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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
*Nicole* Posted 21st Jan 2018, 01:05pm
QUOTE (Catherine Logie @ 11th Sep 2017, 07:31pm) *
Do you remember James and Marion McNaught who lived at number 39 Plant Street late 60's early 70's ??

Hi Catherine, I'm trying to track down my family history and I have passenger records that say my Great-Grandfather lived at this address in the 1920s. Do you have any information on the house or who owned it before? His name was Alexander McKay You can email me here.
If anyone else has any information, please let me know. Unfortunately my grandfather doesn't really know a lot about his parents.
Catherine Logie Posted 11th Sep 2017, 07:31pm
QUOTE (Marie Mclean (McCormick) @ 22nd Mar 2009, 12:37pm) *
I was brought up in Plant Street in the 60s. We had an outside toilet and Mum used to fill an old tin bath every Sunday for our weekly bath! We had great fun playing round the midgy bins in the back court. We would play at kiss catch torture and kick the can. Only the very brave would hide in the dungey. I was an only child, so a wee bit better off than some of the larger families, but I remember all of us kids were very happy. My father kept a pony in the old stables on Duke Street. I spent many happy days in there being spoiled by all my dads rag and bone mates and helping with the horses. Oh happy happy days. My summers were spent in Campbeltown. My Mum comes from there and is living there now. She worked in Macfarlane Langs biscuit factory. Our whole family lived in the same close at number 33. All from Campbeltown. Mum used to bring home broken biscuits for all the kids.

Do you remember James and Marion McNaught who lived at number 39 Plant Street late 60's early 70's ??
Violet Stevenson Posted 26th Oct 2016, 09:51pm
  Hi there guys.

I remember living in Plant Street. I was only about 5 or 6 years old at the time. I'd like to know the name of the primary school there that I would have gone to. Money was transferring to the new currency, so I would have been there 1970/1971/72. Plant Street was falling down and we had an outside toilet in the stair. Does anyone remember Plant Street before it was demolished?

Violet Stevenson
William Kerr Posted 14th Mar 2015, 07:28pm
QUOTE (dougmc @ 19th Feb 2010, 03:22pm) *
Hi all from Oz downunder!

Interesting to read your accounts. My great grandparents and their family lived at 594 Duke Street.

Sadly, I guess there may be nothing there anymore.

George McIndoe was a shoemaker and died in 1897. One of his sons George became a builder moved to Oz in 1907 and settled in Melbourne where I hail from!

I wonder if any of you still know of any McIndoe's in the Dennistoun area?

cheers from downunder


Laura Wigglesworth Posted 13th Jan 2015, 08:17pm
  I lived at 134 Ingleby Drive. Does anyone else remember when they demolished Onslow Drive School to make way for the new Whitehill School? They used dynamite to blow up the chimney with all the locals watching from Onslow Drive. It was such a shame as it was a beautiful building.
Guest danny Posted 29th Oct 2014, 09:57am
QUOTE (Elaine cunningham @ 3rd Aug 2014, 10:04am) *
Hi my name is elaine and I stayed in 115 reidvale street I lived there fro 1958-1970 and I remember all to well Nora's and joes oh my god I can't believe it I wish I was still in those days although I am happily married with two boys and one granddaughter please keep in touch.

Hello Elaine did you know the Levetts from Reidvale street?
Elaine cunningham Posted 3rd Aug 2014, 09:47am
QUOTE (kathleenmcaleer @ 8th Nov 2008, 08:44pm) *
The Dennistoun Palais closed as a dance hall but became the Rollarena in late 1965. It became just as popuar as the dancing. I met my husband Danny there on 6/1/1966. His family lived in Reidvale Street and his mum had a wee Shop called "Nora's." Does anyone remember the McAleer's ? We now live in Melbourne but get back "home" every few years.

Hi my name is elaine and I stayed in 115 reidvale street I lived there fro 1958-1970 and I remember all to well Nora's and joes oh my god I can't believe it I wish I was still in those days although I am happily married with two boys and one granddaughter please keep in touch.
Tom McLeod Posted 30th Jul 2014, 01:26pm
QUOTE (Scots Kiwi Lass @ 4th Mar 2008, 03:18am) *
In 1942, I was born at 67 Ballindalloch Drive, Dennistoun, along with several other cousins around that era. My granny - Isabella Walker, lived there for many years prior to this and up until she died in 1975. She had three daughters, Lizzie (my mother), Isa, Annie and Charlotte, and three sons, Robert, Freddy and George. Charlotte died young in 1947 after giving birth to her first child, a daughter called Anne. Anne was brought up by my granny, helped out by our mam and the other aunties. Robert and Rene (his wife) lived at No.67 with granny from the early sixties until the 80's (I think). Sadly, Freddy and George are the only ones of my granny's children still alive

In the photograph, taken outside No.67, Granny Walker is second on the right at the front. Robert is second from the left at the back, Freddy is 4th from the left and Annie is on the right holding one of my cousins (George). Maybe someone remembers the Walkers and it would be great to hear from them.

During and just after WW2, our mam and her three sisters all went back to Granny Walker's to give birth to their babies. My family were living at that time in Maryhill. My sisters and I visited Granny up until we left Glasgow to emigrate to New Zealand between 1959 and 1963. I have memories of a wee burn near Ballindalloch Drive where we used to play, also going for walks to Alexandra Park. It's great to have this topic - I have posted messages before about Maryhill but this is the first about Dennistoun.

All the best from down under.

les thomson Posted 12th Jul 2014, 05:59am
  just found this great wee site biggrin.gif
I i was born in warriston crescent north carntyne, just up the hill from carntyne primary school where i went till starting whitehill junior , we resented the junior bit and preferred onslow lol, (great rivalry between us and whitehill senior lol ).
So our local cinemas stretched for miles , my nearest was the Vogue ,followed by the REX (ABC) couple of hundred yards down cumbernauld road, next nearest was the Park (i thought this was in park street), then as mention the Parade in meadowpark street , the DENNI as we called the next ABC was in armadale street , with the dancing the famous denniston Palaise in hillfoot street , the townhead , parkhead , shettleston cinemas all within easy reach and CAFES ? from the ELITE in riddrie to the Bluebird (it hink) in denniston more than you could shake a stick @ and parks ( our local ALLY PARK in the days when the fountain worked and the ENTERTAINERS were on, boating on hoggy loch ) swimming baths memories galore , , GREAT childhood , GREAT days ,
WHATTA CITY thumbup.gif
Colin Elrick Posted 27th May 2014, 07:23am
QUOTE (*Jill* @ 28th Jan 2010, 12:14am) *
Hi.. I lived at 151 Sword Street between the year 1969 (born) to circa 1977. Our family name was Ryan. Both myself and my older brother went briefly to Thomson Street Primary School. I have great memories of living in Dennistoun and the freedom we had to wander the streets as small kids and the streets were FULL of kids. I believe that all kids from aged 4 became street wise beyond their years.

I remember....
Playing kick the can in the backie.
Dancing and singing on top of the midgie bin housing to entertain all the mums & housewives who were hangin ooot the back windaes watchin.. rolleyes.gif
Shock horror, wandering along the railway line searching for crab apples and having to lie back in the bush when a train passed, OMG.. eating!!! the crab apples which were most probably poisonous with toxic fumes.. haha.
I remember calling everybody Auntie and Uncle in the tenement we lived.
The Bower family that lived downstairs.
My first "boyfriend" Mark Scott who lived on the ground floor.
My best friend Jacqueline Connor who lived across the street. - Where are they now, I wonder.
Playing hide and seek in the condemned tenements in a neighboring street... condemned because they were falling down.. hmmm. .. but yet a wonderful playground at the time.
Hearing the sound of the drums as the Orange Walk paraded down Duke Street and all the kids running for streets to find it, as young at 4!
The best italian ice cream parlor on the corner of Sword St and Duke St. Beautiful classic cafe. I remember it vividly, as I do the owner...a small chubby Italian man with a hint of a Glasgow accent. Total eccentric. Wonderful.
Hearing church bells and running like to wind to catch the scramble (pennies thrown at a wedding for kids to "fight" for..), you and 50 other kids!!
Collecting glass bottles and receiving some pennies for them at the shop, then buying a "poke" of 3 for a half penny sports gums... bliss.
A bull escaping from the slaughterhouse on Duke St and trapping my mum and I in a phone box...Oh.. haha

I have an endless list of events and memories that would shock parents of today to the core, I myself now being a parent. But we survived and I have but great memories of having a carefree, playful, adventurous and fearless childhood.

If there is anyone here who remembers us living there or lived in this neighbourhood around this time, i would love to hear from you.


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