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> Dear Diary, A wee daily blether....
post 2nd Jan 2007, 08:57pm
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Dear Diary,

Well'that's it aw by wi' Tae be honest, diary, if ah see another sprout ah'll poke ma eyes oot wi a mint matchmaker' resolution no tae put things off isny workin oot too well since ah shoulda startit this yesterday. It's aw ma son's fault'.he said he wis givin me a Lazy Boy fur ma Christmas'ah thought he meant the chair but oh naw, no him, he's jist point blank refusing tae do anything'ah said he's been givin me that same present aw his life, but he says that's cos he knows how much ah like it...

Ah've lotsa lovely jumpers mind ye'.and none o' yer yodelling up a mountain type this year'.nice wans'.wans wi slipper socks '.oh, except wan o' them'it's a polo neck, but it's sleeveless'whits that aw aboot?...whits the point o' yer neck bein warm if yer airms are frozen?....ah'll hufty see if a kin get matchin wool an knit the rest o' it masel'.

Ah've took aw the decorations doon, place disny half look bare noo'. Only half mind ye cos ah made a mortal mistake -ah got glittery ornaments, and the glitter's a law untae itsel'.ah've hud glittery tea wi the last glittery mince pies the night'..ah think Oxfam's due a wee visit the morra'.

Here, ah wunner if onybuddy else is startin a diary?....

A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails...
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