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  Replying to Moose Loose In The Hoose
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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
TeeHeeHee Posted 11th Sep 2013, 10:37am
  Met this guy on the mountain last Thursday, called a Blindschleiche (blind creeper) over here but just your common or garden slow worm.
She's really a legless lizard ... you'll probably have seen a few o' them aroon George Square at the weekend tongue.gif
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Dave Grieve Posted 11th Sep 2013, 10:16am
  Not so much problems of a moose loose as a nosy snake, friend of my daughter in Natal was busy working on his computer when he looked up and saw this snake next to him having a good nosy, at first he thought it might be a BOOMSLANG (tree snake) highly venomous but eventually decided because of the shape of its nose that it was a common Natal grass snake (no fangs not poisonous)

He opened the curtains and shooed it out of the window where it sat sunbathing for a while before disappearing into the grass.

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wombat Posted 7th Nov 2011, 09:07pm
  wells fargo rolleyes.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 7th Nov 2011, 12:41pm
  laugh.gif Joey, you should be on the stage laugh.gif
(Not the one Wombat should be on ... tongue.gif )
wombat Posted 7th Nov 2011, 09:42am
  unsure.gif i saw a mouse yesterday T HEE it made a face like this laugh.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 7th Nov 2011, 08:28am
  We wouldn't have guessed Wombat. tongue.gif laugh.gif
wombat Posted 6th Nov 2011, 11:24pm
  rolleyes.gif poem was by ma wombat
wombat Posted 5th Nov 2011, 09:18am
  A wee Furless Mouse
A wee furless mouse
Born in wombat’s house
Hidden in quick shine pad
Covered by poetry gab
GO unnoticed until now?
The cats not aroused
They didn’t come to browse
On the increasing mice population
And dogs that don’t sleep like logs
Many sounds get noisy mention
But mice never came to their attention
Not even smells or squeaks
Or trails of mice dung-reek
Expose wee mouse’s heap
Till the quick shine polish shoes – ado
Requiring a pull on a draw then detection
Two big mice leaped out really freaked out
Ma wombat got a surprise
When recovered took a closer peep
A wee blind naked mouse lay fast asleep.
Sorry wee furless mouse for spoiling your protection
And for rejection
But now our house is in correction.
TeeHeeHee Posted 4th Nov 2011, 08:22am
QUOTE (kenb @ 4th Nov 2011, 01:55am) *
wombat thats a horrid thought "sookin" it to death yuk

laugh.gif I could think of worse ways tae go. laugh.gif
tamhickey Posted 4th Nov 2011, 05:09am
  Moosie, moosie, in yer shoe polished hame,
There's no' many mice could say the same,
A lovely wee nest for a' yer weans,
A wee bit comfort for a' yer pains
Just settling down there and lookit!"
Ye died a death by getting drookit!

That's what you call "polishing thing off".
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