella Callan née Gray and William Callan. They lived on Grevald Street but my mother never would give us any info as far as siblings etc. She came to the US in the early 1950's and lost touch I guess.

It's very frustrating.
*Margaret* Posted 28th Mar 2016, 11:54pm
QUOTE (Petrella @ 26th Sep 2012, 03:39pm) *
Thanks for jogging my memory Taurus I certainly do remember the wee restaurant in fact they catered for my wedding back in 1951 which was held in a three apartment my Brother in law played the saxophone and the piano.there were few fancy weddings in those days,everything was still rationed after the war even my wedding dress had to be hired from Jane Jove in Bath st.Do you remember the wee woman who used to take in washings in Marquis was tight in those days and anything that earned a few pennies was worth trying,but there were many happy times and it's nice to remember them.Im not sure but was the name of the restaurant Hosie
Guest Posted 24th Mar 2016, 10:26pm
  My mothers Father came from Pentland Place in the 1920/30 era. I dont think it exists now.
christine connor Posted 17th Mar 2016, 11:37pm
  Pentland Place I remember it my great grand-parents lived at 10 Savoy Street from the 1920's till 1960's and my grand-parents from 1920's till just after WW2. I can remember some of the shops but not there names, going through the pen to get to my grt grand-parents house and coming back down when I got my thrupence to spend at the shop just on main street at the pen. We lived in a tenement in Forest Street which was near the gallowgate area, and had an outside toilet on the landing. The buildings at 10 Savoy street were older and had one toilet at the bottom of the close for everyone who lived in it. My grt grand-parents house was burned out by my grt uncle smoking in bed and my faither went to live with my grand-mother in Barrowfield about 1962.
Angela Morgan Posted 27th Sep 2015, 07:36pm
QUOTE (margaret orr @ 17th Feb 2008, 11:01pm) *
I was born in Pentland Place, off the main street in brdgeton, anybody remember it?

dizzybint Posted 31st Jan 2015, 10:39pm
  I went to John st school... and passed Logies.. Weaver to Wearer , Russells, Galls Carsons the jewellers, Cooks... The City Bakers, Blairs butchers and a smashing sationery shop near Tullis street next to the cafe where they made great tablet...and the many pubs of course...At the cross we hid Maxwells sweetie shop.. next to the station.. Brighter Homes wallpaper shop.. a bank then the Cactus Bar.. on the other corner wiz Timpsons shoe to the funeral parlour Considines goin doon Dalmarnock road... Dunsdales before it wiz Woolworths , Dianes hairdressers then further doon wiz Greenlees shoes , a bakers and a lovely light shop nearly facing Heron street.. Further doon the road wiz Carrs shoe shop past the swings. there wiz a Kirkwoods as well.. London road.... from the Cross had a shop that sold bkers stuff, a wee jeweller who sorted watches and a pub, Im sure it was the Station Bar even though there is another one up London road at the Cross.. this one had a door at each end on the london road and Olympia street next to Tommy Gilmours gym... and when they had a lock in and the polis came they would aw run oot the back door..... then it was the Public Halls... then a big factory before the church hall and church at Brook st... facing this was a pub on Heron st corner.. a shop that made interiors but then became the Kleen Eats cafe in the 60s... then Bones the funeral parlour and another shop that sold parts of cars and bikes at the pend.. next ot the railway wall..
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