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  Replying to Kay Street Gunman.....old Springburn..
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*Billy* Posted 1st Jun 2016, 08:39pm
QUOTE (tamhickey @ 2nd Jan 2009, 06:10am) *
I remember this incident, as I grew up in the area, but me and my family were on holiday in Ardrossan when it happened, which was just as well, because the day it happened, a Tuesday, I think, my mum used to go into Springburn to do some shopping and catch up with her friends. I remember she was worried sick in case anything had happened to any of them, and none of them bar one had a telephone. Once she heard the news she had to call and find out if everyone was ok, and thankfully they were. I was only an 8 year old kid, but even at that age I was shocked to think that someone could come in to my community and start shooting indiscriminately at folk. Even now I shudder to think what could have happened.

I was in the swimming baths right next to the close he ran in in Kay st my ma was in the wee hairdressers. If hed have ran in the swimming baths door instead of the close, wed have been dead
---- Billy
Neil Stevens Posted 29th Jun 2013, 11:38am
  It was my wife that was one of the kids in the playground getting shot at.
mlconnelly Posted 21st Mar 2011, 12:17am
QUOTE (valleyboy38 @ 7th Jun 2007, 07:17pm) *
your right A King it was Ross's bar and my mates uncle was charghand of the pub and he was commended by the police his name was James Connelly

Hi valleyboy38, James Connelly was my uncle and he got a bravery medal for his part in the shooting. Which 1 of my brothers or cousins are you talking about and whats you name. Mary
joe devlin Posted 26th Dec 2010, 02:21pm
QUOTE (Guest mARGARET * @ 5th Jun 2007, 01:44 AM) *
I used to live at 19 Kay Steet Springburn next to the baths, my parents were Elizabeth and George Gormanly, who had at that time 6 kids, anyone have any memories of pics plz contact me plz, thanks Margaret rolleyes.gif

I remember this event in Kay Street, I was in the baths at the time, where they locked us in. I had school friends living in this street, Charles and Daniel Donnachie, who I went to school with. I lived in Elmvale Street. I am Joe Devlin now in England the eldest of 5.
TeeHeeHee Posted 16th Oct 2010, 12:03pm
  Not only found the book excerpts interesting but also the web site which showed them, Jimmuck.
Quite a bit of murder and mayhem taking place on the quiet.
Jimmuck Posted 16th Oct 2010, 02:35am
  I went to Selkirk, Ontario, to see a photo of a Scottish Champion Doo' at the Mitchell boys hoose in that wee village
.... I got my photo but, I came home with a book that contains some of the bloodiest murders in Scotland, called

""" BLOOD ON THE THISTLE """ brilliant book and did I ever learn a lot about 'some bad fellas' including the James Griffiths sag that you have been discussing. I recommend this book if only for the Info' inside it's covers ...

"" Bible John Chapter: ""
She needed a break from her busy routine. By 1968, Patricia had a full life: married, mother of a toddler, and working as a nurse at a large hospital in Glasgow, Scotland — all at the age of 25.

Because her husband was a Royal Air Force corporal stationed in England, she and her son had been living with her parents for awhile. They had been happy to look after their grandson when necessary in the past, and so Patricia asked if they'd mind looking after him on the night of Feb. 22, as she'd decided to go out for an evening.

Some of her friends liked to go to the city's Barrowland Ballroom on Thursday nights, when the popular dancehall catered specifically to those aged 25 and up. An evening with friends, dancing (and maybe some innocent flirting) might be just what she needed. Patricia put on one of her nice outfits, fixed her hair and makeup, and walked out into the darkening streets of Glasgow. In Douglas Skelton's 1992 book "Blood on the Thistle," Skelton states that Patricia first went to another dancehall, the Majestic, before going over to the Barrowland later in the evening.

Patricia didn't stand out in the Barrowland crowd that night, so it is difficult to retrace her movements or to identify all her dance partners. Some people later remembered her being at both dancehalls, but they could not provide a lot of details. Apparently, however, she was escorted home by someone she'd met at Barrowland.

CHECK THE BOOK OUT HERE: and I hope you find it interesting?

James Meehan Posted 8th Sep 2010, 08:08pm
QUOTE (greenrizla @ 18th Nov 2006, 02:34pm) *
Paddy Meehan was later jailed for life for the Ross murder. But he spent his time in prison in solitary confinement, loudly protesting his innocence,

Link Expired.

Sorry if this is off subject, but how would I find any relatives if any of Paddy Meehan? He was my granfather.
Mike Hyatt Posted 18th May 2010, 03:49pm
  Just adding my bit as I used to live in the flat where the siege started at Holyrood Crescent. There were a couple of people still living on the street at the time who had been there during the siege and had stories to tell. One was a Yugoslavian lady who live along the crescent and had been in Tito’s partisans, she was busy up a ladder decorating her front room. When she heard gun fire she did not take it too seriously and carried on. It was not until a bullet embedded itself right next to her in the wall that she decided to take cover. An old man was walking up Napiershall St and would not listen to the police to stay back as he needed to get to the shops. As soon as he stepped out from behind the end house bullets started whistling past him and he managed the last 100 yards at a sprint. Apparently bullet holes can still be seen in the end tenement at Burnbank Crescent.

If you want to read the full story about Griffiths, Meehan and who really killed Ross, The Ludovik Kennedy book is a classic, I got a copy off Amazon!

Holyrood Crescent is quiet now, I think, but while I was there was the siege of the ugly dwarf (not my description but one of the neighbours) And a guy got caught up on the roofs trying to break into houses and needed to be talked down by the police as he decided he was going to jump!
*GERRY* Posted 27th Apr 2010, 04:36am
  i was there that day in a shop called skeas on napiershall st just along from hollyrood cres a woman came in to the shop she had been shot in the shoulder then a guy about 30 came in he had been grazed by a bullet his ear was pouring with blood i was about 11
*grifftheone* Posted 18th Mar 2010, 09:43am
  HI my names David Griffiths James Griffiths was my father I no nothing about him but what I read here so can you let me no anyhing you no as I would like to no more you can email me at thanks David Griffiths
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