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  Replying to Ruchill Hospital Bids Close
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GG Posted 19th Apr 2012, 09:53pm
Landmark hospital to be bulldozed after council loses appeal

A historic hospital is to be demolished after the Scottish Government upheld a planning appeal against Glasgow City Council.

Scottish Enterprise applied to the council to flatten the 11 listed buildings which form the Ruchill Hospital site last year so the land could be sold on for housing development.

After the council refused planning permission, the publicly funded body applied to the government to overturn the decision to knock down the buildings on Bilsland Drive.

A spokesman for Scottish Enterprise said the fabric of the buildings had deteriorated so much since the hospital closed in 1998 that it would be impossible to sell the site unless they were knocked down. ...

Full story here:

annepat Posted 12th Nov 2007, 07:45pm
  And Ruchill Park will be changing. The new primary school is to be built in the park, this is to replace 4 existing primary schools. Ruchill Primary, Our Lady Of Assumption, Westercommon Primary are all to re-locate to the new school and I think the fourth school is St. Cuthbert's. This is to take place in the next 18 months. Class sizes have fallen in recent years, so no need for 4 schools when they can house all the kids in one building, don't agree with the location though. I remember a nurse coming off duty from Ruchill hospital was dragged into the park in broad daylight and raped. when my kids were young, I had them up the park playing on the swings when a man flashed at us , what would have happened if a kid had been on their own? shudder to think
annepat Posted 12th Nov 2007, 07:38pm
  I totally agree, I was a tenant with Glasgow City Council and then when the stock transfer took place then became a tenant with Glasgow Housing Association. of which I still am. Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), promised for every house that they demolished another social rented house would be built in it's place, all lies I have to say. All the houses demolished in Ruchill Street, Shuna Street and Hugo Street have been or will be replaced with private property, not one house re-built is for social renting sector.When they eventually get round to re-building the Botany area, there will be 347 house/flats built of which only 40 are for the rental sector. Damn disgrace, GHA have sold us all down the river, what about future generations who can't afford to pay extreme amounts for decent housing, what happens to them. Maryhill and Ruchill is now being called the "New West End" due to the type of housing , not to mention the cost of this housing being built, is this to force people who can only afford rented accomadation out of Glasgow. In doing this they are splitting families and communities. Lots of young people are now relying on grandparents to tlook after the children so they can both work, return to old times. But if they are forced to move away that bond will be lost
Alex Saville Posted 27th Mar 2007, 07:56pm
  I have no quarrel with anyone who wishes to buy their own home. I do have a quarrel with politicians who know-
That social housing is in short supply in this city.
That know many people are homeless.
That change the zoning plans to enable developers to make a fast buck.
Ruchill hospital grounds are community property, therefore the hospital grounds, if surplus to requirements, should be used for the benefit of the community. If the grounds must be developed for housing, then that should be housing for the local community, not an opportunity for private developers to profit from community property!
That has not happened with Canniesburn or Belvidere hospital sites. Ruchill is next. When the council get the transport museum at Kelvin Hall closed, which lucky private developer will get that site!
marydee Posted 25th Mar 2007, 05:50pm
  If Glasgow Residents Network cites the average price of a house in Glasgow then they must complete the statistical picture and also cite the average wage. I have stated quite clearly that I fully understand that not everyone has the desire or the income to buy their own home and I have argued that social housing must be there for them. I also have also stated that I believe all social housing should be of good quality, modern and energy efficient and while it would be nice to include it in all new developments the reality of an economy, based on market forces means that if those who can afford to buy houses do not wish to live where social housing exists then demand for new developments, where it is included, drops. This means less profit for the men with money, who back these developments and they go elsewhere.
maggie hen Posted 25th Mar 2007, 02:22am
  Hi,Glad you all got your feeling's out about Ruchill hospital,I have just read back on all the post.Its time to move on here i think.I know people are up-set about it and other's are happy about it,But in life we have to move on i think.Iam buying my own house this year and its not in Glasgow,its in Midlands a place called Rugby,I canny wait to have my own house and do it up the way i want.So good luck to all people who buy the house's in Ruchill hospital site,I for 1 wish them
Glasgow Residents Network Posted 17th Mar 2007, 11:26pm
Does this mean that there is no requirement in the policies of the City Plan and the Local Development Strategy for inclusion of social housing?

Yes, that's exactly what it means, and that's in common with other local development strategies.

I went to some of the public meetings held during the consultation on the Forth and Clyde local development strategy. I was told having social housing was not up for discussion, there would be none built along the canal. That was in direct contrast to the findings of the survey commissioned by the council before they published that LDS, which found although most people didn't want housing along the canal at all anyway, if it was to be there it ought to include plenty of social housing.

This city is run in a totally undemocratic fashion. As for the comments of Marydee, the average house price in Glasgow is around the 120k figure these days. You say that people working and earning minimum wage (and bear in mind we have over 20% unemployment in Glasgow) could afford to buy a house. I'd like to find those people and ask them for some financial and savings advice - those guys should have a money advisory programme on the tele. For a couple both earning minimum wages a house of 90 grand (and that's hard to find) would be about five times their annual income. Given that most people on those kind of wages tend to have precarious jobs, and/or debts as it is I think it would be a seriously dumb investment.

The reality is that this city needs more high quality social housing, not less, as currently there is a huge demand for it.

As for Ruchill Hospital... What a travesty. I'd like to ask folk if they had a clean slate to renovate a historic building like Ruchill Hospital and do anything you liked with it, for the benefit of the community what would you have done with it?

Very interesting to read Alex's comments. I pass by Cowlairs park on a regular basis. You can visibly see the potential of that place for the community. The view's beautiful, and it's a great space, but they've left it to rot, to be used as a haunt only by smack dealers and drug couriers and now they want to build housing on it. It should be a citywide disgrace. I agree too about your hospital comments and the Forth and Clyde Canal LDS stuff with the housing by the Whisky bond. The Glasgow Residents Network published a short examination of a lot of this a few months back. It's on our website:-

Too often communities are being overlooked and stuff like this slips in, but if there is no organised bodies like decent local residents groups to fight their community's corner then it's a case of a fait accompli from the begining. We need to build strong and active residents associations right across the city.
Alex Saville Posted 16th Mar 2007, 10:31pm
  I haven't been on the site for a couple of weeks, therefore I didn't read this before.

At the time of the last general election, I spoke to Clr Allan Stewart of Cowlairs ward at the Springburn Shopping Centre on the very subject of this hospital. His explanation was that the council couldn't do anything with it so it was better to be re-developed. When I pointed out to him there was considerable disquiet in the community about the fact there was no social housing in the proposal, his response was that there were other social housing projects in the area. The fact that it was small scale didn't seem to bother him.

Here in the part of Springburn where I live, Cowlairs, we have the old Cowlairs Park that was abandonded by the council many years ago. The proposal is that housing will be built on it. The private builders will be in the majority, social housing will be on a smaller scale, a sop to the local community. The council has also re-zoned ground next to a whisky bond from industrial use to housing use, this will allow the developer who owns it to make more money from their property than they would make from industrial use. Since the Cheapside St bond fire many years ago, I don't recollect housing sitting cheek by jowl with a highly combustible neighbour.
All round this city, hospital sites have fallen to the property developer. Cannisburn, (Where the developer was supposed to provide social housing and didn't, they paid off the local authority with money to build social housing 'Somewhere else!'.) Belvidere, and now Ruchill, for example.

The property developers best friend, Greater Glasgow Health Board, would dearly love to close the Victoria Infirmary on the south side, Stobhill is being nibbled away at, the hospital's at Yorkhill are under threat. They would be happy if they could bus the ill and infirm into another area if they could save more money for their salaries and perks!

When the council was forced by the goverment to give up it's housing because of it's debt, the property was handed over to the GHA, (Glasgow Housing Association), this was supposed to herald a new era in Glasgow's housing. Instead, the council still holds the reins in an arms length fashion. Communities Scotland, who provides funds for social housing building, wants housing associations to be bigger. That means small area community's who want to build houses for local people are overlooked in favour of a larger organisation. No hope for local aspirations, better to be big and impersonal! Empire building is better than local building. Sadly, in time, this will mean a return to large organisations just like the council who don't care about local people or their needs, hopes, and wishes. Already we read in newspapers about GHA and their tenants coming into conflict because of a lack of interest in local peoples needs. What goes around, comes around!

scotsbloki Posted 14th Mar 2007, 10:57pm
  ok i got the website address for people that may want to check out the hospital as it is now.its been closed now for 9/10 years and has fallen into serious disrepair.check it out here
scotsbloki Posted 13th Mar 2007, 11:14pm
QUOTE (lindamac @ 12th Mar 2007, 02:16 PM) *
biggrin.gif aye yer right there Maggiehen we need tae move oan with the times spose & as ye say we cnnot lose our memory just cos it isnt there can we.Good point.

hiya guys. i live in the new houses opposite the hospital and had an interesting read at all the posts.i think people are generally getting the wrong idea of ruchill and area surrounding the hospital.ive moved over here from the southside and have been here now for 5 years and i have to say that they have been very enjoyable.The area has undergone major redevelopment with the new flats/apartmarments being built along the canal and the other 3 housing sites currently being built.the google earth maps that people have mentoined are at least 3/4 years old and much change has happened in that time.

As for the hopsital,im very much looking forward to the redevelopment of it and will probably be having a look at it myself when it gets underway.Although going by the prices of the latest wimpey development in ruchill, i think i had better start saving hard now!!! Oh, by the way i came across a website with pictures of the hospital as it stands now.i'll get the website address for folk that may be interested and i'll post it later.
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