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> Oh Memories That Bless & Burn, Unpalatable, but they're mine
post 27th Sep 2003, 07:49am
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"Oh memories that bless and burn" - line from "The Rosary", a lovely song of yesteryear.

Anne from Oz posted a lovely poem on "Thoughts of Home" - her personal feelings, & you'll find it here
I replied commenting on her lovely words. And it started me thinking about my own past memories. In my case, alas, these memories are limited to Glasgow alone. Maybe that's my problem, or maybe I'm just twisted. Margaret P. also posted some memories of Glasgow here -
[this URL looks suss, the topic's "My Glasgow" in General Chit Chat]
and that's a well-known poem, very evocative of the "old" Glasgow.
Times WERE hard & our parents did their best for us & we're grateful to them for their worthwhile struggles. I'm not denying that for a minute.
But the Glasgow I personally remember was far less rosy. I posted this before - and here again, in all its glory, I give you -

Farewell to Glasgow

Oh, where is the Glasgow Ah used tae know?
The tenement buildings that let in the snow
Through the cracks in the plaster the cauld wind did blow
An' the waater we washed in wis fifty below
We read by the gaslight, we had nae TV,
Hot porridge for breakfast, cauld porridge for tea
Some weans had rickets an' some had TB

Aye, How the neebers complained if we played wi' a baw,
Or hunch-cuddy-hunch against somebody's waw,
It we played kick-the-can we'd tae watch for the law,
And the polis made sure we did sweet bugger aw

And we huddled thegither tae keep waarm in bed,
We had nae sheets or blankets, jist auld coats instead,
An' a big balaclava tae cover wur head,
And 'Goad, but it's cauld' wiz the only prayer said

Noo there's some say that tenement living wiz swell.
That's the wally-close toffs who had doors wi' a bell,
Two rooms an' a kitchen an' a bathroom as well.
While the rest o' us lived in a single-end hell

So wipe aff that smile when yi talk o' the days.
Ye lived in the Gorbals or Bridgeton ways.
Remember the rats an' the mice ye wance chased.
For tenement living wiz a bliddy disgrace.

These are MY memories, though things started to improve just before we left. I can confirm this poem with depressing true stories from my childhood, but enough's enough - & I was far less deprived than some of my school mates & that's no lie.

So are we somewhat in denial re "the days that never were"? Should we be ashamed of the bitter truths? Or should we not also recognise & celebrate the harsh realities & the strength of the human spirit in overcoming these? [Tommy Kennedy, where ARE you - I'm gonna be flamed to the hottest depths of hell for this post]

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