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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
*dizzybint* Posted 25th Jun 2017, 09:04pm
  THe Green Lady in Garthamlock still came to see ma wee lassie in the 70s.. a mind it clearly...
christine glen Posted 22nd Jun 2012, 07:36pm
  definitely around in the 60's!!!!!!! I remember my mum telling me my sister and two brothers to stay in the living room and not make a noise as the 'green lady was at the door'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.... think by the 4th child she was just wearing thin! we often talk about thwe 'green lady to this day! oh! happy days! x
auldbutcher Posted 30th Oct 2010, 09:42am
  Sadly the green lady took a dim view o me efter my wee darlin had three weans on the trot she wance looked at me wie scorn an contempt in her eyes ,and utter these immortal words'' you should be in the far east'' av still never been able tae work oot whit she meant.

After a break o two years wie had another wan ,an then ah thought its the snip fer me ,jasus ah cood hardly walk fer a week, ach the fings we dae fer luv eh girls laugh.gif tongue.gif
benny Posted 30th Oct 2010, 09:32am
  The Green Lady wis wan o the scary stories ma Ma used tae tell us when we were young. It ended up wi the storyteller peerin through the letter box o a hoose - an there wis the Green Lady dancin in a bath o blood! biggrin.gif Another favourite wis "Gie me back ma linen sheet, ah'm cauld, ah'm cauld, ah'm cauld!".
Anne1 Posted 30th Oct 2010, 09:31am
  Me to Melody thought it wis magic getting a baby out of her bag ,as for natural shock on giving birth to my first child passed, I was slightly more prepared for the next five babies but would have loved tae have had them out of her bag biggrin.gif
Melody Posted 30th Oct 2010, 08:29am
  I well remember being told that the Green Lady brought the new baby in the bag she carried. laugh.gif Come to think of it nae wonder childbirth was such a shock tae the system. laugh.gif
faffy Posted 30th Oct 2010, 04:02am
QUOTE (penny dainty @ 25th Oct 2007, 09:16pm) *
I mid the green lady , but she was the health visitor, came round to see the new babies and the kids under 5 , our one was called Miss Ramsey.

My Husband's Grandmother was a Green Lady .
Isobel Posted 29th Oct 2010, 08:58pm
  After spending almost a year in Law hospital my mother had the green lady come visit her for some time. She used to give her shots. So I think these ladies had many duties to perform.Not just new babies.
dizzybint Posted 29th Oct 2010, 03:21pm
  The green lady wore a green trench coat and hat and wore sensible shoes and carried a briefcase, aye they were around even after I moved to Garthamlock but think the green had gone and they wore navy.. Everyone was scared of them.. they could drop in when they wanted, pity with all the child abuse there still not around..
weelew Posted 28th Oct 2010, 10:46pm
  Just catching up with some of these old posts And i can remember that the sanitary inspector was called the sanny man and it was him that you reported any sort of sewage problems which would occur in the old tenements ,he in turn had to get the factors to carry out repairs .The green lady was what we now call the district nurse and she would visit houses with new born babies and try to help the mothers for the first few weeks ,she also worked in the schools and was what we all called the nit lady ,she would look yer hied as the saying went then and if she found any nits or pully's then she she would tear into your head with a bone comb and send you home with a bottle of the foulest smelling conconction that was meant to kill them. If you struggled or tried to get out of the chair she woul skelp you round the napper with an open handed slap ,not that it ever happened to me .In they days although most kids got an infestation at one time or other all the mothers would talk about the kids and say keep away from him/her the'v got a dirty heid.

The word pully's came about because some kids would scratch about their heads locate a beastie PULL it out and crack it between their thumb nails .
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