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  Replying to Social Engineering In Possilpark?
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
North Canalbank St Posted 19th Oct 2010, 05:28pm
  Saw the programme on BBC Scotland last night about the Prevention Project.

Looked up PPs website, they include the old bevvy in their organized snip snip.
auldbutcher Posted 30th May 2010, 11:05am
  jasus whit next, this stinks o nazi germany where the crippled ,the backward, etc,were aw given a wee jag thus helping wee adolphs dream o racial purity becomeing a reality .

the misuse o drugs? the government wants tae take a closer look at there methadone programme which makes them the biggest supplier o drugs in the u.k.,an here a thing, you ever hear o a junkie that wis weaned aff them due tae this bluddy farce ? naw neither hiv i.

chic chic chic hiv you never heard o live an let live, the rangers supporters hiv ugly children i beg tae differ wan o my son inlaws is a season ticket holder an i can assure you my wee granson is wan handsome little devil ''some say he looks gey like his granda laugh.gif ''and if this happened the wurld wid be a duller place nae gers supporters tae argue the toss wie come the start o the next kickbaw season life widnae be worth livin.
i live fer the wee jousts wie my gers amigos on glesga guide .

sterilise aw wimmen thats a bit drastic, yer talkin aboot the end o the shuman race here you rascal you ,why not just invest in a dozen gross o johnnies you selfish cretin simpills as mah wee furry friend wid say .
less work needed done indoors sounds like mrs chic weres the pantaloons in yer hoose be a man an stick up fer yer rights or read my best sellin book...' how tae subjugate the woman in yer life ensurein her subsequent submission'' bit o a moothful but i kin insure you its flying aff the shelves .

weel by fer noo chic member noo stiff upper lip an aw that wink.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 30th May 2010, 10:55am
  Or sterilize them.
bigdrew Posted 30th May 2010, 10:40am
  Are we not getting too near the formula proposed by Hitler and his Cronies.....?
If someone is different....bump them off...!
Better to start with the Americans who come across here to 'educate us all'.....
Some example, when you look at the coloured communities from New Orleans, whose homes were blown away by a hurricane,.......and there is still no sign of help.....for their own people...!
Best thing to do with all of these Religious and Middle-Class do-gooders from the good ol' US....
charliebhoy Posted 29th May 2010, 04:26pm
  Why not sterilise Rangers supporters as they have ugly children. In fact why not go the whole hog and sterilise all women, then we know we will always be able to afford to go the pub any night we want as there will be no bookings of Daddies taxis, no drain on daddies pockets, less work needing done indoors so the mummy and daddies will be more relaxed and contented. so we can all get blootered and enjoy.
I think I\'ll help with a contribution to this project.
benny Posted 29th May 2010, 10:38am
QUOTE (Patter Merchant @ 26th May 2010, 11:30am) *
I agree with you Benny that "addiction is not an inescapable result of being poor, or of living in a deprived area" . Of course, not all poor and deprived people will succumb to addiction as result of their circumstances. However, much higher levels of poor and deprived peopledo succumb that those from more affluent and more opportunistic environments. . . .

. . .(If nothing else, please spare some thought for your avatar man! tongue.gif)

I am no expert on misuse of drugs, but, by all accounts, drug abuse is also fairly prevalent amongst the more wealthy sections of our society. Presumably, since they are not poor or deprived, poverty and deprivation cannot be the key factor in their drug taking.
I would say this strengthens my contention that taking drugs is a matter of personal choice, rather than one of social pressures.

You're spot on about the avatar though. smile.gif
beth Posted 26th May 2010, 08:03pm
  I am not talking about responsible people who for whatever reason are unable temporarily or even long term, to support their family.. I am talking about totally irresponsible people who keep popping out babies and cannot and will not support them. Toss them in dustbins etc. Mothers who are HIV but living in situations where it is unavoidable to have sexual intercourse. I know at least 8 people who keep popping out babies, they live in the bushes by the beach, smoke the wacky and beg for a living. Their babies are born druggies, with possible birth defects and are taken into care. They refuse to be sterilised, cos maybe the next boyfriend wants a baby. I know of babies of these women who have been sexually assaulted in the first months of their birth, but proof of intent of a crime is non existant. That poor wee soul gets taken into care and a year later another baby is born. Oh yes, in certain circumstances I firmly believe that sterilisation should be forced, not enforced, forced. You have to see it to believe it
TeeHeeHee Posted 26th May 2010, 04:00pm
  Wouldn't dream of it. By why stop there?
Sterilize the unemployed; they only create more unemployed and increase the burden on the already heavily burdened taxpayer.
Sterilize those too who might pass on genetic deficiencies to their offspring thus reducing the cost of maintaining an already burdened Health Service.
Sterilize ... well I'm sure you can come up with a few more, eh?
Guest Posted 26th May 2010, 02:08pm
  I see absolutely nothing wrong with sterilizing certain people in our society, basically, those who don't work, but sponge year after year, producing baby after baby, and who are only a burden on society. It's about time the government got behind something like this instead of acting like powerless numpties when it comes to tackling antisocial behaviour. I'm sick of paying for people like this to be sustained. But I don't mind my money being put towards stopping them in their tracks. Lets face it, most of them probably don't want the babies they conceive anyway. And living in a society where you can get an abortion for no good reason at all, don't bother telling me how right-wing I am.
*patgunther* Posted 26th May 2010, 09:32am
  There shuld be one policy, that comes direct from a GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT. The general public, should make them face up. Unless the public are all together and speak up, you have no chance. It will go straight into the to the Government's too hard basket. If you dont speak up loud and clear, you are not a proud British Person.

Come on, Britain, we came through the seocnd world, so wake up and do something.

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