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Posted by: Barry Cairns 23rd Oct 2010, 04:07pm


Earlier this year I visited the Tenement house in Glasgow, which started me looking for Glasgow books, after finding Up oor close, etc one of the funniest I have read is called The toffs in the tenement, it was very funny and nostalgic, the author is a guy called Ron Windward ( who I hadnt heard of before ) but I would recommend this book if like me you were brought up in Glasgow in the 1960s.

The tenements were a hard place to live and must have been murder for my parents, The Toffs in the tenement only highlights the funny things about the tenements and doesnt dwell on the hardship etc which makes it a pleasent change.

Bridgeton and Castlemilk are heavily featured and the idea of someone from the posh West End losing their money and ending up in a single end flat is hilarious, Ron windward has a website:

I would highly recommend this book to GG regulars, the drunk guy on the bus is hilarious.

Barry Cairns
Ashton, Manchester

Posted by: catherine berrie 24th Oct 2010, 06:58pm

Can't wait to get my hands on it, cheers Barry.

Posted by: Heather 24th Oct 2010, 07:56pm

Thank you for the tip Barry. smile.gif

I'm a reader and I will be looking out for that book as it sounds quite funny and I'll get a good laugh from it. laugh.gif