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> Did Tories Kill 25,000 Glaswegians?, New research points to lethal political attack
post 22nd Jun 2011, 10:47pm
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Disturbing new research by some of the city's most eminent social scientists has concluded that the most plausible single explanation for Glasgow's shockingly high mortality rate is the effect of a sustained political attack on the city by the Conservative governments of the eighties and nineties.

Scientists at the Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) conducted extensive research into a multitude of candidate hypotheses which may account for why thousands more Glaswegians have died than can be explained by the city's endemic poverty and deprivation (a phenomenon widely referred to as the 'Glasgow Effect').

While it has long been known that Glasgow's high death rate from 1980 onwards was largely due to alcohol-related deaths, drug-related deaths, suicides, violent deaths and road-traffic accidents in young adults (in addition to the continuing high rates of mortality for cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke), the GCPH study looked into the underlying factors which resulted in the unique and deadly set of negative health behaviours prevalent in the city.

While acknowledging that further comparative research is required into a complex and multifarious problem, the report on the study concludes emphatically that:
The political attack hypothesis seems best placed to bring together the most likely behavioural, cultural and structural determinants of health into a coherent narrative which can explain the post-1980 mortality phenomenon. This hypothesis suggests that the neoliberal government policies implemented from 1979 onwards disproportionately affected the [...] Glaswegian population, and that this in turn was causally implicated in changing behavioural patterns leading to negative health outcomes.

In short, the report suggests that punitive and vindictive Tory policies "got under the skin" of the Glaswegian population, resulting in many thousands more premature deaths from drugs, alcohol, suicide, road-traffic accidents, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, stroke and cancer, even when compared to other equally deprived cities such as Manchester and Liverpool.

In explaining why the Tory governments were inclined to implement such damaging policies, the report suggests that:
[I]n the years after Edward Heath’s abandonment of his neo-liberal ‘Selsdon agenda’ in 1972, and particularly after the loss of the 1974 General Elections, elements within the Conservative Party planned a political attack against the organised working class – which had proved such an obstacle for Heath. After 1979 this plan was implemented with a high degree of resolve, and with very significant adverse impacts.

Regarding why the policies were most lethal in Glasgow, the report states:
What seems less clear is why other deindustrialised areas of the UK did not suffer in quite the same way as Scotland and Glasgow during the 1980s. On this question, there is evidence to suggest that Scotland was in some ways particularly targeted in the broader UK attack, and in key respects more vulnerable to its damaging effect than other areas – in light of its pre-existing poverty, high dependence on industrial employment, and very high reliance on council housing. There is also some evidential basis to indicate that Scotland had a distinctive cultural response to the political attack – in terms of a national feeling of disempowerment and loss of control.

Full report here:

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