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  Replying to Old Firm Antics: Mountain Or Molehill?
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Mathieson Posted 5th Apr 2011, 08:23pm
  Bigotry 'not unique to the Old Firm'
Brian Ferguson - Scotsman - 5th April 2011

A leading academic has warned Scotland's football authorities that measures to tackle bigotry should not just focus on the Old Firm, after describing the as "completely unacceptable" the behaviour of fans at the Edinburgh derby at the weekend.

Dr John Kelly, an expert in sport and sectarianism at Edinburgh University, said he could clearly hear the singing of offensive chants by both Hibs and Hearts supporters during the match at Easter Road.

He also said he was shocked to witness Hibs supporters close to where he was sitting hurling missiles - including a slice of pizza and a large cup of soft drink - from their seats towards the Easter Road pitch, and at the sight of dozens of Hearts fans leaping over barriers to goad their rivals after snatching a late equaliser.

The Scotsman can reveal 20 fans were thrown out of the stadium for "unruly behaviour" by police or stewards, with a further three arrested for alleged drunkenness and encroaching on to the pitch.

These figures compared to six arrests at the recent Old Firm cup final and 34 at the previous Celtic-Rangers encounter at Parkhead that triggered a Scottish Government investigation into bigotry and violence problems in the game.

The Edinburgh derby disorder flared just days after Richie Towell, on loan at Hibs from Celtic, said he had met more hostility at Tynecastle than at Ibrox as an Irish Catholic.

Hibs last night revealed the club had supplied Lothian and Borders Police with a dossier of CCTV footage of all areas of the club following the disorder, and warned any fans either who were arrested or ejected from the game would be facing a ban from Easter Road.

The force said it would "fully investigate" any complaints received over sectarian, racist, or other offensive chanting.

The behaviour of Scottish football fans has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons over the last month since senior police officers called for Old Firm matches to be played behind closed doors due to the levels of violence that surround the fixture. ...
Dunvegan Posted 3rd Apr 2011, 04:21am
  I may be wrong but I have seen many reports of skin heads and bored middle class soccer fans in England who engage in organized soccer confrontation, accompanied with extreme violence and neo nazi affiliations. There have to my mind two or more movies made about this phenomena. It also has its practitioners in western Europe. As I said I may be wrong but in Scotland this does not seem to be a practice that has any hold on soccer supporters. Sporadic outbreaks of violence among supporters are in no way on the same level as the fore mentioned depredations taking place in other countries.
GG Posted 30th Mar 2011, 08:04pm
Scottish FA chief executive Stewart Regan fears it may take a generation to completely eradicate sectarianism from the Old Firm derby.

Regan was addressing a Culture Media and Sport select committee inquiry into football governance at Wembley Stadium.

"It's a big issue, it's one that's been around again for 100 years or more, and we're not going to solve it overnight," said Regan.

"It requires the need to start at school level and look at education."

At the select committee, Paisley and Renfrewshire North MP Jim Sheridan referred to the issue of sectarianism as "that poison, that sickness".

And Regan insists tackling the problem requires a collective approach, involving Celtic, Rangers and others.

Scottish FA's 'long-term' battle against sectarianism
auldbutcher Posted 30th Mar 2011, 03:49pm
  Hi 4 by 2 and that was a good post mate and on the money .

Take this wee story in the sports pages o the sun the day Ian Murray has warned hibs an hearts stars they face jail if they step oota line in Sundays derby.

The easter road skipper watched police and politicians get invilved in the last auld firm geme . He fears the same thing could happen if there is any bad blood between the Edinburgh rivals during and efter the geme ,which beggars the question will strong tackles or fer that matter any kind o tackle hiv the polis jumping ontae the park ,jasus you coodnae make it up.

P,s i think you meant the SouWester at the corner o Eglington street an Paisley Road West THH it was a great darts shop and had been title holders on many occasions on th other side o the road Harry Heenan who was a darts champion opened a pub ,those were the days when you didnae hae tae mortgage yer hoose fer tae go fer a bevy ,and a guy could smoke at the bar if he wished,didnae smoke mysel but wey i look at it ah man works aw week tae keep his wife an family i reckon he was allowed a few pints an his wee smoke and an oor or to tae shoot the breeze wie some o his china's on a friday night.
fourbytwo Posted 29th Mar 2011, 11:29am
  Thanks to all who read and commented on my submission on Monday, seems that 'another site' proporting to by a Glasgow Site has stopped the same article from me, as being 'Too emotional and Football specific", and like"opening a can of worms".....?
So thanks to GG for continuing to publish material readers are interested in, not just 'professionally geared material' like photography and Glasgow's Buildings.....!
Keep up the banter people..........
Dylan Posted 29th Mar 2011, 10:45am
  I go into the Montford Bar , across from Hampden, on a Friday night for a quick Pint.

They have a Rangers Door and a Celtic Door.Same Bar.

I enter from the first door I come too, the Celtic Door and if any of my Rangers Pals are there they give me laldy. !

I have a Pal who repairs Roller Shutters.

He was called out to a Pub in a West Lothian Village.

They also have a Rangers Door and a Celtic Door.Same Bar.

The shutter on the Rangers door could not be raised at opening time.

When he arrived the Rangers Fans were all standing outside the Pub, they refused to enter via the Celtic Door !!

Probably because they were Bigots !!!!!!

He said the banter was magic, just as it is in the Montford.

auldbutcher Posted 29th Mar 2011, 09:31am
  I wance had a bar tab in The Auld Hoose at the glesga meat market the boss was called Alex ,but here a thing folks the real owner wis Arthur Thomson he wid make the odd appearance accompanied wie ah couple o heavies and they wid go intae the back dookit Arthur wid emerge aboot 10 mins later wie big alex aw smiles and it wis by by fer noo.

I see the unbiased plod who maintains he's neutral when it comes tae politics and fitbaw was having a go at Lennon he disnae mean tae slight Lenny it's just a passing thought my god imagine this guy staunin in court gien evidence agin you ,yes m'lud i saw the plaintiff wan auld butcher topple the double decker bus ower wie his bare hauns unner the central station bridge this caused havoc in Glesga as Argle street wis closed fer some oors ,so help me god m'lud. laugh.gif biggrin.gif
Jupiter Posted 29th Mar 2011, 08:56am
  Neil Lennon must be enjoying is seat in the stand.I see he got sent off again in the friendly in Spain at the weekend.
Dunvegan Posted 29th Mar 2011, 08:45am
QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 28th Mar 2011, 10:54pm) *
Dunvegan, I even had a pub; a local Bar, landlady lend me 50 Dmarks out the till so I could take a burd tae another pub (wanted tae impress the burd) Landlady couldn't believe my cheek ... but she coughed up laugh.gif
(Pub is now a coffee house in a high street make-over laugh.gif )

Used to run a tab in Bar Tabacs in Ostende when I lived there, only trouble about getting pissed on tick I could never keep track of how much I spent and always ended up owing what I made and had to start all over again on Monday.
Still cant understand Stella Artois becoming an international hit. It was the cheapest beer on tap then.
TeeHeeHee Posted 28th Mar 2011, 12:37pm
QUOTE (Dunvegan @ 28th Mar 2011, 04:38am) *
Yon place must be run by the Kray Twins wee weans!!! Try daen yon in an Australian pub. Ye'd have QQQQs at yer door the 3 days before ye went bankrupt.

Dunvegan, I even had a pub; a local Bar, landlady lend me 50 Dmarks out the till so I could take a burd tae another pub (wanted tae impress the burd) Landlady couldn't believe my cheek ... but she coughed up laugh.gif
(Pub is now a coffee house in a high street make-over laugh.gif )
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