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  Replying to Mp Gets Twiggy Advert Banned
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
murn Posted 30th Dec 2009, 03:47am
  I don't think it should be allowed either and this is from someone that used to be in advertising. It is nothing more than fraud and should be prosecuted.
Used to use Clinique as I was allegic to others but now I could use any old stuff. There are some good things that come with the change tongue.gif Drink the water dont put it on yer face wink.gif
marydee Posted 24th Dec 2009, 06:21pm
  I don't think advertisers should be allowed to make claims that they can't substantiate if they were we would all be buying pills that claim to make us thin, cream that makes us young and shampoos that end baldness. While this may seem trite what happens when a lotion or potion is advertised as being a cure for serious disease, a mental health problem or any condition that requires scientifically tested medication to cure or slow down symptoms. Desperate people often take desperate measures in an attempt to find a cure for terminal illness and ignore medical advice in the process.
junemc Posted 24th Dec 2009, 09:21am
  Anyone who purchases the Bearsden and Milngavie Herald each week, will notice that Jo Swinson has her picture in it every week, grinning like a cheshire cat that has got the cream. Not just one picture but sometimes six!! For all the good she seems to be doing, in and around Bearsden and Milngavie, I would sincerely like to air brush her out of all the pictures. Surely there are more important things in life than this nonsense.
Alex MacPhee Posted 22nd Dec 2009, 07:52am
QUOTE (kerry4652 @ 21st Dec 2009, 11:19pm) *
I cannot stand lulu.

I don't mind her at all, but I was disappointed that she re-invented her accent. Smacks of being ashamed of her roots in Glasgow.
kerry4652 Posted 21st Dec 2009, 11:21pm
  I cannot stand lulu.
murn Posted 21st Dec 2009, 11:04pm
  The Twiggy ad is no worse than most of the other ads out there. This is not to say I agree with it but if they are going to put a stop to it then they should do it across the board. Its everywhere in advertising the retouching in commercials are just as bad. Check out the shiny hair in shampoo commercials and the celebs faces are all retouched. A lot of the commercials these days look more like computer animations.

Check out these two, but I guess as long as they are not trying to sell anything it is ok dry.gif
Even some of the celebs have complained that they did not recognize themselves.
Heather Posted 21st Dec 2009, 09:54pm
  None of those face creams do what we are told they will do for our skin. If they did, we would all still look as we did in our 20s. I wish. laugh.gif

The adverts are a lot of nonsense. That's why I stick to Nivea. smile.gif

I watching a show on TV a while ago that Lulu was on, a show where the hand picked audience could ask questions and another Star told her she looked so young and wonderful.

I had to laugh, as just prior to seeing the show I read in the newspapers about some of those Stars who get Botox and Lulu was one of them.
j.irvine bell Posted 20th Dec 2009, 07:43pm
  Thank goodness our M.P. has more to concern himself with than this trivia from an M.P. from one of the more obvious wealthy areas of our City ( if technically Bishopbriggs is not part of our City it has always been regarded as a wealthy suburb even in the good old Lanarkshire days. ). Try representing the people from Glasgow's East End and then perhaps you will see what really matters and what we the voters want, and in our present case get, from our London M.P.. Wake up and smell the coffee!!
kerry4652 Posted 19th Dec 2009, 11:30pm
  Have you ever wondered why women living on the street are called bag ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nae oil of Ulay fur them.

Mind you ah dae like nivea, hiv tae cake that on on holiday to stop ma napper fae drying oot like a prune
Lennox Posted 19th Dec 2009, 11:30pm
QUOTE (kerry4652 @ 19th Dec 2009, 11:25pm) *
Aye but you still hivnae bought the beer.

Ah thought that baby oil was just fur they massage sessions you talked aboot.

And ah never touched drink til ah realised that face in the mirror was mine.

I said baby lotion not Baby oil, and I just bought a case of 24 of yon German beer for a mere $8.99 us plus $1.26 tax so how does that make yer face look huh.gif
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