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  Replying to Labour Routed In Glasgow
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
john.mcn Posted 16th May 2017, 07:37pm
  Wasn't Natalie McGarry charged by police?
Dykejumper Posted 16th May 2017, 03:03pm
  Now we have Tasmina Shreik under a cloud for professional misconduct, bit of a political butterfly is TS as the SNP is her third party. She once said Fat Eck should hang his head in shame so she does have that as a redeeming feature.
JAGZ1876 Posted 7th May 2017, 03:11pm
QUOTE (Dykejumper @ 7th May 2017, 02:22pm) *
Would that be the same SNP who lost 2 M.P.s because of alleged financial irregularities and who have a third still under investigation?

Have any charges been brought, do tell?
Dykejumper Posted 7th May 2017, 01:22pm
  Would that be the same SNP who lost 2 M.P.s because of alleged financial irregularities and who have a third still under investigation?
fourbytwo Posted 6th May 2017, 12:17pm
  ....Here's hoping the SNP fully investigate, all the fiddles and funding side-swiping from the Labour Council.....will probably find a whole plethora of similar manipulations of budgets, to cover more illegal activities..... rolleyes.gif
GG Posted 6th May 2017, 09:30am
  Labour is now utterly humiliated in Glasgow at UK, Scottish and city level. The inept and corrupt regime that allowed this city to crumble and its people to suffer has now been ousted from every level of power in Scotland's largest and the UK's most deprived city.

Labour ousted from Glasgow for the first time since 1980

Nicola Sturgeon has hailed a “fantastic” series of council election results after the Scottish National party won the most seats in Scotland’s four largest cities, unseating Labour in its former heartland of Glasgow.

The first minister said the wins gave her party “a clear, emphatic election victory”, but the results failed to meet pre-election expectations, with the SNP unable to win any overall majorities in the face of a surge in support for the Conservatives.

After ending 40 years of Labour domination in Glasgow, and becoming the largest party in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee, Sturgeon said her party now had “a spring in our step and the wind in our sails”.

She added: “This is a fantastic election victory for the SNP, coming off our election victory last year and the one in the general election the year before that. It gives us a great launchpad for the general election in a few weeks’ time.”

And just a few days ago, confirmation that when thousands of people in the city resort to Food Bank usage, the Labour party was still rewarding the useless chums it had placed in positions of power throughout the city...

Top salaries rise at Glasgow City Council despite cuts

Top earners at Glasgow City Council and the authority’s spin-off companies have seen their salaries rise significantly despite serious cuts to council budgets, the Ferret can reveal.

The number of Glasgow City Council employees earning 60,000 or more rose from 85 earning collectively 6,829,763 in 2013/14, to 91 taking home 7,473,187 in 2015/16, according to figures released to The Ferret under Freedom of Information law.

Annemarie O’Donnell, Glasgow City council chief, had a total remuneration of 180,894 in 2015/16, up from 166,335 the previous year, according to Glasgow City Council’s annual accounts.

Total remuneration for Glasgow City council’s senior employees rose from 1,068,109 in 2014/15 to 1,146,118 last year.

Five other staff on the Labour-controlled council – Scotland’s largest local authority – earned over one quarter of a million pounds including heads of the financial, corporate, education, and land and environmental services [...]

norrie123 Posted 22nd Feb 2017, 11:14am
  I wont hold my breath
Bye for now, norrie
Dykejumper Posted 22nd Feb 2017, 12:41am
  No doubt that the outcome will probably be that there is insufficient evidence of malpractice.
GG Posted 21st Feb 2017, 11:41pm
'Malpractice' claim at (Labour) Glasgow City Council

Police have met senior figures at Glasgow City Council amid allegations of malpractice, it has emerged.

It follows claims of cronyism within the land and environmental services department.
A long-running internal investigation has been looking at a number of issues, including alleged procurement irregularities.

The department's executive director resigned last November.

Police Scotland said their inquiries were at an early stage.

BBC Scotland understands officers have taken an interest in issues that arose through Glasgow City Council's internal investigation and that the local authority would be willing to co-operate with police.

It is also understood that a meeting took place recently between the council and police and that some of the issues spoken about involved people outside the council. [...]

Full story here:

Talisman Posted 4th Nov 2016, 09:49pm
QUOTE (Stevenjow @ 2nd Nov 2016, 10:18pm) *
Lets hope for more of the same next year!!

As an almost life long socialist and ardent Labour supporter, I have now come to realise the wisdom and righteous sentiment expressed in the song ( in relation to all labour party reps and pollies)

"The working class can kiss my A%^&#, I've got a bosses job at last" (or at least I have crawled in to my fuzzy warm hive of Westminster).
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