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> Glasgow To Lose Burrell Collection, Sir William Burrell's wishes to be discarded
post 15th Sep 2013, 02:09pm
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It was all supposed to be so different. When Stephen Purcell, the former leader of Glasgow City Council, created Glasgow Life on April Fool's Day in 2007*, he boasted that transferring the management of the city's cultural assets to a private company would benefit Glasgow. Since then, Glaswegians have experienced a reduction in opening hours at our museums and libraries, suffered rising prices at our leisure venues, and had to endure the introduction of entrance fees to exhibitions ... even when those exhibitions consisted mainly of works owned by us.

Last week, however, bosses at Glasgow Life went a step further in imperilling the proud reputation of our great city when they formally petitioned the Scottish government to overturn the unambiguous wishes of Sir William Burrell regarding his generously bequeathed collection. Councillor Archie Graham and Glasgow Life boss Bridget McConnell visited Holyrood to ask the Scottish government to sideline Sir William's deed of covenant that stated clearly that the Burrell Collection should not be broken up and sent abroad.

Missing the main point regarding breaking up the internationally-renowned collection, Graham and McConnell argued that Sir William could not possibly have foreseen the advent of air freight transporation. The two Glasgow Life bosses put forward the most tenuous of cases in spite of the fact that Sir William clearly re-stated and reinforced in a 1953 codicil the conditions of his bequest after he discovered that the council had sent two paintings from the collection to Switzerland – against his written will. In response to the council's (then corporation’s) flagrant disregard of Sir William's wishes, the highly-successful shipping magnate and entrepreneur wrote:

''The Memorandum of Agreement with the Corporation only gives permission to lend items from the collection to any public gallery in Great Britain. That stipulation was made to safeguard the items from damage. Had I known in time it would not have been allowed. It mustn't occur again.''

For its part, the council subsequently gave Sir William an unqualified assurance that ''in view of your strongly expressed attitude to lending you may be assured there will be no further loans overseas, and that requests for loans within Scotland and England will be closely scrutinized, but rarely granted.''

Now, however, using the pretext of the need for the Burrell Collection building in Pollok Park to undergo a ‘George Square-style revamp‘ – apparently there’s a leaky roof – Glasgow Life and council bosses claim that the 30-year-old building needs to be shut to the public for up to five years. During this time, Glasgow Life intends to tout the artefacts in the collection worldwide; thereafter, the company will transport priceless and vulnerable works of art to the highest bidders around the globe.

A growing list of international experts is now condemning Glasgow’s intentions, including Dr Nicholas Penny, the director of the National Gallery in London, who last week said that moving works of art had led to several major accidents, incidents and damage to works, many of which have not come to public attention. In response, Glasgow Life claimed that there had been no damage to any of the (non-Burrell) items shipped around the world in the last five years.

UPDATE 31/12/2014:
Youtube video remembering The Burrell Collection


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