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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
AndyR1 Posted 9th Feb 2018, 07:10pm
QUOTE (Guest Jemima Barrie @ 20th Aug 2017, 01:22pm) *
Hi I grew up in 198 Pendeen Road, Barlanark, we left in 1982 and moved to Ireland, biff mcfall lived underneath us, my name is jemima Barrie anyone here who remembers the Barrie family.

Hi Jemima I knew your older sister Kay smile.gif
*AndyR1* Posted 9th Feb 2018, 07:01pm
QUOTE (Guest Jemima Barrie @ 20th Aug 2017, 01:22pm) *
Hi I grew up in 198 Pendeen Road, Barlanark, we left in 1982 and moved to Ireland, biff mcfall lived underneath us, my name is jemima Barrie anyone here who remembers the Barrie family.

*roy* Posted 3rd Feb 2018, 02:20pm
  I’m hoping that anyone who reads this, from the Barlanark area, may know something about a woman named Cathy Robertson who would have lived there in the early 1960s. From what I have learned she was an adopted child and would be now late 60s early 70s.
juano Posted 16th Dec 2017, 03:00pm
  Does anyone remember Margaret Gormley and john keatings aka Jagsy who lived on Bressay road in the late 70's.
Guest Jemima Barrie Posted 20th Aug 2017, 01:22pm
  Hi I grew up in 198 Pendeen Road, Barlanark, we left in 1982 and moved to Ireland, biff mcfall lived underneath us, my name is jemima Barrie anyone here who remembers the Barrie family.
*pauline* Posted 17th May 2017, 09:27pm
QUOTE (AndyR @ 11th Feb 2012, 08:48pm) *
Hi Heather I see you responed to my Barlanark page ,I went to school with John & Frank McCabe
I also remember May & Arthur ,the middle brother was Joe ,At 1 time I might have delivered your milk as I worked for Pat when I was about 14 ,after that would go to the Greg and fall asleep in class'
Did any of your brothers or sisters have Mrs Kean as their teacher at St Judus ?
We used to steal,totties and roast them when we had bonfires ih the park on Hallhill rd, not sure if you know my sister Jeanette she went to Charlott st next oldest is Bobby remember him going to St Pauls,

John and Frank.
peter.howden Posted 14th Oct 2016, 08:10pm
  Barony of Barlanark,

It has been described as "the halesome parritch, chief `o`Scotia`s food" by the Bard himself, while Samuel Johnston, creator of “A Dictionary of the English Language”; quipped, “a grain which in England is generally given to horses but in Scotland supports the people since at least the 6th century". Of course its Oats, pedigree of porridge they are on about, and although the place we ken as now Barlanark scheme is not as old, however “Barony of Barlanark” it has been around for many a year since 1522, without fear of contradiction.

The inhabitants of both old Barlanark and the so called new Barlanark have and had plenty helpings of the named Scots porridge oats, in their day.

We, who now reside within the boundaries of Barlanark, may not have a grasp of its past antiquity, being a part of a bigger estate in hilly country side, proclaiming one main and strikingly mansion. In this period, scattered around were small meagre dwellings, near hovels of the working folk, proud, but pitifully locked in tied work and accommodation…or so the history book relay, naming W. H. Hill, as the original owner of “Barony of Barlanark” centuries before the big house was built and created

Since the start of mapping the towns, cities and roads, in earnest, there has always been a thoroughfare between the two main towns of Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh, helping this particular estate to flourish and with the ever growing Glasgow. The pronouncement to build housing in the countywide of Barlanark, was taken shortly after the last world war, though development began early 1952 because of figures suggesting changing population.

Although coming under the Greater Easterhouse area and banner, so to speak, I would suggest the folk from Barlanark, think of themselves in this manner with an inner strength of community. We are lucky we have two types of churches and two lively schools, one for special needs, a newly built primary school. A small host of shops where you can be tanned, or tan in a can, if that is you’re wanting plus. A central Community hall varies in use as a local social office and play pen for toddlers, plus sequence dancing which would shame the old Barra-land if not the Plaza.

It can also boast a place where normally two types of people are at odds, but lay in peace in a Jewish, combined Asian crematory. It was a very sad loss when the landmark called and used as “the wee library” was forced to close, due to the halls of power, but even sadder when it was learnt it would be demolished… although everyone accepts that there is a price for progress memories still brings a tear.

The community as a whole, are warm, friendly and helpful, although the area is split by having three land lords who encourage tenant expectation as top priority. When any problems emerge, it becomes obvious, the true spirit of Barlanark, rises to overcome any challenge facing the community. Once again, all becomes one, plainly demonstrated a gritty will for the good of all

Some 18 years ago, when the need for a new style health care became dire apparent to even a blind man with a crooked stick, resulted of all community impute, creating a revolutionary health shop with the proud community, ever ready driving force… backed up by a superb staff. All ran a very successful joined up thinking model, plus aiding the elderly especially.

Unfortunately, displaying apathy to their needs, the “The unseen Authorities?”, somewhere in the cossets, circling the drafty corridors, decided without consultation, to pull the necessary funding away, demanding peoples to travel to Easterhouse Health Centre, a very good establishment …but still some distance away. Another Samuel Johnston quotes is; “Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful”.

Still the population in Barlanark may not be the rich according to money, but you would travel far to find such a genuine happy and helpful population, even in a city famed for friendliness. There is a good bus service that leaves Barlanark…. but more important, there are plenty buses to bring you home.

AndyR1 Posted 18th Apr 2016, 12:11pm
QUOTE (wee kenny strang @ 27th Nov 2011, 01:14pm) *
anyone from Barlanark in the 60's remember playing fitba in the street?
i used to spend days on end kicking a ba aboot in Pendeen Road, very occasionally stopping because a car came along. Played wi Jamie Moreland, Rab Docherty, Joe O'Hara, Pat Brannan, Billy Ashford amongst others. Anyone know of these guys? The only downside was the ba used to go over the fence and down to the railway. Other guys i kicked about with were Joe and Jim Latham, Rab and Brian McLeod, Tam Dougan but there were loads of us, all from Pendeen Road.
would love to hear from anyone who remebers any of us.

yes knew them all but more my older brother John who ran around with all of them we lived at 206 pendeen road
barbiegirl Posted 1st Aug 2014, 10:33am
  I'm looking for a Brain who would be about 67 now. I think he was friends with George Harwood who was a painter & decorator and lived in Barlarnock in mid 60's. Pendeen Crescent to be precise. George was also pals with Jimmy Smith from Cranhill and a guy named Frank. I was adopted in 1966 and my birth dad Brian went to my birth mums door hours too late after I'd been given to a new family. Brian was small only about 5' 5", mid brown hair and dressed as a smart mod. Do these names ring any bells with anyone?

Just wondering also if anyone remembers Brian McMullan, he was in a band in the 60's and possibly came from Garthamlock. Many thanks.
Guest Posted 23rd Jul 2014, 05:06pm
QUOTE (Stewartmac1 @ 6th Jan 2011, 01:34am) *
I'm looking for a guy called John Devlin who lived in Barlanark in the 70's with his family (parents.) We used to work together at James Young Engineering Ltd in Bartholomew St. Glasgow around 1978/9 I'm guessing that he would be in his mid-fifties now & was an avid Celtic fan. I was a 17 year old apprentice & lived in Paisley. I left the area to relocate to Aberdeen around Xmas 1979. He 'treated' me to a night out in the El Paso pub before I left. He doesnt owe me money or anything biggrin.gif....I'm just curious to see how the last 30 odd years have panned out for him! Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Stewart.

He moved to Leicester a few years later & has been there ever since. He comes back up every so often.
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